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#Simon2Zion: 14 Weeks to Go & Injury Strikes [Part 2]


14 weeks until the Zion 100 and I’m injured. Yep, that’s right, I have developed runner’s knee. Also known as Chondromalacia  patellar.

This is the worst kind of pain imaginable. I know I’m being dramatic, but I’ve never experienced knee pain in my life and this hurts really bad.  With more than 200,000 US cases per year among runners, it deserves the nickname “runner’s knee”. Learn more about this condition in this article put out by Runner’s World.

The pain came on suddenly when I was traveling to San Francisco for my first ever ultra marathon, Fear and Loathing Hunter S. Thompson 50k/50mi. I was signed up for the 50K. You can imagine The wide spectrum of emotions I was feeling. At one point I actually thought I made up the knee pain because I was nervous. Wow! Our minds are powerful things.

Since California’s laws haven’t taken effect for recreational marijuana, I did not have any Mary Jane to support my physical and emotional pain. So, I ran the race knowing there was going to be repercussions.

I swallowed a few ibuprofen, tapped my knee with KT-tape (an amazing product) and pure will power. I finished the race in six hours and felt like I could have tackled the 50 miler. But I’m not going to lie, I couldn’t wait to return to Portland where dispensaries are like coffee shops, on every block.

In the last few weeks, I’ve been over-indulging in every way I can imagine with my sweet Mary Jane. She’s helping with patience, changing my perspective, relieving anxiety, boredom and helping me deal with physical pain. I’ve found that I’ve been using a fair amount of topical too.

Cannabis topicals are a great form of pain management because you can be more specific to the area that hurts and the THC and CBD can absorbed through the skin. Topicals can be made as a salve (oil-base) and as a cream (shea butter).

Here is a 3 ingredient cannabis salve:

  • 1 cup cannabis
  • coconut oil
  • ¼ cup olive oil
  • 1/3 cup beeswax.

Melt in a double boiler whisking occasionally until smooth, then pour into bowl to cool and voila you have a cannabis topical.

#Simon2Zion is regular TWB series where Simon chronicles her journey and training for the Zion 100, and how cannabis helps her accomplish her goals. Check out Part 1 of her series here.



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Simon was swimming before walking, competitively running before Elementary school retirement and spent more money on her bicycle at 16 then she has ever on a car. She was born to move. With the emphasis of fitness in her life, came the understanding of nutrition and her desire to study the human physically, mentally and emotionally. This came to her at a time of development that was highly important and influential. She was 12. A short year later she met Mary Jane and like many, fell in love at first puff. Even though cannabis and her have had their fair share of bumps in their relationship, cannabis never seems to stop amazing her with the plant’s medicinal super powers. She feels like her exposure to both Western and Eastern medicine, through childhood and career choices, gives her a wide spectrum of tools to utilize, and marijuana is one of them.

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