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Sir Richard Branson Endorses LEAP Of U.K.


richard branson cnnOn 2016’s Leap Day, February 29, the organization LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) launched their first U.K. branch- and received praise from none other than Sir Richard Branson himself.

The launch of LEAP UK was announced by Major Neill Franklin (Ret.), the Executive Director of LEAP. In a followup email dated March 3 he shared the above video of famed billionaire, explorer and entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson.

In the video, Branson appears comfortable- comfortable clothes, comfortable surroundings and a sincere comfort with the subject matter.

“The so-called War on Drugs has been an enormous failure,” he said. “No matter how aggressive our strategies, they have failed completely to curb the drug demand or supply in a noticeable way.”

Sir Richard Branson outlined the need for “smart, evidence-based policies that empower law enforcement agencies to do what they were set up to do: fight real crime and keep our communities safe.”

He concluded with, “I’m thrilled to see that the movement for reform is taking hold. Law enforcement must be part of the solution. This is why I stand with LEAP UK on Leap Day, and this is why I’m standing for drug law reform. Thank you, and best of luck.”

In his letter, Franklin said the launch of LEAP U.K. was “very successful.” The day’s schedule included a press conference in the House of Commons.

You can follow all the LEAP news and become a member by following this link to their web site.

Source: The Compassion Chronicles


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  1. The real result of “The War On Drugs” is instead of stoping drugs it has exaserbated the use and production of whatever the governments were trying to stop. It has also increased the strengths of the drugs and numbers of users.
    I would say it is a failure.

  2. Control people though drug law! This is removel of human rights and civil liberties!

  3. the law enforcers will miss all the money they have confiscated over the years making drug busts, adding it to their budgets for new equipment. (pockets) Now they can tax the drugs they have been taking from us… it’s taking tooooo long for NY to get on board.

  4. The ‘war on drugs’ has become the ‘war on the people’, law enforcement refuse to separate the two and will continue destroying lives instead of trying to destroy a product.

    The war on drugs was supposed to eradicate the ‘drugs’ but ended up incarcerating millions and has done very little to stem drug production or distribution in the US

    Law enforcement found out it was a whole lot easier to just incarcerate the end user instead of going after the production and cartel led distribution.(you know those bad guys that shoot back!)

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