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Sneaky Senators Approve Measure To Repeal Legalization In Colorado


marijuana cannabis amendment 64 repeal coloradoJust minutes before midnight, on the last day for them to approve a measure, Colorado’s Senate voted to approve legislation designed to repeal the legality of recreational marijuana sales, made legal by Amendment 64, which was approved by double-digits in November.

Recently the proponents of Amendment 64 held a press conference to denounce what they said were secretive efforts being discussed in Colorado’s Legislature to repeal the new law. In the following days, the efforts died down, and any effort towards such a repeal seemed to fall through.

However, sneaky (most all of the discussions leading up the the vote were done behind closed doors), dare we say moronic senators decided that they wanted to work on repealing a measure that their constituents just overwhelmingly approved the year before. Talk about power hungry and out-of-touch. It’s this type of senseless and blatant disregarding of what the people want that gets people so frustrated and turned off by politics – not to mention enraged with our government.

The measure now moves to the House: If passed, it’ll go to the governor for final consideration. If it’s approved, a repeal of Amendment 64 will be put to a vote of the people, this November. Although we’re confident that the voters of Colorado will, once again, vote on the side of justice and reason, it’s absurd that advocates will need to wage another fight over an issue they just worked at passing – before it’s even implemented.

Colorado residents – it’s time to stand up, and speak up. Contact your legislators and governor (you can look them up by clicking here), and let them know that it’s absolutely unacceptable for them to vote on the side of repealing a law that Coloradans just stated that they want.

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  1. Colorado legislators are determined to go against the will of the people. They were required to regulate pot like alcohol but what they did in no way resembles alcohol.

  2. I just looked this up online and IT IS NOT TRUE. The legalization has gone through. For those who did try to recind what the people have voted to legalize we still need to make sure they are voted out wbhen they come up for election.

  3. For all of you people of Colrodo who voted to leaglize marijuana now is the time to really let these sneaky senators know what you think of thier backhanded midnight vote. Every senator who voted to kill this deal need to be voted out of office. If they wont listen to the people who have said yes to leagalization of marijuana what else will they do behind your backs. These politicians have no buisness being the voice ofthe people if they are not going to listen to thier constiuants.

  4. stellarvoyager on

    I say we launch a co-ordinated, relentless campaign to repeal the jobs of all senators who voted for this crap.

  5. Is this accurate? HuffPost is reporting the measure failed and is not going to the House.

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