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Sour Grapes Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures


Sour Grapes Cannabis Strain Review And Pics

A hybrid of Grape Ape and the legendary Sour Diesel, the Sour Grapes marijuana strain is gaining more and more popularity. The Sour Grapes buds are medium-sized, light-green and astonishingly coated with sticky trichromes. The aroma from these near-perfect nugs is fragrantly similar to white wine, citrus and fruit, with undertones of sour dank. The Sour Grapes buds are somewhat fluffy and noticeably soft.

“A very well-balanced and potent strain that will let you get things done during the day.” – Brad420Brad

Check out the Sour Grapes marijuana strain on THCFinder.Com, and see what people had to say about Sour Grapes, and how Sour Grapes affects various ailments.

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sour grapes marijuana strain


sour grapes marijuana strain


sour grapes marijuana strain


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  1. pk2

    here are the same plants a week or so later and a few weeks after that…

    So…anyway, I just removed the leaves….

  2. I am one of the ruthless trimmers when the plant is young…this is quite controversial…but when the plant had only 3 nodes, I pinch the top…then I do it again to the 2 tops that rest..getting four main stems..once they all have lots of sugar leaves and small secondary leaves, I will really trim the big leaves and force the small leaves…Then, I let them grow…seems to work for me….

  3. PK2

    Cannabis is only one of many plants that make either male or female plants…some plants make both flowers on the same plant (squash, corn, etc)…some like cottonwood trees have either a male or a female tree..

    you can plant the cannabis seeds, and when the seedlings get their 3 or 4th node (set of leaves), you can set the lights to 12 hrs (or outside, cover them every day, so they only get 12 hrs of light)..after about 10 to 14 days, they will start to show their sex…males are usually first and they are usually the tallest and biggest early on…separate the males from the females, then either put the females into flowering mode (continue the 12 hr light schedule) or increase the lights to 18 hrs and kick them back into vegie mode to grow taller until you switch again back to flowering times (12 hrs) for finishing….

    The males are good for pollen collection and for processing. The male cannabis has nearly as much THC as a female and a good quantity of CBN and CBD, so I process the males for oils and other high CBN /CBD products. I collect a little pollen in a paper bag by snipping off a few of the mature male flowers. I keep this bag far away from the females..I use a paint brush to apply the pollen to a select few flowers on a female plant…make just enough to make seeds to plant for a few seasons and not seed the entire female…

    hope this is a help..

  4. okay..

    Cannabis is a plant that will turn hermaphroditic with stress. Other species, like lizards will self fertilize under stress. I had a plant that I had outside..and in the fall when it had flowered, I cut it back 3/4, dug it up, kept it over a winter under lights…set it out the second summer…harvested 3/4, took it back inside , re-forced vegetation mode with lights and then the 3rd year I put it out, It flowered with both male and female flowers. The plant was just very frustrated that it went through so many unfulfilled cycles and it’s base genetics went into survival mode…if there are no males, I will make some…There are other reasons for this, such as some feminized seeds were made from plants like this, so they hold a recessive gene for this trait..and like other species double recessives can create problems in the offspring…and the seeds are a pain in the bud, (pun intended)…

    so avoid hermaphroditic seeds if possible….

  5. hello PK2..
    you ask many questions about many things..

    first..the sour grape..she is finished..here are her graduation pictures

    and these are some of the clones taken from her….they will be identical to this one..

  6. You’ve really explained clones well, thanks. I have a hard time figuring out the whole male/female thing with plants, but I think I’m learning. :)

    About old plants losing their potency, well, that makes sense, right?

    And, making sure your plant is female is very important because the males don’t flower, right? But, you can’t figure that out until… when? How long does it take, after you plant the seed, to determine if it’s male or female?

    Maybe, if you have time, you could talk to me a little bit about “hermies”? This seems to be something you don’t want too, right?

    Did you figure out whether it’s better to trim or remove the leaves?

    Talk to you soon? :)

  7. A moment for education, from the Public Entertainment Channel:

    “Serge is a type of twill fabric that has diagonal lines or ridges on both sides, made with a two-up, two-down weave.” Wikipedia

  8. PK2………Thanks for the interest in my plant friend…..

    I could keep her in vegetation state and continue to take clones from her almost indefinitely, although after a year or so, they do stress (just keep her under 18 hr lights.)

    A clone is just that, an exact copy of the mother, as they are just rooted cuttings from the mother. same DNA, as no sexual reproduction was used to produce seeds to make the new plant. perfect copies of the genetics of the mother….

    your third point is about purpose..whose?? mine or the plant?? the plants wants to grow, flower and make babies. My purpose is to interrupt that cycle and harvest her for my own needs.

    The plant’s entire purpose is to grow big and tall and make flowers to make new babies, so this is what is really making her happy…the prospect of making flowers and attracting some pollen.

    I will encourage the flowering, of course, but the cruel joke is that she will die an un-pollinated virgin. I will choose a nice clone from her to replace her…grow it up to about a foot tall, then start taking cutting and root them. The plant is virtually immortal (for a time)…after about 5 or six clone cycles, for some reason they start to lose their potency. Not sure why this happens…Old age???

    but cloning is a way to insure you have females only …..

  9. Well, she’s beautiful — you must be so proud. And, I feel privileged that you shared her pictures with me.

    Can you explain this part?

    ” now she is flowering and her clones are replacing her…..took + 25 clones from her… she could be kept in vegie state..”

    I don’t know much about the cloning process… Does she need to live her life out to fruition, or has she already served her purpose?

  10. painkills2…just for you
    her teenage picture…
    now she is flowering and her clones are replacing her…..took + 25 clones from her…
    she could be kept in vegie state, but it is kind to let her mature and live her life out to fruition…

  11. BOG Seed lines are also mold and powdery mildew resistant and very forgiving to novice growers and can be awesome in the hands of a grower with experience.

  12. BOG Seeds genetics are wonderful. They are perfect for Northern California and especially the SF Bay Area as they finish maturing in early September with buds as big around as a woman’s calf muscle.

  13. Trim or remove? Good question.
    Well, you posted her baby picture, how about one of her as a teenager?

  14. got too close to the lights…oooops………as you can see it happened when the plant was about 9″ shorter….so, yep, a bit of burnt,, but as you see, the top/growing ends and leaves are fine now with the proper distance…need to trim the ends of the damaged ones…or remove them altogether… I suppose…

    this was about a month ago…she is 3-5 times bigger and nicer…have taken about 35 clones from her….and no scorched leaves…

  15. What’s wrong with your leaves, the ones that are browning and curling at the edges? Isn’t it a little early to see that?

  16. We have a fine mother plant of this strain. It clones well, is fast growing and seems to be very nice in the vegetative stage. medium broad leaves, sharp points, nice flowers. will update with results as it matures.

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