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#Simon2Zion: An Athlete’s Chronicle of Fitness and Cannabis


I want to run 100 miles! Am I high?

Yes, I am high and I’m signed up for the Zion 100 mile ultra-marathon for April 2017. Yes, I feel a bit crazy, but seem to have a leave of acceptance for it. I’m aware, I’m not the first person to openly confess utilizing cannabis in athletic training. Nor will I be the last with the current 29 states with legalization of medicinal and/or recreational marijuana use in the United States. However, it still remains on the NCAA’s and IAAF’s banned substances list.

There are plenty of athletes that state they incorporate marijuana into their training regimen. Ross Rebagliati, Olympic snowboarder and face/spokesperson for ‘Ross Gold a medical marijuana company. Avery Collins, ultramarathoner and is sponsored by Incredible Edibles and Mary’s Medicinals.

Michael Phelps, Olympic Swimmer only confessed to recreational marijuana use during breaks from training after getting caught on camera. Which was followed up with a public apology for his human behaviors in 2009. Arnold Schwarzenegger, bodybuilder enjoys a joint in the film “Pumping Iron”. Clifford Drusinsky, Tri-athlete openly speaks of his beloved training tool, in this Men’s Journal article.

I’m not a professional athlete nor am I striving to be one. I am normal human being, that likes to challenge myself through the movement of my body/mind and has an amazing love/respect for cannabis plant medicine. I find a great deal of benefit in my life with Mary Jane as a companion.

Which has been a rather long partnership. I recall being introduced to marijuana in my early teens. I’m full of past and current stories of myself and friends smoking bowls behind the ski bus, before bike rides, swim practice or stopping on the cross country trails to toke.  And one of my top favorites is, a joint after a hard session of weight lifting.

There’s plenty articles, blogs, studies and debates around cannabis and cannabis products being an enhancer and a performance booster among athletes. I honestly don’t know. I just know my personal relationship with marijuana in my life and in my training. I’m here to share some of the journey around the experience of incorporating the two. And, I hope I capture a few that find the art and science of my personal study to be interesting.

Stay tuned for more #Simon2zion, a regular series where Simon chronicles her journey and training for the Zion 100, and how cannabis helps her accomplish her goals.


About Author

Simon was swimming before walking, competitively running before Elementary school retirement and spent more money on her bicycle at 16 then she has ever on a car. She was born to move. With the emphasis of fitness in her life, came the understanding of nutrition and her desire to study the human physically, mentally and emotionally. This came to her at a time of development that was highly important and influential. She was 12. A short year later she met Mary Jane and like many, fell in love at first puff. Even though cannabis and her have had their fair share of bumps in their relationship, cannabis never seems to stop amazing her with the plant’s medicinal super powers. She feels like her exposure to both Western and Eastern medicine, through childhood and career choices, gives her a wide spectrum of tools to utilize, and marijuana is one of them.

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