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Smoking Spice Out Of Desperation Doesn’t Pay Off


Some of my friends went to Las Vegas recently, and they wanted me to put out a marijuana public service announcement of sorts. Of the four people that went, two of them consume marijuana almost never, and the other two smoke marijuana everyday like they were in a marijuana smoke-a-thon. The two marijuana consumers are from Oregon, and they smoke only the finest marijuana that the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

As any day in day out West Coast marijuana consumer will tell you, getting good marijuana in Las Vegas is not an easy task. Sure, people can get synthetic drugs all day in Vegas very easily. However, when you combine Nevada’s harsh marijuana laws and tourist demand with the almost 0 humidity climate, it can prove almost impossible to get a deal on some real good marijuana.

One of the guys smuggled some marijuana kief in his baggage in hopes of sprinkling it on the horrible local if he could purchase some. It was risky, and it wasn’t much, but it would help. The other guy was confident that he had a friend down there that would help him out. The sneaker kief move worked really well (expect an article with how he did it in the near future), but the local friend connection did not.

The guys had about a gram and a half of kief but nothing to smoke it with. They needed it to last the week long trip, and didn’t want to use it all really fast. They text me and asked if I could help, and the only advice I had was to use ‘Spice’ as a plug. For those of you that have been living under a bridge, ‘Spice’ is basically the same thing as K2, synthetic marijuana, or any other name that it goes by. Some people say that it’s genetically different, but to be honest, no one really knows what the hell it is. Since it’s ‘not for human consumption,’ the makers of ‘Spice’ don’t have to identify what goes in it like FDA approved products.

synthetic marijuana

The guys bought three kinds while they were there, and this is what they had to say, copied and pasted from a Facebook message they both sent me:

Guy Number 1 – This is the worst shit ever. How can people survive off this? My throat is absolutely killing me after five days of this nasty shit. The kief ran out fairly fast, and we were down to just smoking the potpourri fakeness. We smoke bowl after bowl of all three kinds, and it didn’t do anything except make me feel sick. I don’t know if there are other brands that are any good, but these three were like smoking bammer weed as teenagers.

Guy Number 2 – All 3 were nasty. Luckily I found a guy down there that sold Kush. It was expensive as hell – 20 bucks for a gram I’d say – but I was thankful to finally get high after the kief ran out. To those kids and people ducking the piss test, if this is all you have to smoke, you’re better off not smoking anything. Keep fighting the green fight my friends!

Take their testimonials for what you will. Like I said, I LIVE to smoke marijuana everyday all day, and I can attest that these guys do too. So stay away from that K2, K3, soon to be K4, Spice soon to be called ‘flake,’ or some other madness. Whatever it says on the label, if it isn’t REAL marijuana, then don’t smoke it. Instead, plan ahead, and fight for legalization in your area so that someday, we may all travel and be able to purchase marijuana like any other non-dangerous item in the stores!


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  1. Just as many of you did before, I will declare this as absolute solid gold shit. I’m not saying it doesn’t make you high, thankfully (I mean if you smoke this shit the least it could do is get you high) I only encountered kinds that gave me a pretty intense, if short high with visuals, hightened awareness, laughing spells, but the hangover, dear lord, the hangover. Once I ran out of my precious weed and was already cautious with spice but talked myself into smoking a spliff of it alone (before I only smoked it with groups of friends), huuuuge mistake. Got a headache so bad I almost cried so obviously I went to sleep to make it stop. Woke up at 4am basically in the process of running to the bathroom and puking my guts out. I don’t think I’ve ever puked so much (okay, that’s a lie, I’m a real lightweight when it comes to alcohol but still, no one likes to puke so much). If you really have no other option than to smoke this turd, my advice is to roll a giant spliff with a generous amount of tobacco, sprinkle some “spice” in it, share it with at least 3 other people, and take a 15 minute break every single time the joint goes around and then relight. This way you maintain the high if it’s effective and you don’t strain your body that much, at least that’s what works for me best. But really the best is to stear clear of this curse.

  2. I smoke every day and have since I was a kid. I am now 61. Last summer I spent 2 wks with a friend and was out of bud. He was smoking k2 and asked me to try it….big mistake! I felt like I was tripping and not in a good way. Stay away from this crap if you cant find decent herb….dont smoke!!

  3. If marijuana was legal like it should be this would not happen. All criminalization does is lead to more dangerous drugs being created.

  4. I’m sorry you had such a negative experience. It sounds like you got a bag from what they call in that business a “hot spot.” I’ve also known people to (mis-)make their own Spice and give people salvia-like bad trips.

    The JWH family are what are called “full agonists” for the cannabinoid receptors. Whereas actual THC is a partial agonist, and contains many other chemicals designed to tailor and improve the effects, both natural and bred in. So what you’re getting with JWH is a very abrupt and “rough hewn” activation. Well-made Spice will contain various mellowing agents to calm this out. The good is so much better than the bad with this stuff.

    The main thing with the stuff is that it’s extremely, extremely bad for your lungs and dehydrating, and because it has a negative hangover, a lot of people don’t give themselves time between to clear their lungs up and rehydrate. My best advice if you’re stuck with it is to pay more for better product.

  5. Compared to most other stuff, I didn’t find it hard to quit. A couple of days with an occasional cold sweat, some productive coughing, a dehydration headache. The hard to quit with me comes from my having no intention of ever not smoking, and that stuff being all I can get away with.

    Most people want to dog on it… It all depends on the chemicals, if they used heroin you’d just be smoking heroin off marshmallow leaf… I’ve had plenty of spice that was really the bomb, like good dank weed, and plenty that was so awful I wound up throwing it away…

  6. DereksmokesDank on

    I have smoked spice before and it does absolutely nothing for me, i conquer with the article above just stick to the green, not that fake shit.

  7. I have smoked the fake weed it gets u high makes u feel like extra high but for a short period of time. But I only smoked it cuz I was out. And my friend on papers smokes it don’t show in her drug tests yet. She be looking straight retarded.

  8. You sir/maam, are my hero. Truely you have hit the nail on the head with perfect accuracy, explained perfectly. Synthetic cannabis has the potential to kill or screw people for life, people end up in hospital or a psychiatric ward on the synthetic cannabis, that is a true FACT. What’s the death toll from REAL CANNIBUS???…ZERO!!! FACT.

  9. Ok, I live in Sin City and there is bomb ass bud here, you just can’t look for it on the Strip! Seriously, everyone and their grandma’s gotta a hydro system in their house. I know a guy who’s got 7 rented houses with all the rooms filled up! I’m talking name brand! Kush, Caugh, Widow, ect…. Dank! Also, possession of ounce or less is a ticket unless you have a card! With a card you can grow up to 16 plants and carry up to a half pound! Also, dispensaries are coming April 2014!

  10. I smoked some potpourri called d`evil stuff will get you hi af an get it over the counter. Crazy!

  11. They wasn’t smoking real Spice I don’t that much bout Spice but I’ve had 4 friends who was on drug court or probation at 1 time or another and 2 hits especially out of a bong and I’m always HI AF…higher then if I smoke sum loud but the hi don’t last as long

  12. It’s not a sister plant. Do your research. It’s actually marshmallow leaf with a chemical coating of JWH-18 or similar. Nothing natural. Totally bad and unpredictable.

  13. ok im gonna say this im a smoker of both n all three brands posted are the worst ….. if u want a good spice its bizzaro cherry or blueberry . where im located its nt easy to find the real . but beening in as much pain im in everyday n being a mom i have to use it id rather smoke then be addicted to pain killers .

  14. i was on probation for a year and a half smoked spice daily but all i did to get off it was smoke really good weed and i never had the urge to smoke spice again

  15. and by the way it’s a cannabinoid it’s actually a sister plant of marijuana it hits at the base of your neck and and base of spine. when marijuana only hit 1 of those spotsthis is no worse than cigarettes cigarettes has nothing on the stuff if anything it healthy alternative would be this order mary jane then spice then cigs I’m not someone that saying do it but at least the research before you make comments or try something new that you have no idea about
    Like I said before only saw them work and yes some of them do you make your throat her and they do taste like s*** and they don’t work
    just like weed if you get a weak ass mid it won’t do nothing to you if you’re used to smoking higher grade

  16. I want to make it clear that some of it doesn’t work you need to actually have a good brand otherwise it does nothing in it taste like s*** and make you go up
    Dzl. Sonic. And scooby snacks.

  17. from what ive come up with, the best way is to go to your doctor, tell them you have an unbeatable addiction to this shit and hopefully get prescribed something for the anxiety attacks your gonna have and something else to help you sleep at night. i quit cigarettes cold turkey but this stuff is kicking my ass

  18. Sir Kinsey III on

    Fake pot is DISGUSTING. I’ve been clean and sober for a year plus trying
    to get a job, and everyone always tells me to just go with the fake
    shit. Well I tried it a while back and all I have to say is NO. You want
    to ‘say no to drugs’? Say no to that shit! Smoke weed! I bought
    something called Spike Max. It was $35/g and let me preface this horror
    story with *I ONLY TOOK ONE HIT*. That one hit felt like glass shards
    ripping through my lungs. I coughed my brains out and instantaneously
    felt more fucked up than I’ve ever been in my entire life. And NOT in a
    good way. I had a complete nervous breakdown on that shit. I felt like I
    was on a stage and God was constantly watching me from a perspective I
    just couldn’t see. Sitting in the invisible audience judging my every
    move. On marijuana I never got nervous or paranoid, it always made me
    just real chill and go with the flow. On Spike I was hyper paranoid and
    freaking out and nearly had a panic attack the entire time. I thought
    the world was out to get me and all of my loved ones secretly hated me.
    So I started crying. Oh and instead of getting the munchies like on
    weed, food absolutely disgusted me on this shit. I felt like if I ate
    I’d puke. And it also SEVERELY dehydrates you. Which I found out after
    sobering up and wondering why I was puking so much. (And to someone with
    Emetophobia, that is HELL.). Please, use my cautionary tale as a
    learning lesson. You don’t have to murder someone to know that it is a
    bad idea. And you don’t have to smoke this fake shit to know it is a bad
    idea either. I don’t ever want anyone to have to go through what I did.
    I’d rather just stay (sadly) sober for the rest of my life than to EVER
    smoke that shit again. (I have my first interview in a year on Monday.
    Wish me luck greenies.) Please, if given the option, turn it down and
    say NO to this DRUG. I don’t CARE that it won’t show up on a drug test. I
    had a friend who couldn’t smoke for the same reason and smoked this
    crap for a year EVERY DAY. By the end of that year he went to the doctor
    and the doc told him whatever he was doing (since he wouldn’t admit it)
    would KILL HIM. His lungs were shredded and if he didn’t stop he would
    start to bleed into his lungs. He couldn’t walk up a flight of steps
    without nearly blacking out. The worst part about all of this is I still
    get ‘flashbacks’. (I’ve never done LSD but to those of you who have,
    I’m sure its the same). Anything that has to do with that time I was
    high (and most of it was spent with someone driving me around as I
    freaked out to ‘calm me down’) triggers it. EVERY time I drive a car, if
    I don’t pay attention, I’ll start flashing. When I was on it, it seemed
    like the road was a flat surface and everything else that was not the
    road was a ‘pop up’. So as we drove by, everything got close to us and
    then started to ‘flatten’, and go UNDER the car. I was tripping BAD. And
    still, four years later I can see that shit if I don’t constantly
    remind myself not to. I can’t urge you all enough, WEED IS AMAZING. This
    shit is NOT weed, it doesn’t act anything LIKE weed and should be
    avoided at ALL COSTS. Hell go do Salvia. Go do shrooms. Any other
    natural drug. It is meant to be in your body and works with your body.
    This shit is CHEMICALS. You are smoking straight up chemicals. For your
    own sanity and safety, STEER CLEAR. I worry because I care. Now after
    all that depressing crap, if you’re still reading this, you deserve a
    bowl of the real shit. Now go spark one up and take an extra rip for me.
    I hope to be back among the stoners soon enough.

  19. Supposedly marijuana is not addictive so how come they couldn’t just do without rather than struggling and smoking something they could not stand?

  20. Amanda Cobern on

    Can someone please help me out here? How can I get off spice without doing it cold turkey? I have smoked for a year now and reality has kicked in and this stuff is bad news! I need to get off of it but how?? Can I wean myself off if so how? 

  21. Goodhead smoke sho on

    Come stop in and try our “POW” potpourri …it’s the best shit around ….we also have the cheapest tobacco pipes, bongs and detoxs….3967 E. Desert inn, Las Vegas ,NV 89122

  22. This Spice is bad news, it’s just a bunch of different chemicals sprayed on some random herbs. It messes people up bad too. Way addictive and way shitty!

  23. I know my husband is stationed in the Army and we heard about a real crack down on “spice or whatever they got” because they can’t test for it. I smoked it once being in a foreign country with no means to the real deal and got so sick I was puking and thought I was going to die. After doing some research on it I found out that it is super and I mean SUPER bad for you!! I agree, if you can’t find the real deal just go without, your health really isn’t worth the slight buzz and the sick feeling.

  24. If it ain’t natural, it ain’t good. I think a tear came out as I read this, thanks for telling the tale.

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