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So What if People Would Abuse a Medical Marijuana System?


grandma marijuana senior seniors cannabis grandpaAs an activist, there are a plethora of excuses you hear day today about why medical marijuana should not be legal, and one that always stands out to me is: “people will abuse medical marijuana.”

Their argument is that people will either over use their medical privileges or that they will use their medical card to buy for minors or people that do not have a medical card. To this I say of course. Of course people will abuse their medical marijuana privileges. People will over use their medication. People will use their medical card to sell to people that do not have a card. People will even sell it to minors. Without a doubt, this will happen on a daily basis if medical marijuana is legalized.

So what? Has this argument stopped you before? People already do this constantly with opioids, opiates, and ADD medication. Today, thousands of people across the nation will get their hands on prescription medication that doesn’t belong to them. Today, thousands of high schoolers will get their hands on tobacco or alcohol when they are underage for these substances. Today, thousands of people in prohibition states will get their hands of marijuana regardless of the law.

This happens! People will get their hands on these substances no matter what. But the questions is if this is a sufficient reason to punish medical patients who need it for legitimate reasons? Would that not be a major injustice done upon people that are already suffering? Just because some people may break the law, doesn’t mean that all that are suffering must suffer even more because of the choices of others according to opponents of medical marijuana.


About Author

John Knetemann currently attends South Dakota School of Mines and Technology where he is a chapter leader for Students for Sensible Drug Policy. John has had a passion for drug policy reform since he was a senior in high school, and hasn’t looked back since. Along with his work in SSDP, he is a part of the North American Executive Board for Students For Liberty. You can find John on Twitter.


  1. I can only assume that you are a poppy grower, drug addict, make your own morphine, grow pesticide pot and love it, and are otherwise a waste of humanity.

  2. Given that weed was placed in 1970 on Schedule 1 “temporarily,” and Schedule 1 means “high potential for abuse” and “no legitimate medical use”, how much longer can the United States maintain this charade? I see some brave souls have been requesting the DEA reclassify it as Schedule 3, 4, 5 but got denied. (Cf. http://www.deadiversion.usdoj.gov/fed_regs/rules/2011/fr0708.htm )
    The argument against reclassifying is circular, at least in part, because the denial is based on a lack of scientific evidence regarding marijuana, however, being Schedule 1 means no scientific research can be done to generate the evidence.
    We need some peer-reviewed studies, with known (i.e. tested) strains and concentrations, double blind controls, etc., so that we can address this Schedule 1 classification. That research may need to be done either in states with medical programs, or overseas.
    The more we use medical programs for recreational purposes, for tax purposes or otherwise, as Bongstar420 notes, the harder it will be to have that data in hand.

  3. Maybe divert some of the over $1/2 Trillion in direct funds allocated to the military for hardware? Just an idea…
    Alternatively, reinstitute some of the taxes we had under Eisenhower on high income individuals?
    Or, tax corporations at a rate that reflects the value they receive from society (access to currency markets for funding, access to courts for dispute resolution, access to publicly funded broadcast spectra, access to police and fire services, and access to roadways, just thinking of a few benefits of doing business in the USA)?
    There are three funding sources that could solve a bunch of problems.
    Hasn’t been done? Have you met Western Europe?

  4. this issue is ethical & moral, if this country is truly free, then we should be able to put anything in our bodys as we see fit,naturally a plant from God is illegal this country is a joke anymore on so many topics & issues

  5. Bongstar420 I understand that all drugs should be legal, and even UHC. Tell me how to pay for it and I’m with you 100%

  6. How about the people who abuse opiates? Kids take these prescription drugs like it’s candy. Opiates are the true gate way drug, and the FDA just legalized oxycotin to children 11yrs.and older. Tell me that no one will abuse that.
    Marijuana should and needs to be legal. The medical value of Marijuana is safer and non addictive.

  7. The beer-bellied, asset-forfeiture-addicted law enforcement brigade wants you to believe marijuana IS a drug. They, of course, are morons.

  8. I don’t have problems with Morphine despite being able to grow and manufacture it..The law is pretty irrelevant to that fact. You can make decent Morphine with common farm goods.

    While some people loose their life over gambling addictions…

    I think you should be able to get what ever drug you want granted you prove you are competent and responsible.

  9. All drugs should be legal and we should have universal health care. Then there is no cheating the prescription status of a drug and drug users can be encouraged to liver healthier lifestyles despite their drug use.

    Pot is just a drug where being an addict barely effects the person afflicted with the condition since over use doesn’t cause toxicity.

    But the reality is “medical” is just untaxed and less regulated recreational. The only reason to go “medical” is because you can’t afford to pay taxes or buy products from producers (self supply that is). Or am I to believe that Rec users can’t buy ACDC?

  10. People will get their hands on marijuana, although we should pay attention and try to keep young people from using it. Like those other substances mentioned, pot isn’t good for kids. On balance, I think legalization and regulation will be more effective long-term than prohibition, especially if accurate, non-judgmental education is also provided.

  11. Since people are already misusing medication would it not be better with a medication that can’t make them overdose, on top of that despite what marijuana medication would be prescribed for it’s basically a cure-all so it doesn’t matter because it’s going to help fix something in them regardless, and last but not least the whole “Gateway Drug” concept is basically created by illegality itself because people are going to do what they’re going to do and if it’s illegal you get it from somewhere that has other things to offer and try and push on you.

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