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State Marijuana License Denial Stops Production Of Cheeba Chews

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Cheeba Chews are a marijuana edible that I’m told is extremely strong. I had heard stories about Cheeba Chews packing a punch, but I always chalked it up to rookie consumers not knowing how to handle their edibles. But then I started hearing stories from proven veterans that ate some Cheeba Chews and were able to ‘ride the higher high.’ Since then I have been trying to get my hands on some to make the educated decision as to their potency. Sadly, it sounds like I may have to wait indefinitely to try some.

From what I can gleam from recent media reports, Cheeba Chews licenses out production, meaning that they don’t produce them in house – they rely on third parties to make the edibles. That’s not uncommon in other industries. Outsourcing production can help keep up with demand, as well as save money. One of the companies that Cheeba Chews works with, Green Sky Confections, was denied a license to keep producing Cheeba Chews, which has halted production since March. Per The Denver Post:

Cheeba Chews stopped production after the state in March denied the business license application of Green Sky Confections, which had a licensing agreement to produce and distribute the brand.

The Colorado Department of Revenue cited 20 grounds for denial, including allegations of hidden ownership interests, off-the-books employees, an employee who had not passed a criminal-history check, record-keeping failures and unsanitary kitchen conditions.

The owner of Green Sky, Boulder entrepreneur Mark Mallen, challenged some findings, including the claim of illegal ownership. But the enforcement actions shut down his leased kitchen in Denver.

Media reports have tried to make it sound like Cheeba Chews and Green Sky Confections were shady, and that’s why there were shutdown. I don’t personally think that’s the case. I think this is a classic case of bueracracy getting in the way of legitimate business. Red tape gets in the way of a lot of industries. I’m confident Cheeba Chews and Green Sky Confections will get this worked out, after which I will keep trying to get my hands on a sample!


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  1. One deca is 4 doses, unless you want to get “high” but for pain, a 14 to a 1/3 works great!

  2. I’m a “veteran” in the sense mentioned above and from personal experience the cheeba chew deca packs a mighty punch when taken above the recommended dose

  3. Johnny oneye on

    The shops in cali are well stocked
    I have not tried one , we get “house”
    Edibles and work good for pain.
    20 $ for a quad of cheeba chew
    I heard they are strong maybe too strong for first timers.

  4. I want some yum.. Hold on the state says there was a guy working at the plant that makes Cheba chews. But this same guy can work in a restaurant. Cheba chews is a food source. He could work in any candy shop legally. He could work with right next to you or me. I don’t give a dam about any persons mistakes most people have done some sort of crime or another in their life’s they just didn’t get caught. The main thing that concerns me is that they have a job and they don’t offend again. So everybody stop being nit picky and forgive someone for their PAST mistakes. That also goes or our states. I understand the laws for a sex offender I wouldn’t want one working near my family or where kids hang out. Because I would not want that person to be tempted. But that’s the exception. But the above guy could just have a felony drug arrest. It is not listed above. So who gives a damn but our government using another and any excuse they can

  5. Their CEO claims to live in Boulder but there is no public record of him being a resident of Colorado, nor is he registered with the Marijuana Enforcement Division. Said CEO apparently declines all requests for interviews. The business failed to disclose changes to an employee’s criminal record as required by law. Their marketing director is “not too familiar with the guy” who incorporated the business in the first place and thinks “he may be a silent partner who came on at some point,” but describes it as a “small business” – how small can the business be if the key players in its management don’t seem to know each other? One of their former owners calls being penalized for a dirty kitchen “ridiculous,” as if using cannabis as a cooking ingredient somehow exempts businesses from the same health and safety standards that govern EVERY edible product maker, from local bakeries to Pizza Hut. (Source: http://www.thecannabist.co/2014/07/20/cheeba-chews-marijuana-edibles-colorado-licensing-regulation-production-halted/16588/2/)

    That doesn’t mean there’s something wrong or criminal going on, but the point of these regulations is to ensure beyond all doubt that there’s nothing corrupt about licensed cannabusinesses. I have great sympathies for pot business owners who are caught up in legitimate red tape, but this sounds more like a lack of due diligence to me. Still, it sounds like they’ve learned valuable lessons from the experience and I wish them luck getting back on their feet. I’ve heard good things about the products they make and want to try them one day!

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