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Stay strong California

Recently in California there have two killings in L.A based dispensaries. In one case two people walked in performing a routine robbery but still killed one individual and maimed the other. In the other robbery, the owner walked in to find his employee stabbed to death.
As much as I hate conspiracy theories this all smells kind of funky to me. Even if there’s no evil plot in progress the lack of police support that perfectly state legal business get is infuriating.
In both cases the surveillance tapes were taken. Most tweekers, crackheads, or just people who act in desperation do not take the time to search for surveillance tapes.
The counter argument is going to come out and say See! These places are magnets for crime. Well so is a fucking liquor store and they’re not responsible for the D.U.I after wards.
As I did more reading I found an Australian article quoting the local Sheriff that these killings could be cartel related. Personally folks I think this is another way for the dark side to counterpoint that crime will decrease if marijuana is illegal.
As bad as I feel for the families involved I believe something more nefarious is at hand and hope dispensary owners and card holders stay strong ’till this coming election. Can you imagine being able to buy pot and papers in a store than go to the beach, smoke one up and not have to worry about getting hassled. This may be a pipe dream but its the pipe dream of millions.

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  1. Glad I’m not the only one that sees this shit.

    Well time to put the foil on my head, don’t wanna let them hear my thoughts, lol.

  2. Sad day . Timing is suspect. 2 weeks after LA declares war on dispensary’s .

    It dosnt take much to put 2 and 2 together.

    The new regulations require a buffer zone of 1000 ft , if 2 shops are close ,,1 has to close.
    which one?
    Another question I have ? during the past 3- 4 years alot of medical MJ has been distributed

    LA is in no shortage of violent gangs ,cartels and crooked politicians.
    how does this effect their bottom line?
    I read an article where sheriff LEE Bacha quoted ” cartel involvement”
    to kill a person after robbing them sends a message.
    cartel/gang type or execution.

    I have always wondered about the stores , either they are run by gangs or they are protected by them ,

    Again prohibition creates the black market for substances.

    I have to agree with webmaster , 1 day weed will be legal.
    maybe just in Ca and OR ,

    until then we can expect more violence .

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