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Sponsor ‘The Grand Rally In Tally’ To Support Florida Medical Marijuana


florida capital grand rally in tally medical marijuanaFlorida came very, very close to legalizing medical marijuana during the 2014 Election. The initiative received 58% of the votes, which was short of the 60% required for passage in Florida. While the initiative didn’t win, it sent a clear message to the Florida Legislature that an overwhelming majority of Floridians want a real medical marijuana program. The Silver Tour, led by legend Robert ‘Bobby Tuna’ Platshorn, is teaming up with NORML of Florida, Law Office of Bill Wohlsifer PA, Florida Can, LEAP, Patients Out of Time, American Cannabis Nurses Assoc., Veterans for Compassionate Care, Veterans for Cannabis Access NORML of Fl Vets and other organizations to lobby the Florida Legislature. They are calling it ‘The Grand Rally In Tally’ and are looking for sponsors. If you are able to, please make as large of a contribution as possible to the effort. Below is more information about the event:

The Silver Tour is joining  with NORML of Florida, Law Office of Bill Wohlsifer PA,  Florida Can, LEAP, Patients Out of Time, American Cannabis Nurses Assoc., Veterans for Compassionate Care, Veterans for Cannabis Access NORML of Fl Vets and other
organizations to bring a thousand patients, seniors, veterans, doctors, and supporters to Tallahassee
on February 10th when a comprehensive medical marijuana bill will be filed  by Senator Jeff Clemens.

Florida legislators are aware that the vast majority of Florida voters favor legalizing medical cannabis. They know that if another Constitutional Amendment is on the the ballot in 2016, it will pass. Many have indicated that they would be open to passing a comprehensive bill in the legislature rather than face another amendment that would take it out of their hands.

We have permits to put up a giant tent with a stage for our distinguished speakers in the Courtyard between the Senate and House bldgs.  We will serve free food and beverage, meet with lawmakers, provide entertainment and hold a big press conference.

Patients in Florida need this medicine now.  Help us pass this bill by supporting The Grand Rally in Tally.  A thousand voters in the Courtyard between the Senate and House will show lawmakers the urgent need to pass this bill.

We have done this before with great success.  When we brought bus loads of seniors to the House of Representatives in D.C., we were able to convince the Dept of Justice not to interfere in the states with legal medical marijuana.

It may be possible to pass a bill this Spring, with your support. Please make a generous donation.  Help us to pay for permits, the tent, tables, chairs, stage, food and beverage, signs, banners, buses and vans, and much more.
You will be helping thousands of men, women, children, seniors, veterans and the terminally ill.  You could save many lives.

Donations go to the Silver Tour, a tax deductible 501c3.

Donate now or send Checks to:
The Silver Tour,
254 Lake Constance Dr,
West Palm Beach, Fl 33411



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  1. We all need to set meetings with our reps in our districts and let them know in person how they should vote

  2. Thanks for the article. Senior Citizens are the most rapidly growing group of Medical Marijuana users. I believe in the full legalization of Marijuana, for recreational purposes as well as Medical ones. But my heart bleeds and breaks when I think about the pain and suffering of Cancer patients and the fact that 25 years ago, ASCO, the American Society of Clinical Oncologists was already recommending Marijuana for Cancer patients suffering from the side effects of Chemotherapy. Its IMMORAL to leave Marijuana illegal for even a minute longer. We lose more Americans each year to Cancer than we lost in WWII. We lose 1500 Americans every day to Cancer. Every minute, another American dies of Cancer.

    Its IMMORAL to leave Marijuana illegal.
    Cancer patients can’t wait.
    Dying of Cancer sucks — Ask anyone doing it.

    Every Cancer patient deserves the right to be able to use Marijuana to ease their suffering and to help them cure their Cancer — regardless of their ability to pay.
    As a civilized society, we owe that to them, and Medical Marijuana therapy can dramatically reduce Cancer morbidity, mortality, treatment cost.

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