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Speak Out Against Child Protective Services’ Marijuana Policies


dea kids children medical marijuanaAn event is taking place tomorrow in Texas to protest child protective services’ marijuana policies across the nation. The event tomorrow is to kick off Moms for Marijuana’s ‘It’s Time to Talk’ Public Service Campaign aimed at educating the public and changing these policies nationwide. I know we get a lot of Texas readers out there, so if you are in the area, please attend. Below is more information about the event:

Texas Chapters of Moms for Marijuana International, and other pro-Cannabis activist groups, are coordinating an International Call to Action to rally the public in support of Cannabis-consuming parents and to start challenging Child Protection Services Marijuana policies. This event will kick off Moms for Marijuana’s It’s Time to TalkPublic Service Campaign aimed at educating the public and changing these policies nationwide.

WHO: Texas Moms for Marijuana and others are hosting a candlelight vigil and press conference to protest Child Protective Services practice of separating parents and their children due to non-problematic cannabis use.  Cannabis a non-toxic plant that is safer than the alcohol, tobacco and mind altering pharmaceuticals that parents use legally every day.   Cannabis use is less harmful than separating a parent and child.

WHEN: Tuesday, November 12, 2013, 5:00 p.m.

WHERE:  Capitol Grounds/South-west quadrant

Drug War Victims:

ALEX HILL, Arguably, the most tragic case is Alex Hill in Round Rock, Texas, who was taken from her father for his use of Marijuana while she was asleep in another room. Alex lost her life at the hands of her foster mother:https://www.facebook.com/justiceforalexhill

BREE GREEN was removed from her parents care because they are medical marijuana patients, growers, and activists:https://www.facebook.com/FreeBabyBree

WILLIAM REDDIE, a 32-‐year-‐old single father from Michigan, was shot and killed as Local Child Protective Services (CPS) officials and police officers attempted to remove his 3 year old son from the home.http://www.offthegridnews.com/2013/10/24/father-shot-and-killed-as-police-try-to-take-child/

LILLY FISHER in Spokane, Washington, is being kept, from her father, Billy Fisher, a carded, medical marijuana patient, by CPS because of his legal use of cannabis www.facebook.com/fight4lilly

DAISY BRAM and her partner JAYME WALSH are medical marijuana patients who are fighting for their three boys in California-www.facebook.com/freemybabiesnow

SIERRA RIDDLE is fighting doctors who are demanding treatment and who have referred her to CPS, because she wants to be able use Cannabis for her son Landon’s leukemia in Colorado –www.facebook.com/offerhopeforlandon

LINDSEY & JOSH RHINEHART and SARAH CALDWELL had to fight for their kids in Idaho because they are marijuana activists –www.facebook.com/idahothree

This press release came from TXCann.Com


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  1. Child Protective Services is an abomination and DOES NOT protect the children. I know 2 different families that the parents are on prescribed drugs (even though they don’t take them orally as prescribed) and CPS can’t help these screamed at, unfed, unnoticed kids because the parents aren’t doing anything illegal. However in the last month in my state 3 different cases of children battered and killed by the foster parent that CPS sent them to. The natural parent goes to prison for drugs for Many years but the foster parent who killed that kid will do 6 months jail and 4 years probation. It is a terrible injustice being done.Lives are being wrecked that can never be made whole again. CPS offered me their services on the birth of my son and i had the Balls to say “NO!” most people aren’t told that they can decline the intrusion into their lives and fall for it. CPS loves our stupidity because they rake in the dough along with all the other services like probation, family counseling and child therapy, drug testing facilities, and poorly monitored foster care programs that they help keep in business and profits. It is a flawed system for sure

  2. So sorry that happened to u,,,apparently ur supposed to be ‘jacked’ on PRISCRIPTION drugs, that way, when u get HOOKED, u may join the millions of others that sign up at REHAB ctrs..What a vicious circle that is,,,War on drugs, what ass—e thought of that? Mother nature gives us a gift and all we can do is stomp on it,,, better stop now,,i hear the ‘bible thumpers’ coming,,good luck to u!

  3. R u completely out of ur mind? When ur in pain,,whats more important?? ur oxycontin, zanex,? Weed,cannabis is used for pain treatment among other things, we can hear ur bible thumping,,,open ur ears , better yet GET INFORMED FIRST.

  4. Robert Dewayne King on

    Which is more important , your health or an outdated and and very flawed law ?
    When you know so little of a posters back story a post like yours just exposes your own ignorance and prejudice !

  5. What’s more important: getting high or your kids? You’re proving your own incompetence and lack of any sort of structure of priorities.

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