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Small Marijuana Growers United Call To Action


small marijuana growers unitedThe following information was posted on my Facebook wall, and I figured I’d pass along the info:

Call your legislators and tell them you have rights as a small marijuana grower and that you demand to be at the table when it comes to legislation regarding medical marijuana, or this idea of taxing and regulating marijuana.

Marijuana can help us save our world and it should be inexpensive. I promise you this, you will want to purchase your marijuana from a small local grower rather than Adolph Coors, or Budweiser.

We don’t need the “most restrictive medical marijuana law in the nation” (like New Jersey) as one Illinois legislator put it, what we need is the state to get out of our way and stop pretending that small marijuana growers don’t exist or have rights.

All over the country the pols have their agenda and it isn’t to cave to the will of the people. I’m afraid in the case of Illinois, we’re watching the parasites dig deep as they try and justify keeping everyone in prison, license only 20 growers and only 60 outlet locations treating it like meth when it’s actually quite a bit safer than tomatoes. This is all to guarantee that the financial games of the state and the drug testing regimes, and the massive money laundering, all continues…

No interest in actual freedom, I promise you that.

I Demand my rights as a small marijuana grower to continue growing marijuana and supplying it to whomever I so choose, in keeping with the ideals of this being a “free country’ and all, I strongly believe I should certainly have the right to grow and sell the safest medicine ever discovered.

Source: Small Marijuana Growers United


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  1. Small growers don’t have employees. I grow for myself WAY better medicine than the crap that is par for the course at most dispensaries. Most peeps have forgot what truly special herb is,let alone where it comes from.

  2. Ok, Bud Green- SMALL growers don’t have employees. I am a patiet and grower. I happen to grow for my own medical needs,and the medicine I grow is FAR superior to the inbred,chemmy bullshit that is par for the course at most dispensaries these days.Seems to me most people have forgotten what really special herb even is, let alone where it comes from.

  3. So we get nothing? Nothing for the years in prison, nothing for choosing the better intoxicant, the safer drug?

    You’re stereotyping us bud…

    Small American Pot growers have as many rights as soccer moms and the cops, sorry.

    Respectfully disagree.

    I lived for years under the threat of discovery, and now, even though it is my medicine, I’m shut out?

    Give me a break, If you had even a little sense, you’d understand, many of us are legit, and willing to live with regulations and want the stuff as cheap as possible, are willing to work within the system and deserve a place at the table like any other person involved. Hell, I’ll even hire ex cops and teach them to grow.

    The wars over. Get over it.

    the growers have rights too.

  4. With respect, I disagree, at the risk of pissing off every small grower in the state. But it’s one thing to grow your own and take care of others around you. It’s quite another to take things to the next level, providing medicine to patients for money without having to abide by any of the rules followed by other health-centered businesses. It’s as if small growers want all the benefits of being able to call their blunts “medicine” without taking any responsibility at all for following best business practices, such as paying taxes and — I dunno — maybe paying their employees with more than buds and hash oil.

    I hear a lot about the plight of small growers, but I’m not buying most of what they’re selling — and neither are the cops and soccer moms. Only the tiniest fraction of “small collectives” are truly closed-loop systems of patients and care providers. Other collectives may be equally small, but the fruits of their labors are sold to the highest bidder come harvest time, sometimes in a Prop. 215-compliant manner and sometimes not. We can’t base our judgment of such activities on the size of the collective involved or the “small grower” credentials carried by the operators. Big collectives aren’t inherently evil, and small collectives aren’t inherently good. Unless, of course, that’s how you’ve been paying the bills, in which case it’s small growers vs. Monsanto all over again. Please.

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