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Southeast Michigan Dominates Medical Marijuana Participation


michigan marijuanaNew reports issued the the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs show that Wayne, Oakland and Macomb Counties continue to dominate the registrations for the state Medical Marihuana Program (MMP).

In the first release of total program data since converting from a single year to a two-year registration cycle, LARA’s January 4 report titled, ‘Medical Marihuana Act Statistical Report For Fiscal Year 2015- revealed that Wayne County holds 25,949 registered patients. Following in order of patient numbers, the state’s top ten are: Oakland County (18,656); Macomb (15,012); Genesee (12,647); Kent (7,699); Ingham (6,982); Washtenaw (6,994); Muskegon (3,991); Jackson (3,775); and Kalamazoo (3,683).

Overall the number of patients registering in 2015 was about 9.5% less than a year before, and the number of caregivers registering was slower, too, by 22.6%. The FY 2015 period is the second year of a two-year registration period, meaning the FY 2014 and 2015 numbers are both included in the registry database.

Only three counties reported an increase in patient registrations from 2014 to 2015- Clinton, Wayne and Oakland. Clinton and Oakland added just a fraction of a percentage to their patient numbers in 2015, but Wayne County went from 10,402 patients to 12,061- a 16% increase. Wayne County has a total of 25,949 patients and 4,420 caregivers.

Caregiver numbers seem to buck the trend. Although the number of growers registering as caregivers in 2015 was 22.6% slower than the previous year on a statewide level, Michigan’s Upper and Northern Lower Peninsulas saw increases in caregiver registrations in multiple counties.

In the U.P., five if the fifteen counties saw an upward trend in caregiver registrations-Chippewa, Gogebic, Delta, Schoolcraft and Menominee Counties. Across the Mackinac Bridge, Alcona, Alpena and Benzie Counties in the top of the mitten also increased their caregiver registrations.

The reports:

Medical_Marihuana_Act_-_FY_2015_Statistical_Report_2 year combined data

Michigan Medical Marihuana Act – Program Information and Financial Data (FY 2015)


Source: The Compassion Chronicles


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  1. We need to legalize in order to prevent these nut cases in the Senate from messing around with our sovereign right to consume any plant on this green earth. Just take names, and remember who they are after it becomes legalized across the board, Shame them and never let them forget where they sit on wrong side of history. I am sick of the entire lot, sadly political power attracts those who should be denied it.

  2. Many of the participation,rates would be much higher if the state mmj program did not turn right around and give law enforcement our money for our mj cards. Thrn they use the money to crack down on dispensaries and then push h people through the courts and shut every dispensary down on the Dutch Christian reformed nut cases. Even in Holland Mi where they should celebrate cannabis, they are instead they have bunch of sticks up their ashes. All thanks to Bill Schuette the moral warrior. What a joke! The whole state program is a mess. Big pharma in Michigan already introduced and passed a boll to let them sell pot when if it is rescheduled. Meanwhile the Senate tables any bill for the mmmp program. I hate every one of this spineless senators ducking big pharma’s dic.

  3. Better access is needed in southwest Michigan! The demand is there… if only the supply wasn’t so far away.

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