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Steve DeAngelo Of Harborside Health Center Reacts To Obama’s Marijuana Comments


steve deangelo harborside health center obama marijuanaSteve DeAngelo Of Harborside – President Obama Comments On Marijuana, President Appears On ABC News Tonight With Barbara Walters

“I hope the President will show the same regard for medical cannabis patients that he has extended to recreational users of cannabis, and stop the ongoing federal campaign to close state-legal medical cannabis providers.” – Steve DeAngelo, Executive Director of Harborside Health Center, in response to comments about state cannabis laws made by President Obama to ABC News, on air tonight with Barbara Walters.

“I welcome President Obama’s comments about the Colorado and Washington initiatives in his interview with Barbara Walters,” DeAngelo says. “However, at the same time President Obama has publicly recognized the will of voters in adult use states, his Justice Department is doing all it can to close licensed, regulated and state-compliant medical cannabis dispensaries like Harborside Health Center. In the past year, U.S. attorneys have forced the closure of over 600 medical cannabis dispensaries in California, and over 1000 nationwide.

“Harborside Health Center, the most reputable and legally compliant dispensary in California, will be in court December 20, to defend ourselves against federal efforts to close our doors forever,” continues DeAngelo. “These actions are not consistent with the President’s most recent—or past—statements about federal enforcement priorities in states which have reformed cannabis laws. In light of the President’s comments, the Department of Justice should immediately freeze all pending enforcement actions against state-legal medical cannabis providers, and review them to make sure that state legal cannabis users and providers have not been targeted. Harborside is ready to sit down with federal officials and reach a mediated solution to the outstanding legal actions, and we ask them to do so at the earliest possible time. We have already invited U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag to visit Harborside for an in-depth tour, so she can see for herself what Oakland’s elected and law enforcement officials already know: Harborside has developed and implemented the gold standard for safe, responsible, and legally compliant distribution of cannabis. The federal government should study Harborside, not close us down.”


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  1. Politics? Federal Law? Compassionate Use?…….who you kidding? its all about the Dolla dolla bil yall! and the right to a free market thats worth billions! money does not grow on trees….or does it? You ever wonder what a rich pot dealer looks like and what would be his fashion statement to the world?….I present you Steve DeAgelo! Reality TV? how about a Reality Check 1st…………The best thing to come out of the Bay area was the Grateful Dead…..sorry Steve you are no rockstar like Jerry Garcia, capitalist/activist/hippy a new breed indeed.. YIKES!

  2. This is a question is of a basic human right. A person as a right to take cannabis if the person gains a health benefit or improves there quality of life. If a government prohibits a person from this medicine. This is considered a war crime or crime against humanity.

  3. You are missing the point. We care about marijuana rights and want those who represent and speak for us to be taken seriously, your comment about cocaine dealers makes no sense because cocaine is not legal and no one is fighting for the right for its use.Your comments sound like something someone with brain damage might say. Maybe if you learn to express yourself with a modicum of Intelligence people might change their perspective of you.

  4. All Medical Cannabis on

    Its great to see what people really care about come to the surface. Most cocaine dealers fit the description of what high class business men look like these days. I think everyone needs to change their perspective on what the cannabis industry is capable of and in turn the overall view of cannabis users will change. Even the legalized drugs have their own levels of acceptability from Schlitz beer to champagne so GROW UP EVERYONE!!

  5. Sad , though im sure many agree, but again sad that people judge due to personal appearance , well groomed, clean , well spoken , this should be enough , but society expects a certain look or they dont , or refuse to take you seriously, sad but true , I do believe if the major players in this game would wear the suit , cut the hair, make the sacrifice for the cause it would help if they realize it or not , also these little nick names that everyone thinks are ( Cool ) I read a few earlier, ,stupid stoner, Dr. Feal Good, again these names and comments and cursing alike are fueling the opposing side daily , lets keep this professional , Lets win this

  6. Again you people on here cursing like dogs arent helping the cause , only fuels the oposing, sure they say , ( See, its only the degenerates that want this legal) Please , we need to keep this civil and professional s possile if we are ever to provail here, Keep the posts informative , post your concerns and support please, Name calling, rally? Again , you only fuelng the other side here, I wouldbet money the have lists of these foul comments in stacks and present them to the state as evidence saying these are the kind of people pushing for legazation, not ecnt citizens, How may time hasthis happened I wonder ,Im looking forward to the day when legal canibiscomes to VA , But some of your comment……….again , the childish and foul only set back the ause further

  7. I don’t remember hearing him ASK you if you APPROVED of their wardrobe. I guess when YOU start BUYING his clothes, you’ll get a bit of input. Until then STAY TO THE TOPIC and STFU?

  8. Well Steve, I wish you would show the same regard for recreational users as you do for medical users. Remember, it was you who went on the reactionary Fox News Network and opposed recreational use. You are nothing but a stoner against legalization. There I said it.

  9. Willis R Stuckey Sr. on

    Best of luck to you Mr. DeAngelo on your upcoming battle. The government should listen to you…..

  10. Well said Tony, that is the sad but honest truth. I also agree with the seekers comments.Those that do not agree are truly close minded.

  11. In a perfect world, people would not be judged by how they look. However, we do not live in such a world. People form opinions based on clothes, hair style, and yes even race, all the time. So there is some validity in suggesting that if you want certain groups to take you seriously, you need to look like someone they would take seriously. Definitely not right, but the way it is.

  12. Steve, cut your hair and tell your partner to quit wearing dresses if you want to be taken seriously.Just the way you guys look give validation to the thought the pot smokers are mentally impaired.You are a figurehead in the fight for medical marijuana.Clean up your image, you look so silly to have the haircut of a 20 something hippie. Time to grow up a little Steve. This is not a good look for a man your age.

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