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Skywalker OG Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures


Skywalker OG Marijuana Strain

An indica-dominant hybrid from Nature’s Natural Collective Care in Reseda, Skywalker OG has quickly developed an outstanding reputation for potency and aesthetic beauty. We’re happy to report the rumors are entirely true: It’s a force to be reckoned with. The dankest of dank weeds, you’ll want to store this baby in a tightly sealed container unless you want everyone to know you’ve got quality cannabis on hand. That highly pungent perfume is present in ever toke, conjuring images of heady spices and the most fragrant of exotic herbs.

The pear-shaped buds are almost too lovely to break apart: Imagine deep-forest-green leaves cradling nests of rich-amber hairs and blanketed with white crystals. Skywalker OG is one of the most powerful strains on the market, testing in the mid- to high 20s in its THC count. The stone is annihilating in intensity, so powerful as to produce feelings of numbness about the face and neck and lasting for four to five hours after consuming just one bowl. Obviously, you won’t want to drive or operate heavy machinery while on it, but if you’re planning an evening in front of the tube watching your favorite intergalactic saga while consuming vast quantities of snack foods, this is the herb for you. It’s also a great pain reliever for such conditions as cancer, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease and other serious conditions.

Strain review courtesy of Culture. The photos below are from WeedPhotos.Com:

skywalker og marijuana strain

skywalker og marijuana strain


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  1. Beautiful isn’t it and its even more Beautiful when someone comes into the center and they are actually, doubled over in pain and tightness, unable to stand up or sit straight and then, upon receiving, vital MEDICINE, they dont go galloping out the doors, but they have a sparkle in their eyes like * at last, I will be out of pain today*…THIS is what its about, its about THEM and US and the WE that are hurting and suffering and can’t cope with kids or work or ourselves, THIS is what MEDICINE Began as, as a way to comfort and compassionately, ease suffering and pains. When a Doctor takes that Hippocratic Oath, he Promises and Swears to *DO NO HARM FIRST* And *Physician, heal thyself*…..The first means simply, You PROMISED to set yourself apart from Home *chemists*…the only real differences and they are vast, is that You promised to put Patient before anything else and you Promised to do us NO Harm first……….how many Doctors know full well as they slumber even tonight they they could and should have done something for their Patients but GREED and Money and all that ROT got in the way? The bloke on the Streets who is trying to peddle me some *drugs* simply did not agree or swear not to hurt me with his *treatments* but You did and by denying me Medical Marijuana and prescribing me Opiates and Narcotics your Killing me first with HARM!!! Please, think about it!
    ~Angel~ MMJ Patient and Survivor 12 years of Medical *Treatments*…today, I LIVE!!!!!! Thank GOD for You, MMJ!!!!

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