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South Carolina Democrats Vote To Legalize Medical Marijuana


medical marijuana south carolinaSouth Carolina placed non-binding advisory questions on their primary ballots this week. One of the questions on the Democrat primary ballot asked ‘Should medical marijuana be legalized for use in cases of severe, chronic illnesses when documented by a physician?’ Seventy five percent of Democrat voters said yes to the answer, twenty five percent said no.

While the questions were not binding, they are a great measurement of the mood of Democrat voters in South Carolina. The question was not placed on the Republican primary ballot. I’m curious what the result would be, although I’d imagine it wouldn’t be as favorable.

Asking people whether or not they support legalizing medical marijuana is straight forward. The details of a program are not as straight forward. How would people answer a question like ‘what ailments do you think should qualify for medical marijuana?’ What about ‘do you agree that medical marijuana patients should be allowed to grow their own medical marijuana?’ Or ‘should patients be allowed to purchase medical marijuana from a licensed dispensary?’ Those are all questions that would have to be asked and answered if/when South Carolina tries to legalize medical marijuana.

It’s worth noting that South Carolina recently approved a CBD-only medical marijuana bill. However, this is not real medical marijuana reform in my opinion. CBD-only legislation, while better than nothing, only helps a very limited number of patients. Also, it is dependent upon CBD product availability, which is very scarce or non-existent. It’s time suffering patients in South Carolina had a real medical marijuana program they can enroll in.


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  1. I agree legalize marijuana there are far more harmfull medications out there wit higher addiction ratios that don’t work for pain, at least not very long and then you go into detox after you try stoping take them and get more pain and sick on top of it. a legalization on cannabis would answer nearly all pain relief and a more secure future for schools for our children with the tax money it would generate and all the people that need the help from this amazing plant

  2. I hope that it can help me. Im so tired of my spine pain. As a retired firefighter I would have never thought about using it. I’m tired and pain meds don’t work anymore. I’m sick of the suffering, no life at all . God Bless all who suffer in pain.

  3. I agree that CBD only legislation is crap, but at least it shows that some facts are reaching lawmakers. We can be glad for that and continue to educate everyone we meet.

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