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‘Stellar’ Florida Teacher May Lose License Over Marijuana


marijuana negative effectsIt’s another case of our government destroying the life of a good citizen over cannabis–this time an elementary school teacher. Diedra Hanna, and her husband Paul were arrested on Sunday after police discovered a grow-op in their garage.

Local police claim to have started snooping around after smelling marijuana coming from the home. Deputies next claim they saw smoke coming from the residence. After calling in Charlotte County Fire and EMS, police entered the residence to investigate. Deputies did not reveal why they were snooping around the Hanna residence in the first place, or how they knew the smell was coming from the Hanna house in particular. Deputies also claim they saw a man throw a bail of burning marijuana over the backyard fence, and that someone had been burning marijuana in the garage.

Police discovered a grow-op in the garage, along with books on growing, and 22.5 pounds of marijuana. Diedra and Paul were arrested, and have been charged with possession, cultivation, and tampering with evidence–all three felonies. Additionally, the couple was charged with resisting, and possession–both misdemeanors. They were transported to Charlotte County Jail.

According to her personnel file at Meadow Park Elementary, Diedra has always been a stellar teacher with perfect scores and no complaints. One mother, Tracy Holtrey, was shocked at the news, and troubled by how to explain the incident to her son. In an interview with local news station, WZVN, Tracy said, “We made him understand good people sometimes make bad decisions.”

As a consequence, Diedra has been placed on administrative leave, and could lose her teaching license. What was her bad decision? Was it her decision to dedicate her life to teaching children, paying her taxes, and obeying the just laws of the land? Or, her decision to subsidize her low salary, so she could keep teaching? I will say it again: the madness must end. Our government does not have the right to destroy the life of another good citizen over cannabis. It’s time to stand up for the Diedra and Pauls of the world. It’s a sad scene if you imagine it. Nice couple at home. He’s working in the garden. She’s relaxing on her day off, or more likely grading papers. And, the cops start sniffing around. Next thing you know he’s burning their meager crop as the cops come crashing in. Now they’ve lost everything. Sad.


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  1. Tracy Holtrey on

    This is Tracy Holtrey and I want to say that Deidre is a wonderful educator and a great person. I did the interview because of the nasty things people who didn’t know her were saying very nasty things about her and I wanted people to know she was a great teacher. The things I said were cut up and edited to emphasize the difficult conversation I had with my son, and it was. He was 8 years old and didn’t understand why his teacher would break the law. Regardless of how you feel about marijuana, it is against the law in the state of Florida at this point and she knew that. She made a bad decision to participate in this when her profession drug screens and it’s illegal. Like it or not, that’s how it is. Also, Deidre tutored my son the entire school year after this occurred. She picked him up from school once a week and brought her to her home to tutor him. I trust her with my child and would do it again.

  2. Nygratefulfred on

    Idiot laws ruining good peoples lives.Lets vote out of office all anti-legalization politicians.This November only vote for pro Legalization candidates.If anyone reading this gets on the jury to try this case,HOLD OUT FOR ACQUITTAL!..If anyone is on trial for any Marijuana charge,refuse to find guilty,INNOCENT ONLY!

  3. Rockman_exe on

    really sad, it’s an all too familiar story. How many lives must be destroyed by the injustices of prohibition before sensible reforms can become a reality? It’s just not fair she was a good productive member of society, she doesn’t deserve to go through that.

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