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Stephen Colbert Grills Ohio Governor John Kasich On Marijuana Legalization


stephen colbert john kasich marijuanaOhio Governor John Kasich was on Stephen Colbert’s show recently, and was grilled about his opposition to marijuana legalization. I had been meaning to post this video earlier, but the combination of being in Las Vegas this last week in addition to an already chaotic schedule proved to be too much. But the exchange is so good that I felt it still needed to be posted for those that haven’t seen it.

Essentially, Ohio’s Governor argued that marijuana legalization sends the wrong message to kids because we ‘can’t tell them that drugs are bad, but this one drug is OK so it’s legal.’ That drew a quick response from Colbert who pointed out that alcohol is legal, which resulted in a loud applause from the crowd. Governor Kasich tried to dodge the question, going on various tangents. But every time there was Colbert to call him out. It was a fantastic interview. I would love to see Colbert debate Kevin Sabet.

My favorite part of the interview was when Colbert asked Governor Kasich if he had ever consumed marijuana, to which he answered in the affirmative. Colbert then asked him if he had ever been caught by the police, to which Kasich said no. Colbert then point blank asked him if he thought he would still have made it all the way to being the Governor of Ohio if he had been caught. Kasich tried a cheeky attempt at making a wise crack, which fell completely flat. This is a very serious issue, and I’m glad that Colbert took the Governor to task. How sad is it that a Governor tries to crack jokes about a serious public policy issue, and it takes a comedian to bring him back to reality. It’s a very sad version of irony if you ask me. Below is the video:


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  1. Nunya Biznes on

    Politicians and policy makers only care about one thing, keeping their overpaid jobs that allow them to make the rules (laws, ordinances) and then break, bend and ignore those same rules (laws, ordinances) when it effects them and their friends and family. Not to mention lying, cheating and stealing the whole time.

  2. John B, Kasich should know the difference between cannabis and outher drugs but like the rest of these prohibitionists politions they are bought and paid for by big corporations who will loose billions when cannabis becomes legal. And yes cannabis is a drug but one of the safest on the planet. The word drug is not necessarley a dirty word. It’s all about the money.

  3. I noticed that too, Jerry. Every time Colbert tried to steer the discussion specifically to cannabis, Kasich immediately redefined the argument as being about “drugs.”
    I don’t think this is a dirty trick on his part; I believe he honestly thinks all drugs are the same.
    That is a primary challenge for all cannabis law reformers, spreading the message that cannabis is an herb, not a drug.

  4. Icam lucky enough to live in Columbus Ohio and also one of the lucky millions to be arrested by smoking marijuana. Put in jail and a fine of $300+. O ya, did I mention first offense. No record not even a speeding ticket. Ohioans ARE being feed the wrong information but are to ignorant to research it our selves to find out the truth. I feel like I’m alone in this hell I have to call home. I’ve been preaching the truth to whoever listens about the truth and our congress and mayor on the facts about marijuana and where these people stand on this issues. I have a broken back and have to take pain pills for life, I would rather smoke, eat, dab than to take pills any day. I do expect to get arrested and jailed for it. But I can feel my body getting weak and fragile because of pills. I’m tired of it and would rather become a spokes person for marijuana rather than another statistic.

  5. Most of the bad effects of the other drugs are also caused by Prohibition. Did you know that 70% of female heroin users were sexually assaulted in childhood? Dr. Lonny Shavelson.

  6. PeedNUrGenePool on

    Politicians don’t seem to care a thing about all the DEATHs caused by Marijuana Prohibition.

    They don’t care about all those dead babies, killed by their prohibitionist lies….thousands could have been saved from siezure disorders over the 45 years of the Drug War.

    Politicians like Kasich don’t care when the DEA breaks down a Veteran’s door and kills him in a hail of assault weapons fire…just because he treated his PTSD with Cannabis.

    They want to keep those SWAT teams breaking down doors, shooting your dog, throwing hand grenades into babies’ cribs, burning them horribly….and stealing your house.

    All this over imaginary dangers from Cannabis….a drug that kills no one.

  7. All these politions are the same, you start to debate the legality of marijuana and they quickly group all the bad drugs together with marijuana and label the conversation as drugs. How obvious . It’s a shame. Wake up America , these people are very dishonest because no one can be that ignorant .

  8. But I guess it’s okay to tell a child that he shouldn’t be AROUND their parents if the use marijuana? It’s okay to take THAT child from that parent, over marijuana? It’s okay to sit and get sloshed in front of your daughters. That’s okay? But if I decide to use a substance SAFER than the alcohol you’re using, you’re gonna take my kid AWAY? What kinda mixed message is that to kids?

    Although you say “you don’t WANT to put people in jail for using it…” The FACT is, you STILL do! Taking a childs, parent away from them incarcerating them for using a substance PROVEN to be 114 times SAFER than alcohol. That’s NOT a mixed message to kids John?

    Now, MEDICAL marijuana is different! IF the science comes back to show it works for seizures? Great! Let’s use it! Well John, THAT implies that you think it should only be available to babies? What about me? Did I LOSE my right to be pain free after, say 12 yrs old? BULLSHIT!

    How about putting it in the PEOPLE’S hands? Let each State decide its own fate then! The Federal Gov’t has NO business in this issue anyway! They claim the “Superiority Clause” gives them the right to dictate to the people, something that they had NO RIGHT dictating to us in the 1st place? That’s rich!

  9. Stephen Colbert how about interviewing the top candidates for president with the same questions.

  10. Kurt Torneskog on

    He Arrested them in the first place for a drug safer then the drugs alcohol, or heroin, Oxycontin, keep your B.S. Ending! Try, it’s safer then caffeine, used daily at work places all over the world, Killing hundreds each year, safer then bees. also killing 100’s of people each year, Vending Machines, killing 2 people each year, Cannabis is safer then Air, so stop the psychobabble when it come to the safest therapeutic substance known to mankind already! It’s good for the human body and that my fellow morons, is the end we all know to be true! Grow up already!

  11. …and of course Kaisch admitted to smoking MJ, but still approves of other people going to jail for it.

  12. Throughout the interview, Kasich is sending mixed messages about marijuana. With the topic being marijuana legalization, Kasich says: “we don’t want to demonize people” “we don’t want to throw people in prison” “we don’t want to ruin peoples lives” Yet he still want’s to keep marijuana illegal?

  13. Right on Johnny Green! You tell it like it is..so very appreciated. As you say, the spokesman for Big Pharma interests only, Kevin Sabet, also needs to be exposed like this.

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