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Sponsors Cancel Oregon Anti-Marijuana Summit After Scandal

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Anti-marijuana organizations and supporters were going to hold an anti-marijuana summit in Madras, Oregon. That was, until it became known that federal tax dollars were going to be helping put on the event. The event was scheduled before the November election, during which Oregon voters will be voting on marijuana legalization. After the scandal was discovered and reported by Oregon media outlet Willamette Week, sponsors of the event pulled the plug. Per The Oregonian:

A nonprofit group has canceled an October anti-drug summit in Madras — which was to feature a prominent opponent of marijuana legalization — after complaints were raised by sponsors of the ballot measure that would permit recreational use of the drug.

The sponsors of the legalization initiative, Measure 91, charged this week that it was wrong for summit organizers to use federal funds to help pay for an appearance by Kevin Sabet, a former White House drug adviser who has formed an organization opposing marijuana legalization.

Sabet was also scheduled to appear in 12 other Oregon cities as part of an ”Oregon Marijuana Education Tour” following the summit.  Sabet had said that, at the request of organizers, he would not talk about the ballot measure at either the Madras event or on the tour.

I’m ecstatic that the event was cancelled, and I’m hopeful that the other 12 stops on ‘Kevin Sabet’s Reefer Madness Propaganda Tour’ are also cancelled. It’s in poor taste that Kevin Sabet is pretending that he’s just educating the public, and that there’s no political agenda behind his tour. Let me get this straight Mr. Sabet, there’s no political agenda, yet the only time you seem to visit Oregon is when marijuana reform votes are about to occur. The last time Kevin Sabet was here it was to lobby the Oregon Legislature into voting no on marijuana legalization. Now with Oregon poised to legalize marijuana, not only does he come back, but he is on a double digit stop tour, trying as hard as he can to make marijuana sound like it’s the same as tobacco. I can’t wait until Oregon legalizes marijuana this November so I never have to hear about Kevin Sabet visiting my home state ever again.


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  1. Charles Waller on

    Of course you have the prerogative to post opinion as fact, that does not validate it. Yes, I can quite “picky” – clear, concise communication relies heavily on accuracy. Words have different meanings for a purpose, while grammar and punctuation facilitate written communication. As for opioid use – yes, I have used prescription pharmaceutical opioid and synthetic chemical compounds in the past. I abstain from them due to the side effects and long term physical damage which accompanies use for anything other than short periods of time. In conclusion, I certainly can “diss” your personal experience in a public venue when you choose to share it. If you cannot tolerate contradictory opinions or the manner in which other people express themselves I would strongly suggest you refrain from posting comments in public venues. Have a nice life. =)

  2. I only have one question for you……..
    Due you enjoy a nice cold beer, glass of wine or a hard drink after work in the safety of your own home?
    If so your a hypocrite.
    If not then you had better go and due your research for the real truth as I did. You just might be surprised what you will find out.

    Look into the news story on Sanjay Gupta and his research on MMJ, I think you sir will find that the “EVIL WEED” has many medical uses when not SMOKED. Great for PTSD, PAIN, TUMOR REDUCTION, SIZURE REDUCTION and the list goes on.
    As far as the effects on children? Well if you treat it like alcohol and keep it out of reach of children then you have no worries. It’s called TAKE RESPONCIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS!

  3. As a former “Prohibitionist” voting down MMJ/RECMMJ, I ran into a situation of EXTREAM pain where opioids as prescribed ( due to the hazards) would not cut the pain orally. I broke down and tried (“illegally”

  4. You’re a very nitpicky kind of person, huh?

    Does your 40 years of studying include actual experience with opioids? Because I’ve taken them all, and my opinion about the strength of THC is based on that comparative experience. You can belittle my knowledge, but you can’t really diss my own personal experience.

    And I don’t have any problem being corrected when I’m wrong. Perhaps if I was posting on the Cleveland Clinic website, I would have used more specificity in my comments about cannabis. But in case you didn’t notice, we are on The Weed Blog.

    When I signed up for Disqus, I don’t remember agreeing to always be right, or to only post facts and not opinions. As to your choices in what you post, well, that’s your business. Please allow me the same courtesy.

  5. Charles Waller on

    I’m sorry you take offense at my comment about “appearing clueless”. The is a fine distinction between that and directly calling you clueless, which would be “moniker”. Communicating clearly is important to convey specific information, and referring to ” which parts of the plant — which CBDs — should be regulated as a drug” by an acronym with a specific meaning simply obfuscates the issue. There is no choice in the matter of CBD, “which” is misleading. There is only one form of cannabidiol found in cannabis. There are many cannabinoids, but CBD is not “shorthand” for cannabinoids. Period. Furthermore, “…THC is a drug, and its effects can be compared to something like codeine…” is completely erroneous. THC is found in 2 forms in cannabis, and it is a plant sourced chemical compound, also referred to as a phyto-compound. The effects on the human body and consciousness are not comparable to any opioid. I’m sorry if you do not like being corrected on a simple matter such as that, but it is you problem to deal with – not mine. As to the definition of “drug”, it depends on society and culture. Any chemical compound can be considered a “drug”.

    We do agree on the basics, cultivation by citizens on private property should not be subject to any governmental regulation except when & where that activity infringes on the rights of others. Cannabis in natural form should definitely not be listed as a controlled substance under the CSA.

    Opinions are not facts. I’m not interested in discussing opinions & I don’t put myself in the position of trying to change the opinion of another person by voicing my own opinion in opposition. I stick to the facts. You made factually inaccurate statements on a public forum, which others might read & accept as accurate. I suggest you do more research on the subject if your comments reflect your knowledge and grasp of it. I’ve spent over 40 years studying and keeping up with the latest research whenever possible, and still accept the fact that I have only an informed layman’s grasp of the subject compared to true authorities. If you can’t handle criticism, don’t post. =)

  6. Hell yes I wish more people thought and researched the facts before condemning something they know nothing about!

  7. He has a website and I left a little nugget there yesterday but I doubt that he ever reads any of those emails unless there is a donation attached to it.

  8. Yes these bastards need to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity because that’s what it is.

  9. F off you idiot no one here believes your bull shit so go peddle your ignorant bullshit elsewhere.

  10. mark_lee481 BSHA on

    One of my earlier projects in my continuing education was to write a thesis on a formerly unknown subject. From the hat I drew Medical Marijuana which, at the time, I believed to be a scam. Throughout my research, with online access to the libraries at Harvard, Princeton, and the current research at Bethesda, MD. just to name a few, my mind was completely changed concerning cannabis. First of all, we have Nixon to blame. His administration funded research on cannabis, but if this “research” turned up any positive results, the university lost all of its Drug Research Funding (this included aspirin and vitamin C). When the University of Virginia discovered that cannabis repeatedly shrank, and in 1/4th of the cases completely resolved tumors, without radiation or chemotherapy. Imagine their excitement over having their hands on a cure for cancer? The DEA swept in and confiscated all of their work as well as putting an end to any further drug research. They had bona fide results in 1974. This research was re-discovered by Comptulence University in Madrid Spain. They achieved even greater success. As has the European Union. Reagan asked universities with any positive information on cannabis to willingly turn it over to the DEA. Can anyone here imagine the time and lives wasted over prohibition. As well as the preventative medical effects from “recreational” use; which I personally call preventative use.
    It is now known that THC alone is not as successful as was thought. As it turns out cannabis is a complex substance that works as a team of compounds. So, no one agent can be removed to throw the remainder away. Medicine lost cannabis for the last time in 1942. Well before 1937, William Randolph Hurst, and cotton/textile moguls decided to do away with Hemp, as the old blue jeans would last for years when made from hemp. They were called “Miners Favorites.” Hurst had just invested in the acid washed paper process, and hemp paper was in direct opposition to his multi-million investment. After a millennial history as a medicine and relaxant/spiritual connection, it was swept away in one fell swoop. Behind the backs of the AMA, it was taken from medicine as well.
    This needs to be announced from the rooftops, America’s prejudice against cannabis is a lie. Its history and effects have been twisted into a lie. If you are part of prohibition, you are perpetuating a lie as well as a liar yourself. Research outside your little world, you might learn as I have!!!

  11. Vehicle accidents increase? Alcohol does that. You were around in 1933?

    And children get a hold of it? As if the black market doesn’t currently serve them.

    BTW cannabis does have one horrible side effect. It cures cancer. Look up – Dr. Maria Sanchez, Madrid. Or Raphael Mechoulam, Israel.

  12. He’s a republican,Mr Obama gave him a,job to try to win influence with the republicans. That didn’t work, I’ll bet Mr. Holder and he didn’t get along

  13. Peace be with you. Sarcasm isn’t easy on a blog site, although you could have a page of comments over what is a drug. If pot is a drug so is coffee, and so what. Good night

  14. I found a new leader, hail to the leader. Finally a good brain , the brain eaters will never think of looking for a good one in a pot blog. They think we are dumb
    Hippyhippi I think your going to set a record in up votes

  15. Please bear in mind Mr. Saber is not a medical doctor, he has a doctorate degree in political science. Not compassion or logic, or reading science based facts. He does know how to run and market a bad thing that’s going to make him easy money

  16. Raleigh Swails on

    If this measure passes vehicle accidents are gonig to increase an children will get access to it thereby reducing their maturation process. I have seen this first hand.

  17. Karen Ferguson on

    http://learnaboutsam.org Stands for Smart Approaches to Marijuanna I haven’t researched it intensely so I don’t know who those are in the “ABOUT” on the site. No mention of members/ supporters. However, in the tags: Patrick Kennedy [whom I’ve seen on Colbert] and Kevin Sabet names are tags. No surprise there, eh?!

    ONDCP stands for Office of Drug Control Policy.
    I’m a newbie…don’t know abbreviations: hence the footnote. :-)

  18. Natty Rems 420 on

    Prohibition has finally run its course: Our prisons are full, our
    economy is in ruins, the lives and livelihoods of tens of millions of
    Americans have been destroyed or severely disrupted. What was once a
    shining beacon of liberty and prosperity has become a toxic, repressive,
    smoldering heap of hypocrisy and a gross affront to fundamental human
    decency. Accordingly, it is now the duty of every last one of us to
    insure that the people who are responsible for this shameful situation
    are not simply left in peace to enjoy the wealth and status that their
    despicable actions have, until now, afforded them. Former and present
    Prohibitionists must not be allowed to remain untainted and untouched
    from the unconscionable acts that they have viciously committed on their
    fellow citizens. They have provided us with neither safe communities
    nor safe streets. We will provide them with neither a safe haven to
    enjoy their ill-gotten gains nor the liberty to repeat such a similar
    atrocity. If you’re a bottom-dwelling, prohibitionist parasite who’s
    career has entailed subjecting the rest of us to off-the-scale
    corruption and lawlessness, then maybe you should consider moving to
    somewhere that won’t extradite you to a future national or international
    drug-war tribunal for your crimes against humanity. Prohibition has
    evolved local gangs into transnational enterprises with intricate power
    structures that reach into every corner of society, helping them control
    vast swaths of territory while gifting them with significant social and
    military resources

  19. Karen Ferguson on

    Thanks for the info, Chris. i have such a fondness for Twitter. It’s made me braver. All o’ you wanna follow me and that makes up for all those that don’t. What’s not to like about that?? I like to re-tweet and you just reminded me to do just that w/ this article. Thanks again.

  20. Karen Ferguson on

    That is the greatest….I’m am laughing. I wondered where the signs were coming from….God loves Gays. Whoever asked for 50,000 bucks and got 56000. Wow.
    Thanks for the introduction.

  21. Rand Paul favors getting the Feds out of marijuana. He is a TEA. He is working to make 2016 a Drug War election. He is the only pol at the Federal level doing that. He doesn’t like SWAT raids.

  22. Karen Ferguson on

    It’s almost 5:39 a.m. and I’m laughing already. Great article. I’ve not heard of Sabet. I’d like to tell him what to do like he’s trying to tell me what to do: Go home, be quiet and try to live a life of your own, not mine.
    Anyone that compares cigs to medical cannabis, well, frankly, I glaze over in disinterest. Secondly, they’ve apparently never read the work of Gabor Mate, MD. who spells it out honestly, no hype, no sensationalism.

    Apparently, Sabet wants me to iive according to his opinion. That’s quite nauseating because it borders on narcissism. If I were going to make up fiction, like Sabet, I’d say the odds of this chap having a turn-around are .05%. Same stat for domestic violence offenders. So, I’m with you: I wouldn’t want him in my state either. This guy is creepy: his brain is wired weird.
    >>>>>I can’t wait until Oregon legalizes marijuana this November so I never have to hear about Kevin Sabet visiting my home state ever again.<<<<<

    Thank you. There are others out there…let's take on sabets, one at a time, at the same time.
    And, I close in laughing again at painkills2…. three sentences sums it up.

  23. I think most people know what I meant when I said “CBDs,” which is a type of shorthand that I guess you aren’t aware of.

    And yes, opioids effect the brain and central nervous system differently than cannabis, both both have effects on these very important parts of the body. I suppose we could argue about the correct and all-inclusive definition for “drug,” but I’m tired, and I’m in pain, so whatever.

    The more personal growers, the better. On private or public property, I don’t care which. See, I’m on your side.

    My comments were directed at cannabis products that are and will be sold to the public. And while it is my opinion that cannabis doesn’t even belong on the drug scheduling list — unless and until products like alcohol and nicotine are also included — I really don’t see that to be a possibility. So, I look for ways to include my favorite plant in the current “legal” framework.

    Considering the amount of research I have done, I take offense at the “clueless” moniker. But hey, this is America, and everyone’s entitled to their opinion.

  24. Charles Waller on

    I suggest you do some research so you don’t appear so clueless in your comments. “,,, which CBDs…” CBD is short for cannabidiol, one of many cannabinoids in cannabis. It is a singular noun, not a plural name for different compounds. You can’t pick and choose among CBD’s, there is only one – cannabidiol. “… THC is a drug, and its effects can be compared to something like codeine…” No, it can’t. Opioids affect the central nervous system in a completely different manner than cannabinoids. “Drugs” are typically singular synthetic chemical compounds which come with adverse side effects. Opioids and narcotics carry the risk of physical addiction and fatal overdose, they are toxic compounds. As for your comments about tomato & aspirin regulation, they are specious and disingenuous. Does the federal or state government regulate or prohibit private citizens from growing tomatoes on private property for personal consumption? Is willow bark tea prepared by citizens on private property result in SWAT team raids, prosecution and incarceration? Commercial activity is definitely within the purview of governmental agencies to regulate for public health and safety, not so personal activity on private property. CItizens are within their rights to cultivate grain plants; harvest, dry and cure those grains, and store the harvest on private property without let or hindrance. Using those grains to distill alcohol for personal consumption is typically not restricted or regulated, although some venues do limit quantities – due to the presumption of intent to distribute in some manner. Unless, and until, public health and safety is involved the cultivation of a beneficial plant by citizens on private property for personal consumption in any manner is not within the purview of governmental regulation or restriciton. Prohibition of personal cultivation of cannabis is irrational, unscientific and unconstitutional.

  25. How does God feel about Kevin Sabet? If you’re on Facebook, why don’t you ask him? Facebook.com/TheGoodLordAbove

  26. I don’t know how to break this to you, but cannabis contains a drug.

    The questions is, which parts of the plant — which CBDs — should be regulated as a drug, and which should not? Shouldn’t some forms of cannabis be freely available over the counter, especially as an anti-inflammatory? Those who take copious amounts of aspirin or tylenol for whatever reason would say, yes, please give us more choices.

    But at some percentage, THC is a drug, and its effects can be compared to something like codeine, the only opioid left on Schedule III (now that hydrocodone has been moved to Schedule II). What is that percentage? That’s going to be very hard to pin down, since the effects of marijuana are so different and unique for every user.

    We don’t have aspirin or tomato police, per se, but we do have rules and regulations that govern these industries. I’m just saying that everybody has to play by the rules, including the cannabis industry; and yes, regulation and taxation is expensive, but rules are usually there for a good reason. And if businesses always followed the rules, we wouldn’t have to pay people to make sure that they did.

    With all that said, thank goodness for the underground market…

  27. Cannabis needs no more regulation than aspirin and tomatoes. Like aspirin, keep out of reach of children, like tomatoes, growers are responsible for clean produce and herbs. Taxation and regulation is just a rip off that keeps the law enforcement community in the tax payers pockets. This foolishness is what happens when you compromise with prohibitionists or try to sound reasonable to them. Millions of people have smoked millions of pounds of completely unregulated pot for over 80 years of modern medical history with no discernible ill effects, so why the urgent need for regulation now? Just say no to regulation and taxation, just say no to the prohibitionist industry on the taxpayer dime. Do we have aspirin police, or tomato police? Compromising with irrational people and goals results in more insanity and costs money, ours.

  28. See I’ve been saying he was a cheat. Get this you know he was probely planning to stay at a high end hotel on tax money.? What people need to realize is that he found a nice little meal ticket doing this anti marijauna propaganda. Just maybe people will stop listening to this oppertunistic Lieing thief.

  29. As Hippocrates, one of the most famous physicians in history once said: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

    Kevin Sabet is one of the world’s biggest douche bags.

  30. “These guys are in a full-court press coming at you from every angle” said Robert DuPont “They have a bench 1,000 people deep. . . . We’ve got Kevin Sabet.” HaHaHaHA Take that Tea Party Nitwits.

  31. “axis of evil” Is exactly what applies to the Tea Party nitwits. It is past time for their chairs to be shoved to the back of the room and ignored.

  32. Those who serve the death dealing powers who profit off the suffering of others and deny them the gifts that the herb of herbs gives us are faltering. Truth and life will prevail over death and lies. Cannabis for all!

  33. He’s an insidious little troll, isn’t he? I’m getting increasingly concerned about how different media outlets keep referring to him as an “expert” as if Project SAM isn’t simply a mouth-piece for the ONDCP and the pharmaceutical industry. Sabet is a paid political shill, nothing more. Pat Kennedy is a recovering Oxy addict who was purchased to vilify the only substance he was *NOT* on when he plowed his car into a traffic divider in Washington, DC. And everyone knows David Frum, one of the architects behind the Iraq War’s “messaging” campaign — he brought us the ridiculous phrase “axis of evil” that helped take us to war in the first place.

    These are the “experts” on cannabis? SAM is made up entirely of political actors.

  34. Sabet is just another fool trying to feed us the LIE… Oregon I HOPE we get it right in 2014. LEGALIZE

  35. I did a fist pump with big laugh after reading this. Sabet is truly the scum of the earth. Using government money to demogauge innocent people, makes him a filthy fkr.

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