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Signatures Gathered To Put Marijuana Decriminalization To A Vote In Wichita


wichita kansas marijuanaI love local marijuana activism. I obviously love all forms of marijuana activism, but it always makes me smile when I hear of local efforts. I always say if we can’t get reform at the federal level, try for the state level. If getting a state level victory can’t be readily achieved, then go for a local victory. Enough local victories will lead to a state victory, and enough state victories will lead to a victory at the federal level.

On local effort in Wichita, Kansas has gathered enough signatures to put marijuana decriminalization to a vote. Per Whaxy:

Organizers of a Wichita petition to reduce penalties for marijuana possession announced they have collected more than enough required signatures to put an initiative on the city election ballot on April 7, 2015.

The push for change is being lead by Esau Freeman, president of the pro-marijuana group Kansas for Change. Freeman said they are planning to submit the signatures to election officials on January 7. It is exciting to see this effort have different results than the attempt before the November general election, which fell just short of the number of required signatures collected. Leading up to the submission of the signatures, the group will be making public presentations at a state legislative forum and City Council meeting. Both of these events will occur on January 6.

The petition, if passed, would reduce the penalty for marijuana possession by an adult of up to 32 grams to a fine of $50. If there are no other offenses, the violation would be expunged from the person’s record after one year. If an effort like this can succeed in a conservative area like Wichita, Kansas, it can succeed just about anywhere.


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  1. Thanks to some big tech help from GOVIRAL Wichita, this appears to have the momentum needed to win in Wichita

  2. Ive lived in Goddard a suburb of wichita and would still be living there if the state would have legalised weed sooner, im 59 and forced to move to colorado to have access to marijuana with out the jail time, Your loss Wichita, My wife and I along with our tax dollars have found a new home, Wake up and smell the primo, Way to little, way to late. for us to come back. I bet Im not the only one to leave there for such a reason. The right decriminalization is full legalization

  3. Silly Rabbit, Not all others have this problem and, unless you have read the full proposal, you don’t know if this one does.
    The Missouri Show Me Cannabis initiative specifies that all marijuana prisoners be released and that marijuana convictions
    can be expunged. So do some others.

  4. This Local Effort has the EXACT SAME PROBLEM all others have and that is:

    What about the guy we already arrested, jailed and convicted – does he get out of jail now and if we let too many of them go we won’t have jobs anymore …..

    All about the money / power – Hopefully breaking down into smaller sections such as Cites and Counties they will be able to solve the differences, do the right thing and legalize weed and stop arresting people, period ….

    Go Wichita!

  5. Hooray for Wichita, I wish Indiana would come to their senses.I feel we are always last to jump on board and are behind with everything.This is wonderful news .

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