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State Of The Union Rhetoric Rings Hollow To Marijuana Activists


obama medical marijuana enforcementThe 2015 State of the Union speech is in the history books, and television news shows and social media are all over it with reviews and opinions. I think I’m with most marijuana fans in that I’m disappointed that there was no mention of marijuana at all. I wasn’t expecting there to be a lot of marijuana references in the President’s speech, but I was expecting at least one mention.

There was a lot of other principles and quotes that resonated with me though, and I have included some of them below in bold, with my thoughts below them. If you watched the State of the Union speech, what did you think? I look forward to reading your responses below:

“That’s what middle-class economics is – the idea that this country does best when everyone gets their fair shot, everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same set of rules. We don’t just want everyone to share in America’s success – we want everyone to contribute to our success.”

Banking for the marijuana industry and 280e were two things that instantly popped in my head. There are a number of states that allow for a legal marijuana industry, but the White House has done little to none to help them, and has tried to stunt the industry in numerous ways. Entrepreneurs in the ‘Cannabis Space’ deserve a fair shot because they do their fair share and deserve to play by the same set of rules as other legal, respected industries.

“So no one knows for certain which industries will generate the jobs of the future.”

A recent estimate has the marijuana industry adding upwards of 200,000 jobs in 2015. Not a game changer, but not exactly a drop in the bucket either. And that number is only going to grow as the industry expands with reform victories…

“When what you’re doing doesn’t work for fifty years, it’s time to try something new.”

This was by far the most significant quote to me from the speech, and I guarantee activists’ heads almost exploded across the country. Um, how long have we been enforcing cannabis prohibition? And how’s that been working out?

“As Americans, we have a profound commitment to justice.”

As can be seen on our sidebar, Jeff Mizanskey is serving life in prison for non-violent marijuana offenses. How is that justice? African Americans are almost four times as likely to be arrested for marijuana even though consumption rates between races is close to the same. How is that justice? I could go on and on.


If Barack Obama truly believed in the words he spoke above, he would give a solid effort towards meaningful cannabis reform at the federal level during his last two years in office. In a perfect world he would get it passed, but I realize there are political constraints since his party is not in the majority in Congress now. However, a solid effort is all I’m asking for. Rescheduling, and/or banking reform, and/or 280e reform, and/or ‘fill in the blank that is long term reform.’

The realist in me knows that Obama will likely drag his feet and count the days til his Presidency ends. But the optimist in me will always hope that we see the President try something bold during his last two years. Public opinion would be on his side, which last time I checked, was a significant thing in politics.


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  1. You keep saying you done but here you are again. As for your stock options. Salery.Com As with any type of investment when you realize a gain (when you sell a stock that has a profit) it is considered income. Income is taxed by the government. (No matter who is in office ) How much tax you pay depends depends on the stock options.

    These are the 3 types of options

    EMPLOYEE EXERCISE OPTION (ISO = no tax) (NQSO = ordinary income tax 28% to 39.6%) (SUPER STOCK OPTION = no tax)
    EMPLOYER GETS TAX REDUCTION (ISO = no deduction ) NQSO = tax deduction when employee exercise )(sells) SUPERANTISPYWARE STOCK OPTION = tax deduction when employee exercise )
    EMPLOYEE SELLS OPTION AFTER 1 OR MORE YEARS (ISO = long term capital gains tax at 20% )(capital gains = income )(NQSO = long term capital gains tax 20% )(SUPER STOCK OPTION = long term capital gains tax 20%)…
    The bottom line is when the stocks sell if there is a profit taxes get paid just like a 401k this money is taken out before tax and taxes paid when you use it. Fidelity says interest is taxed as ordinary income then there is a long list of taxables. Some or exempt from taxes like municipal bonds ,private activity bonds but my be taxed under AMT
    Fixed-income like IRA OR 401K taxed when you use.
    Or let’s say a Person gets paid half Salery half stock you pay income tax on the pay check half and you pay tax on stock when you sell it. No matter what you pay a tax at some time.
    I WOULD ALSO POINT OUT I HAVE ALWAYS SAID INCOME defined by http://www.law.cornell.education gross income means all income from whatever source derived, including but not limited to
    compensatin for service. Property. INTEREST. rent. royalties . DIVIDENDS. alimony. ANNUITYS. life insurance. PENSIONS. Income from discharge of debt. DISTRIBUTED SHARE OF PARTNERSHIP GROSS INCOME. Income from Interest in a estate or trust.

  2. Your right this is the weed blog. I also figure you do not remember that you attacked me first. Yes media matters is favorable to Democrats so I figured it would irritate you and you would just drop it. You keep saying you want to drop it but here you are again starting right back up.
    So here it is…. What about the data from money magazine is that wrong to? Are they not neutral? Are they lies also or maybe they do not know how to analyze the economy. All I did is type in my browser was compare compare U.S economy 2008 to 2015 and looked at the first couple heading and copied whst they said word for word are they wrong. Maybe only you and your superior intellect can do this. Maybe you should become the next Presidents economic advisor. What I can tell you is this when Clinton was in office my service made money, when Bush was on office I made less. Now my income has increased. My service only can make money when people are working. Oh yeah I own one of those small business.

    Also I have numerous times on the weed blog gave praise to any and every REPUBLICAN that has openly supported anything that had to do with any kind of support for legalization. I also have looked up those same Republicans email and sent them emails in support I would also say that maybe only 1of them was from my state. But I said thanks anyways. I also have posted any link I have come across showing their support. Also when I vote I pick republicans and democrats I never pick one single party. I only chose by what they stand for and who I believe the most.
    So you have your views and I have mine and others have theirs that’s life I understand this and I didn’t attack your views you came at me.

  3. You don’t know that! Many CEO/OWNERS of company’s DON’T TAKE a salary. Just b/c he’s got a JOB, doesn’t MEAN he takes a salary. Many of them MAY take stock options in lieu of CASH! Many CEO’s of Small businesses don’t take a salary and just REINVEST the money back into the company.

    I’m sorry man, I said I was DONE and I am!

  4. BTW… GDP in Q1 was +0.05%… This economy’s ROARING! (That’s UNTIL they’re adjusted downward AGAIN!) Which they DO EVERY month b/c they’re just throwing out numbers that SOUND good to people. KNOWING full well they won’t pay attention when the numbers are revised. They’ll release the adjusted numbers on a FRIDAY evening when no one’s around to pay attention to the revised numbers.

    I’m not arguing with you anymore! If you KNEW how to arrive at the TRUE Unemployment rate, you wouldn’t be saying the things you say. Honestly bro, all you’re doing is reciting Obama’s talking points. That’s fine too! Just don’t try to say you’re NON PARTISAN when you’ve not said ONE, NOT ONE good word about a Republican since we’ve been talking! But my credibility goes down b/c I tell the TRUTH and say “media matters” is NOT a “Bi-Partisan entity”?

    You’ve NOT proven anything! I see a bunch of talk but NONE of it actually SAYS anything.

    Look dude, it’s obvious that we disagree. We’re NOT gonna agree EVER! So just drop it! This is TheWeedBlog and NONE of what you brought up deals with that. I’m here to talk about marijuana legalization. Not to teach people how to read Economic indicators!

  5. Yes no particular party I have always in 30 years over voting voted republican and democrat on every single ballet. It all depends on who I believe and what the politicians stand for. So any politician that is for legalization will get my vote no man the party. Yes media matters a non profit progressive research and information Center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation. How about Bureau of labor statistics Jan 9 2015 employment rose 252,000 in Dec.unemployment is at 5.6% or time July 3 2014 the U.S economy added 288,000 new jobs in June.sending the lowest unemployment rate to the lowest since 2008. Or money.cnn.Com sept.5 2008 unemployment rate hits a 5 year high. Or money 2014 was Americas best year of job growth since 1999 -Jan 2015. Clinton was president then. There is your credibility since you didn’t like media matters.

  6. First of all give Obama a lot of shut feel he could do much more for legalization and he has not done shut as far as I am concerned. I have also given a lot of praise to some courageous republicans for their views for legalization. As for my political views I will vote for any person no matter what part they belong to if they are for legalization. If I believe them. I got my data from fortune mag. You can find a lot of information online and some of it is true….As for Simon he came at me first. Mr. Buffett is not a hero I would never give any person that title. But I will give him credit when credit is due. Just like Hine giving away 99% of his money when he dies. There is a lot of charities that will benefit from this.
    According to Washington post 5.1 million jobs was created after Obama took office, Bush had a a Hyde drop in employment around years 8 job losses worse then Eisenhower. Clinton Had THE Most Steady Growth. This chart shows only highs and lows nothing between. This chart is base on private jobs no government jobs listed

    As for when Obama took office correct but the economy was already trashed by the end of 2008 plus you can not fix over night what has been broken for 8 years (Bush). I am not a fan of Obama care. But I do believe in that insurance companies should not drop you. I believe that people being turned down for insurance because of prior illnesses is bullshit. I agree with you on the deficit but if we did not have to bail out the greedy bankers who gave bad loans to people. The same bankers who gave themselves raises with the bail out Money. As for the insurance my cost went up, I agree with you and it pisses me off that my insurance is so high but that extra $20.00 a week that I pay because of Obama care does not make me a part time employee.
    As for the GNP no companys hire more people if they can not supoort those employees. If companies make money they hire mire ss needed if they lose money they fire employees. So pubic hiring is up so companies are making more money to support the highering.
    Correct the weed blog is not a place to discuss politics. But you gave your point of view to me and I had to defend mine. I also did not bring up Obama care because I had nothing good to say About it besides the prior illnesses. Good day

  7. Dude, you’re trying to tell me that I don’t KNOW these numbers. I’m VERY aware of these numbers. That’s why I threw out the fact that the Koch Brothers were NOT even in the TOP 50 political donors in America. You’re preaching to the choir. The Koch Brothers are #56!

  8. There goes your “no party choice” again. Trying to write “Media Matters” add a credible, UNBIASED source is funny! It’s MORE than funny, it’s SICKENING!

  9. So for 6 months out of 6 YEARS he’s done well? That’s GREAT! Your standards are pretty low for the leader of the WORLD! Secondly, you sure pointed OUT a “party choice” when you started on M Simon for what YOU PERCEIVE are his political choices.

    The Warren Buffet argument’s a lil OLD! Even Warren Buffet pointed out the disparity in using HIM as an example for taxes. Warren Buffet may be your hero, but even HE knows the inane attempts to compare him to his secretary are way off base.

    I don’t know WHERE you’re getting 2.7 Million jobs have been created in the PRIVATE sector? He MAY have created that many in GOVERNMENT, but NOT the private sector. But I’ll even give you the benefit of the doubt on that one. How many of these JOBS are “Low wage, unskilled workers? How MANY of those jobs are PART TIME? Considering that’s what ObamaCare has done to America. We’re NOW a Part time workforce. Just remember that for every ACTION there’s a equal and opposite REACTION!

    You’re TRYING to put lipstick on a PIG, yet it’s still a PIG! Why not bring up the fact that you’re kids and THEIR kids, KIDS, will be paying for the DEBT he’s piled upon them for their ENTIRE life? In just 6 LONG years, HE’s added more debt upon this country (with little to no results) than EVERY PRESIDENT COMBINED from George Washington to George W. Bush!

    He tells STUPID people he’s “…reduced the deficit!” But stops SHORT of telling you he’s STILL running a $500,000,000,000.00 deficit to a budget that he’s NEVER HAD to live up to! For 5 years Harry Reid NEVER PASSED a budget. He could spend as much as he wanted, and he HAS. The problem is, he KEEPS doing it. He just keeps on campaigning, telling people about all the FREE SHIT, he’s gonna give em and YOU fell for it!

    A 2% growth of GDP doesn’t even keep up with inflation. This country SHOULD be running 5% gains in GDP per year.

    Question for you here and it’s a simple one, What DAY did Barack Obama officially take office? I’ll help you out… Jan 20, 2009. G.W. Bush was in office in 2009 for a measly 19 DAYS! So 09 was OBAMA’S! Trying to say different is just NOT the truth. If you wanna put 09 on Bush, then we should put 9/11 in Clinton’s administration eh?

    I’m done commenting on this issue from here on out! This is TheWeedBlog and doesn’t belong here. If you wanna discuss this further, go to “Media Matters”. They’re definitely an UNBIASED source.

  10. The point is I was copying from a source word for word but sometimes auto correct gets it wrong when I hit two letters at once and when I miss a word.for that I apologize. But the sources I quote are correct and can be verified. What I said about the data can be verified. As for your Koch brothers correct they are not the top 50 donaters. Just #56 and donated $25.073,442 76%went to republicans, 6% Democrat the remainder going to 3rd party donaters. Which went directly to PACs. The top 20 donates are unions given by member donations to Democrats. Just so you know the AFL-CEO gave $45,099,817 to Democrats. This is a non profit labor protection union protecting American people from poor and unsafe working conditions And fair wages. I would also point out that I do not nor have I ever been a union member. according to this chart I am reading unions like Democrats and major corporations like Republicans

  11. All you do is complain and don’t back any thing up with credible unbiased facts. Just your opinion with out any proof. At least what I put down I got from credible sources and not republican lies.

  12. Mr buffett is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway which means he has a job. It may be his company but he makes a income this is taxable or I and every other person who has a job need to stop paying taxes. Second I was and only been talking about income tax. I also am not talking about the crazy proposal of 38% that is nuts. If I buy a house and sell it for more I have to pay a tax on this profit. This is no different than interest gains.I do agree with you if Mr Buffet lived off only his dividends yes that should be tax free,but he is the active CEO of his company and getting paid. I should also point out that Mr Buffet has told congress that he wants to pay more taxes and that all the super rich should be required to do also. Which is why I brought up his name in the first place.

  13. YES he SHOULD if he doesn’t take a salary from his company. If he’s living off of dividends, you’ve already taxes the money once! WHY should you get a second bite at the Apple? If he’s already paid taxes on that money he should pay the rate that dividends are taxed at. Anything else is double taxation. Get YOUR facts straight.

  14. Per, Open secrets.org. unions top the lists of democratic doners. Business like At&t donate to republicans. On this site (Open secrets.org ) is a list of the highest contributors for boyhood parties.

    According to media matters for America Aug 37,3014 ” Charles and David Koch brothers and the oil Barrens who are already shaping the 2014 midterm elections according to recently leaked audio recordings are often portrayed as environmentallyrics responsible advocates of the free markeThe that are unfairly targeted by by Democrats (what was you saying? )How ever their political influence, which bent he fossil fuel industry and their own bottom line.” “Top GOP Candidates cite the Koch Brothers for their succesthis is republicans candidates not democratic. Get your facts straight

  15. First of all the economy was sit before Obama took office Ineed 2010 . Which was Bush from 2001 to 2009. So let’s do a time line.
    Per Fortune mag December 5,2014 “Job growth in 2014 has been the best since 1990s”. Also in the past 11 months U.S employers have added 2.7 million jobs. That is the best growth since 1999. “Yes employers have added more jobs in 2014 than they did in 2005″( A Republican )(Bush)(in office ). Being this you can judge the economy by job growth because only a strong economy provides job growth.as for your Gross National Product (GPD) according to statist and studies of 18000 sources the GPD was –.29% in2008. -2.78%in 2009. Positive 2.53% in 2010 +1.6% in 2011. +2.32% in 2012. +2.22% in 2023.+2.15% in 2015 and projected to be as strong or stoner in 2015 and 16.
    so maybe you should get your facts straight and stop using the same republican scare tactics as every republican does. Also if any person makes more than $150,000 yearly and pay less taxes than the person making $50.000 or less than you can pay a little more in taxes it won’t fucking kill you. I would also point out I do not have a party choice I just believe that everyone should be there fair share of taxes and nothing more or less. So if your a Warren Buffet and pay less income tax than your secretary than you should pay more.

  16. The Koch Brothers huh? They’re not even in the “Top 50” of Political donors in this country. Yet DEMS spout off about them all the time! 90% of the “Top 50” political donors give MORE money by FAR to the DEMS than to the GOP! But I guess THEY don’t count b/c they don’t fit with what you’re trying to say!

  17. But YOU saying the exact same shit that DEMS say is okay though? Small business and the Middle class is what RAN America until it’s destruction in 2010 and beyond. EVERY “lil” regulation you want, adds COSTS to small business owners. Therefore stifling growth, which is evidenced by the LOW rate of GDP and HIGH Unemployment. BEFORE you go there, STOP and get the TRUE Unemployment rate, the UE6 numbers! They put our unemployment rate about 13%. But when you just CUT those numbers out, is when you get the UE rate that this Administration spouts.

  18. He say’s one thing to get votes does another afterwards to support failed Republican economic policy. He’s my brother’s Senator and he see’s this happen all of the time with two faced Rand Paul. Rand Paul supports the Republican Party platform took their pledge. Do a search and read it sometime. It’s an eye-opener.

  19. Neither is anti- legalization..Bernie’s interests are as they have always been, in keeping Republican meat-hooks off of Social Security benefits to fund Republican wars that Democrats always end up having to clean up for them. That’s Bernie’s issue. Warren is an economic’s person who was elected not that long ago. I believe she’ll eventually become more involved once she understands the economic benefits to ending prohibition nationwide.

  20. Using Kennedy as an example that Democrats are somehow against ending prohibition is like this Republican Congress’s denying climate change exists although it’s been vetted as conclusive science by over ten thousand scientist’s. On the anti- science side, ( AKA as the Republicans), they’ve found two (2) scientist’s that support their climate change denial claims. Ten thousand,to two, and they’re still running with it.

  21. A California Republican interested in veteran PTSD issues in a district comprised of 80% military personnel. It was attached as a ‘rider” on a budget bill with a Democrat co-sponsor. Like Fox News you Conveniently forgot the non-conservative part? Either own it all the way or not at all.

  22. He’s a liar. My brother lives in Kentucky. He says one thing to garner votes then he does the opposite.

  23. The Senate was actually won by Democrats by over 20 million votes. Only in America do you win an election by losing the popular vote.

  24. That happens only when cannabis is reclassified. Then, everything BUT medical and Indian land sales go away due to patient medical lawsuits already written and waiting.

  25. I’d wait to see what that single issue weed pimp does during the R’s primary debate’s. My guess he’ll quibble and back-step like a little girl. Hillary 2016

  26. Many medical marijuana patients will find it challenging to say the least if Seattle (or any city) were to decide to close all of it’s medical marijuana dispensaries at one time. I cannot imagine Walgreen’s or Bartell’s being forced stop selling prescription drugs and close down. There would be legal and/or ethical medical issue’s which the city / state would have to address, prior to taking any such action that could negatively affect the medical marijuana community. This could make obtaining cannabis anywhere for anybody more difficult, until legally resolved.

  27. joe biden is the real problem and dont expect any sympathy form hillary either Rand Paul 2016

  28. joe biden is tying the presidents hands on this issue his vice president created the ondcp and the drug-czar so dont expect obama to do a dam thing about marijuana legalization cuz it might make his vp pissy pants’d and butthurt – peace

  29. Exactly. Simon has fallen so hard for the Koch brother financed, flag waving, tea party bul–it he can no longer see the forest for the trees.

  30. Come on SI’m on we know you have Republican views. Saying the exact B.S that they do. But the facts are yes small business do employ the majority of the workers most of them make under $40,000 yr. Now only about 4% of small businesses make between $150, to $1999,000. 12% $200, to $499.999. Under $10,000 29% theses are profit scales.so to put this in better terms the majority of small businesses have under 20 employees make under $10,000 profit, and would not be a part of $150,000 plus tax base reform.

  31. Ha! Create jobs my ass. Maybe in China. There is no “trickle down” effect when they HOARD their wealth in offshore accounts and take advantage of every f–ing tax loophole their pet lobbyist can get them. About the time I envied that kind of EVIL you can take me out behind the woodshed and put a bullet in my head. Why don’t you wake up and take your “dinner pail” philosophy to another blog and haunt those people with your diatribe?

  32. It seems to me that if Obama is truly wanting to open up Community College, use the funds from legal sales to help pay for that. From what I understand, Colorado has gotten too much money from taxes and is now returning that to Colorado citizens. I’m sure that there could be so many opportunities to better our States with revenues from legal sales, if it’s used and dispersed properly.

  33. Once again I am talking about personal income not business income. Don’t fall for that trick. Examples are if your personal wages are more than $150.000 yr. You can afford to pay a percentage more.most of the taxes paid are by people who make less than $50,000 yr. Another example is if you own a business and you pay yourself $150,000yr. Remember this is pure profit after you paid all employees, taxes, loans, materials, all costs and trusts. If after all that, you can pay more. the tax bracket is 28% at $87.851 to $183.250 once again this is personal income. If you own a business and you pay less income taxes than your lowest paid employee at least pay the same.

  34. Billionaires have companies, invest, and create jobs. I like them.

    Envy is a sin. It hurts you and your neighbor. There is an old joke about it.


    An angel appears in front of a man and says, “You can wish for what ever you want. One wish. Anything you wish for I will give your neighbor double.” The man thinks and then says, “Poke one of my eyes out.”

  35. How bout all the other great things he said which were, quite frankly, a slap in the face to the billionaire-serving Republicans. If O had dared to mention the end of mj prohibition I think Boner would have gotten up and walked out.

  36. There is not a State out there that would turn down 200,000 jobs. Yes Obama should of could of mentioned something about Marijuana. I to really wished he would have. I am happy about the schooling, taxes on people who make over $150,000 yr. But the fact is good luck with that…..However he should of mentioned something.

  37. Corey Booker and Rand Paul work together on the issue.

    The most anti-Prohibitionist of all the candidates for 2016 is Paul. We should support him. If you are in an open Primary State – help get him nominated.

    Until elections are won/lost on the issue politicians will not be changing their minds.

  38. At least remove schedule 1 status? That would be no small thing; that would be HUGE. And there’s no way Obama cares enough to do it.

  39. Public support wont be here soon if Kevin Sabet and Patrick Kennedy continues to scare people about marijuana.

  40. stellarvoyager on

    I agree with them on most issues, but sadly on cannabis, they have disappointed. Bernie Sanders said that ending cannabis prohibition was not important to him, and Elizabeth Warren has mocked cannabis users, and the issue does not seem particularly important to her either. For liberals such as them to so completely ignore us, many of whom are an important part of the liberal coalition, is a missed opportunity. Corey Booker and even Hickenlooper both have better records on this matter.

  41. No mention of weed soon to become legal right in DC is curious …. He missed a great opportunity to do the right thing and at least remove Schedule One status!

  42. I saw a documentary about how the government (corporation) uses propaganda but more importantly how closely they monitor the polls for opinion. They sway with opinion to get into and stay in office. The tide is going with the striking down of prohibition. Sooner the better.

  43. Funny. That is exactly how it came up. A left friend of mine remarked on the Republican responder “She is putting lipstick on a pig” (referring to Republicans). I said, “They are ALL pigs.” He rephrased, “She is putting lipstick on her pig.” We both laughed.

  44. I don’t think you’ll get an argument on that statement from ANYONE in ANY party or political persuasion.

  45. No WAY! It’d be “political suicide” for him or her. You gotta remember a GOP controlled House just stopped the DEA from using ANY money from their budgets to derail medical marijuana programs as well as Legalized marijuana in States where it’s legal. With the number of people who’ve been exposed to it and seen that the sky didn’t fall. He’d NEVER get it passed. A VERY HEALTHY majority of Americans WANT it legalized.

    Plus this WILL be an issue in the next election, you can BET on it. Especially with ALL the States that have invested time and money into starting their programs. The NEXT candidates for President WILL have to declare their position on the issue BEFORE the election! This will be the FIRST Presidential election where marijuana IS an issue! A candidate saying “he’d rollback States Rights” would be committing Political Suicide!

  46. With that biased mindset we won’t make any progress.
    You can’t jam this issue down people’s throats even though its been bouncing around for decades.
    Working to educate people about the medicinal value of it is going to be the most valid way to move it forward for rescheduling.

  47. Have this been tweeted #askthewh. For the effort put into this blog should be posted for gov to answer. They are allowing you to tweet instagram and or post your opinions as well as questions. I for one have and would love for everyone to as well. Flood the page with such so that we may get a response

  48. The ONLY reason I wasted over an hour of my life that I’ll never get back, watching this drivel was to at the very least hear the words, “Medical Marijuana” in a positive way. No worries, though. We the people can get legalization done!

  49. All your highlights can totally speak towards marijuana prohibition. It is sad that marijuana is on the back burn with Obama. And as you said I did expect at least a mention in his speech. I have said this before, we have to stop the big point of legalization being to legalize. It needs to become more about ending the terrible prohibition on marijuana. There are many people who don’t want to see legalization (foolishly). But i can’t imagine any one really being for prohibition after explaining the horrors it brings upon the American people who have shown by majority that we no long want it. But to agree with you, I am very disappointed that there was no mention at all.

  50. Wrong. The House is Republican controlled and voted to rein in DOJ and DEA from interfering in states where it has been legalized, to protect hemp, and to protect medical mj.
    MANY conservatives, myself included, believe states rights trump the fed, and are sick and tired of the liberal nanny state. People like you do nothing but piss off conservatives and make it MORE likely we will oppose you simply because you are a biased putz.

  51. I do not use mj in any form. I support complete legalization. Obama, as a heavy former user of pot (and probably still does on occasion), should remove mj from schedule one immediately.

  52. “I know because I won both of them,”

    And you LOST the Senate and you LOST the House and you LOST millions of US Citizens. But with Barack Obama it is ALWAYS only about HIM.

  53. As a medical cannabis patient, I say hell yes it sould have been in there. Such narrow mindedness as yours is what holds this country back. Most of the folks I work with in my state for legalization DO NOT even smoke. Ignoring 22 states (# with medical cannabis) in his speech, is like ignoring half the country.

  54. I’m rather disappointed that our country hasn’t done more to legalizing I know everyone has seen the numbers of what it has done to Colorado. The numbers are proof that we need such things! People need to know that marijuana is more than something to smoke. I noticed that ‘william shears’ in the comments has no idea what he’s talking about. Hopefully some one can teach him that not everyone who supports marijuana is a smoker, and not all smokers are hippies. Narrow mindedness such as his comment is part of the problem.

  55. william shears on

    pls pls pls tell me you are not serious about this does it really have a place in a SOTU or any important official speech; maybe a meeting of hippies or Headshop owners but no, not here no

  56. If we get a Republican as our next President weed will become illegal again……All that work down the toilet

  57. Public opinion only counts when politicians lose elections because of it. Otherwise it can be ignored. With impunity. “Now about that campaign ‘contribution’ “.

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