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State-Approved Marijuana University In Colorado Is Doing Well


clover leaf university marijuana cannabisThe world of marijuana is a very complicated, evolving thing. Most people think of laws when they think of marijuana, but there is much more to marijuana than whether or not you can possess a joint in certain jurisdictions, and what the penalties are for violations. The marijuana industry is growing exponentially. New products and services are popping up daily, and keeping up can be hard.

Navigating the industry, politics, rules, and regulations is no easy task. A state-approved university in Colorado is helping educate people on the subject. Per The College Fix:

Clover Leaf University debuted earlier this year with the blessing of the Colorado Department of Education’s Private Occupational School Board. It offers stand-alone classes and certification courses.

Campus leaders described the endeavour as “an early stage specialized education enterprise focusing on raising awareness, research and development, best practices, regulatory compliance, and product and consumer safety” in a statement to CBS News.

The university’s curriculum tackles a variety of aspects within the legal weed industry, including management, laws, finance, marketing, cultivation, and industry analysis, according to its Spring 2014 catalog.

I have hung out with some of the people from Cloverleaf University, and they are very knowledgeable people, and very fun to be around. They have experts on every topic in the marijuana world, from growing marijuana, to business strategies, to anything else you can think of. If you live in Colorado and want to know more about marijuana, I encourage you to consider attending a class or classes at Cloverleaf University.


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  1. Hopefully this will lead to chemistry,law, biology, business,tech/etc programs in every state offering cannabis specialty classes. That would have a pretty good multiplier effect in the economy to create more good jobs, generating real wealth from hard work. Great work Cloverleaf University on Leading leading the way!

  2. Any chance of an online version and one that is global? Educating folks about the many facets of the sacred herb ought to be a big hit everywhere.

  3. We have decades of misinformation to battle, and a hard road to legitimacy. I hope more education venues like this show up all over the country.

  4. Marijuana shamans , and healers will help the people use this magical plant, properly.

  5. Cannabis is not just about getting high or stoned, it’s a healing plant, for spiritual growth, psychological. , emotional purposes. It’s the dawn of a new day, a new way.

  6. Cannabis is a very diverse plant, there is so much going on with this plant. There are 80 canabinoids, Thc, cbd, thcv thc a cbg, cbn.People need to be educated on the different strains, different effects.

  7. I wondered if there was a non-sketchy “Cannabis 101” type class, though I may be getting close to a 102 course (;

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