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SSDP Presentation At ArcView Investor Forum


If you are an investor, or potential investor, in the marijuana industry you better give back to the movement that made your business opportunity possible. If you don’t, you will never get support from me. The amount of people that take advantage of the emerging marijuana industry that don’t donate to reform is staggering, and I find that inexcusable. Below is video footage of a pitch Students for Sensible Drug Policy gave at an ArcView investor session in Las Vegas late last year. If you are an investor in the industry, or a potential investor, you need to make a significant donation to Students for Sensible Drug Policy.


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Johnny Green


  1. I agree when big money controls the weed market then it’s like any other big busines they care more about profit than they do their consumers without thinking about the people who really need the medicine and the ones who have paid the price to make it legal, and that chick on pot barons , sucks .

  2. Are you watching pot barons of Colorado? The Euflora dispensary owner says she tried weed once and hated it, yet she is a featured “baron” on the show raking in the money from the community.

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