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Six Board Members Of CCPR Officially Endorse The California ‘Adult Use Of Marijuana Act’


california marijuanaI received the following press release:

Today, in the wake of a majority of the Board of Directors for the Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform (CCPR) agreeing to vote to withdraw its own measure (known as “ReformCA”), six members of the CCPR Board immediately announced their endorsement of the recently-amended statewide ballot measure known as the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) to control, regulate and tax marijuana.

They include:

  • David Bronner, CEO of North America’s top-selling brand of natural soaps
  • Nate Bradley, Executive Director, California Cannabis Industry Association
  • Stacia Cosner, Deputy Director, Students for Sensible Drug Policy
  • Neill Franklin, Executive Director, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP)
  • Antonio Gonzalez, President of the Latino Voters League and the William C. Velasquez Institute in Los Angeles AND
  • Richard Lee, founder of Oaksterdam University in Oakland

In addition, Dr. Larry Bedard, former President of the American College of Emergency Physicians, has agreed to withdraw as an official co-proponent of the ReformCA measure and instead support AUMA.

Over the weekend, a majority of the CCPR Board formally agreed to vote to withdraw the ReformCA measure from the ballot qualification process.

“We have carefully reviewed amendments submitted by the proponents of the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, and we’re convinced it’s time to endorse that initiative and unite everyone behind a single, consensus measure to achieve a legal, regulated system, which a majority of voters have consistently said they want,” said Bronner.

“This amended measure strikes a thoughtful balance between civil liberties and protecting public safety and the safety and health of our children,” said Franklin.  “I’m pleased to endorse it and have every confidence it will pass in November.”

“As amended, this measure reflects the voices and vision of communities all across California,” said Gonzalez.  “This represents best practices and the best chance California has to replace a failed system of prohibition with an effective, legal and regulated system that protects children, workers and small businesses.”

This follows last week’s announcement by Lee, an award-winning founding father of California’s marijuana reform movement, the founder and former President of Oaksterdam, and the lead proponent of Proposition 19, that he was supporting the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (or AUMA), saying “It’s important that we all get together to support one initiative.”

The Adult Use measure is based on the collaborative input of hundreds of state and local stakeholders and the recommendations of the Lieutenant Governor’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Marijuana Policy – and it builds on the landmark regulatory structure for medical marijuana recently passed by a bipartisan majority of the Legislature and signed by Governor Brown (SB 643, AB 266 and AB 243).

It includes strict safeguards to protect children, explicit provisions preventing marijuana monopolies, and unprecedented new investments in teen drug prevention and treatment programs and environmental and water restoration.


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Johnny Green


  1. Now is the time to stop all the “it’s not good enough moaning. AUMA is similar to what the four Free States have. It’s better than Washington’s.

    Finally, after six years, Californians have another shot at freedom! – It’s AUMA – The greedy growers need to zip it.

    Forget letting someone’s “perfect” fantasy be the enemy of the good freedom we have within our grasp.

    Nothing is cast in stone. – We will continue to refine marijuana policy until it reaches its optimum form, as we did with alcohol after ending its failed prohibition.

  2. @disqus_AyhdzNiGGc:disqus Cassie Miller… Thank you for your passion and energy, but 99 plants and 12 pounds ??? That’s way over the top. Whoever wrote that in was obviously too high and know nothing about political reality. Now is the time for CCHI2016 to step back, NEGOTIATE with AUMA and have a united front for the 2016 election. Their initiative has a 5 year ban on large corporate involvement, giving the small growers, manufacturers and retailers time to establish. Please, don’t let THIS election devolve into a pissing contest like the last one, which ended disastrously. The fatal flaw with CCHI2016’s proposal is allowing everyone to grow 99 plants and possess 12 POUNDS of dried buds. That will be a DEAL KILLER for the voters in California. Let’s start smaller and we WILL have our larger home grows soon enough. Politics is the art of compromise (and patience). When Cali legalizes next year, the rest of America will follow quickly. THEN you make your move… Please, CCHI2016, follow ReformCA’s lead… we WILL have our day soon.. Peace…

  3. This is good news! – Thanks to all the veteran reformers at ReformCA for their sacrifice! – Now let’s get the signature drive going!

  4. Would you just shut up with all of this CCHI nonsense already? No one cares about CCHI and no one takes it seriously because it’ll never have the necessary means such as millions for signature gathering and effective campaigning. Johnny even said on a post here a couple months back that a volunteer only signature gathering drive will not be enough to gain ballot access in California since it’s such a big state, and he’s right since political experts have reported that it’ll take about 1 million dollars or more to get on the ballot. And you guys are trying to get 600,000 signatures since CCHI would amend California’s health and safety code, and proposed amendments require a higher number of signatures. It’s an unrealistic goal with a volunteer only signature gathering drive and no money for an effective campaign.

  5. I don’t think it’ll make much of a difference if they don’t get on board, which they won’t because nothing other than CCHI is acceptable to them and most people don’t even take CCHI seriously anyway.

  6. This is encouraging. Hopefully it won’t take too long for the others, particularly the Jack Herer initiative people to align with AUMA so we can get everyone pushing CA forward to adult legalization.

  7. Sean Parker’s “Adult Use of Marijuana Act DOES NOT WORK (to promote cannabis use/growth/peace in Ca.), and HERE’S WHY:

    1). He allows “localities” to supersede anything we voters pass
    2). 6 plants/1 ounce for personal use? Ridiculous. ‘not enough to grow your own treatment for cancer, seizures, etc.
    3). He lets Jerry Brown’s legislation stand, and leaving cannabis classified as “medicine.” First, Jerry Brown’s legislation is a TRAP DESIGNED TO: locate all cannabis related people, set so many hoops they’re impossible to jump through; fine/jail anyone who can’t jump through those hoops, then blacklist them from cannabis forever. (Jerry Brown actually orders the new govt. bureaucracies to “MAKE IT A PRIORITY” to so blacklist people!)! J.B. also puts in the Senate portion a trap, exactly like Harry Anslinger’s unconstitutional M.J. Tax Act of 1937, that essentially says, “You know cannabis is illegal on the federal level. Therefore, upon applying for the necessary licenses, you automatically incriminate yourself and are subject to all the fines and imprisonment we just gave ourselves the right to impose on you.” As for the calling cannabis “medicine,” trap, that leaves the whole cannabis industry open for a takeover/monopoly by those with patents on the parts of cannabis. p.s. Jerry Brown’s legislation THREATENS THE CAREERS of all Physicians who recommend cannabis–stating that if patients show a pattern of drug use their Physicians will be held liable!!!

    Fortunately, The California Cannabis Hemp Initiative (The Jack Herer Initiative) thought all these things through. It categorizes private vs. commercial (only “medicine” where minors are concerned). It allows a reasonable amount of private use (99 plants/12 pounds). It also takes the proper legal steps to getting the fed’s off of STATES’ CANNABIS RIGHTS (stating that the U.S. Constitution mandates that this is a STATES’ rights issue)! Support http://www.cchi2016.org if you want to do what’s right for California!

  8. FINALLY ! Some maturity and intelligence is being shown… 2016 will NOT devolve into a pissing contest between the various factions, as it did in the last election… Now if CCHI 2016 (California Cannabis Hemp Initiative, the “Jack Herer” Initiative) can also get on board, California will legalize in 2016…

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