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Skywalker OG Cannabis Strain Review And Pictures


skywalker og marijuana strainSkywalker OG Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures

Skywalker is a hybrid product of the blueberry and mazar strains. This Indica dominant strain is known to provide above average pain relief, headache management, appetite stimulation and heavy sedation. The skywalker strain is sticky and mildly fragrant with fruity undertones and a flowery scent similar to other indicas. The effects are immediate and last up to two hours.

“Date Acquired: July 30, 2011

Grade: A++

Type: Indica

Looks: Mostly small, tight deep green conical shaped nugs with a crusted layer trichs.

Smell: A very earthy and “sharp” dank pine smell with hints of lemon and fuel.

Taste: Very similar to the smell. Very earthy with some lemony highlights, but mostly pure dank, smooth “earthy” smoke.

Buzz Type: Extremely heavy head buzz. Eyes felt like they were sinking further back into my head. Pressure all around the head. Excellent pain and stress relief!

Buzz Length: Long to Very Long (2+ hours)


* I always crack a grin when I see Skywalker OG on the menu. Having it several times, it has become a favorite strain of mine. But, it’s been a few months since I have medicated with Luke himself. Actually, the last time I had it was December 2010.

So, on my very first bowl from my refill, it was HEAVY! It put me straight to bed. I am usually up until 1:00 – 2:00am. The first night medicating with Skywalker OG, I found myself crawling to bed before 10:00pm. That is EARLY for me. But a full shutdown and long good night’s sleep is just what my body needed.

Skywalker OG is a heavy Indica strain consistently couch locking me during evening and late night sessions. I did a Sunday morning “wake and bake” session and this strain basically put me in a lazy, “whatever” kind of mood. I had a stress free Sunday which was very pleasant.

Skywalker OG is a very smooth smoking strain for how heavy it hits you. I was able to take nice smooth rips and for those times I needed a little extra, I was also able to take deep hits with very little “cough” factor. This strain is stoney and bit euphoric too. I felt a bit “drunk” like a few times as it felt as if I was swaying when walking.

This strain’s biggest benefit for me is the pain relieving qualities on top of releasing stress. When in some serious pain, a strain like Skywalker OG is one I want to have on hand. A bowl of this does me just as good as a Vicodin or “narcotic” pain pill.

During my last marijuana nugget of Skywalker OG, I actually medicated after doing a 7:00am 5K morning jog. Taking a week off from the gym, I decided to jog 5Ks for that same week. The first day, I was in tremendous knee and neck/upper back pain (it’s been half a year since I jogged outside so, got to work up those “running muscles” again) and bowl of Skywalker OG light sabered that pain away. Being this was in the morning, I was a bit groggy. But, my pain was gone and since I had a good amount of morning caffeine in my system (~200mg), I was “slow” but, not couched.

I have never had a bad bowl or batch of Skywalker OG regardless of what collective I’ve obtained it from. It is just an overall solid strain that performs time after time again.

I love feelin’ that force… probably why Skywalker OG is one top favorite OG’s!” – ie420patient

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skywalker og marijuana strain


skywalker og marijuana strain


skywalker og marijuana strain


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  1. I have a skywalker plant in my garden that is in mid week seven of flowering, 7+ feet tall and approx 40 cola’s 1-1/2 foot to 2 foot long each. Been told by a number of people that this plant could produce a couple pounds at this rate. It is nearing end of September and some cool weather has started some purpling and very strong smell/aroma causing neighbor complaints. All thricomes are cloudy now and buds have more than say 60% red curled pistols but looks like buds could fatten up a bit and only see a couple of amber thrics and not really any clear ones. Guessing i should give it another week to harvest and should be good either way?

  2. Its good weed, but its not worth the tiny harvest. I wish they had reviews from the growers side .

  3. So sick of people who don’t know what they’re talking about. You know, there’s a difference between Skywalker OG and Skywalker. Who knows what you smoked from this “review”. You describe Skywalker correctly, by saying it’s Blueberry X Mazar, but that’s a seed strain, not Skywalker OG. Cannabis connoisseurs are a dying breed, thanks to mislabeling, corrupt marketing and gullible consumers of commercial weed.

  4. Jezebelj Ferrentino on

    man. this sounds perfect.. wish my state would legalize it already -,- found out one of the states i moved out of legalized it medically – after i left of course.

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