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Stoner Friendly Video 8/1/10


If you ever had to trim marijuana by the barrel, here is the trick:

A classic clip from Chapelle’s Show:

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Judge Judy show her ignorance again:

This is a cool time lapse video of marijuana growing:

A great clip from The Daily Show about a marijuana smuggling operation that was shut down in 2005:

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Medical Marijuana is now allowed for veterans in States where it is legal.

Here’s video of a trip to a Colorado Cannabis Club:


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  1. Humor will carry us far through the tough times facing the entrenched ideas of the prohibitionists. Willful ignorance is fading faster than the federal government bureaucrats can create it, and now that the cannabis cat is out of the bag, expect to see many normal looking, hard working people come out of the weed closet to live an an honest, authentic life enhanced by marijuana. The media knows which way the wind is blowing, the comedians have long been out in front on the issue of responsible cannabis use, and, one day Judge Judy might even get it. One day.

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