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Snoop Popped For Weed In Same Small Texas Town Willie Was Arrested In


Snoop DoggSnoop spoke out about Willie Nelson’s 2010 arrest and now gets hassled by the same department

California Rapper Snoop Dogg was arrested this weekend after his tour bus was stopped at a border patrol checkpoint in Sierra Blanca, TX, the same small town in West Texas where Willie Nelson was busted for weed back in 2010.

The 40-year-old rapper, whose real name is Calvin Broadus Jr., was arrested after a drug-sniffing dog alerted border patrol agents to a possible “hit” in a waste basket in the back of the vehicle during a checkpoint stop, according to a report by TMZ.

Inside the basket, agents discovered a prescription bottle with several marijuana joints inside of it totaling under a half-ounce of weed. Snoop said that the weed was his and had a valid prescription for it, however Texas has a zero tolerance policy for weed regardless of his legal status in other states.

It makes you wonder if retaliation was on the mind of the arresting officers considering Snoop spoke out against the same department in 2010 for harassing the legendary country singer, stating, “They better leave Willie the f**k alone.”

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He was issued a citation for misdemeanor drug possession and released. If convicted, Snoop could face up to 180 days in prison under Texas’s crazy marijuana laws.

Prosecutors in Willie Nelson’s case supported not sentencing Nelson to jail due to the amount of marijuana being small, but suggested instead a $100 fine and told Nelson that he would have him sing “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” for the court. Willie didn’t have to sing, but it makes you wonder if the prosecutor would suggest Snoop sing “Gin And Juice” for the court.

He has also been arrested or cited for marijuana possession in 1998, 2001, twice in 2006 and 2007 and all indications are he will be fine this time around.


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  2. Yeah it’s ok for the former governor of Texas to sniff coke and go on to lead the country but not ok for anyone else in Texas to smoke weed!!! His daughters admit to smoking weed in the white house and laughing about it.

  3. 180 days in jail WTF molesters and thieves get less time. Come on Texas pull your head out of your ass.

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