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Strain Review – Shango Liquid Amber 8 Ball Diesel Vape Pen Oil


shango 8 ball diesel vape pen oil liquid amberThis last weekend I was lucky enough to get my hands on some Liquid Amber vape pen oil. The strain used for the vape pen oil was 8 Ball Diesel, and it came from the Shango dispensary in Portland, Oregon. Whenever I say vape pen oil, people almost always assume I’m talking about wax or shatter. But what I’m actually referring to is liquid butane hash oil, the kind that comes in cartridges as shown in the picture in the upper right hand corner of this article. It’s my favorite form of consumption, more so than shatter or wax or flower.

The bud that went into making this particular oil was Primo Diesel and 8 Ball Kush. Primo Diesel is a 90% sativa/10% indica strain and has an 18% THC level when tested. 8 Ball Kush is an indica-dominant strain and has a 24.25% THC level when tested. I have seen the nugs that went into the run for this pen oil, and I have to say, they are outstanding. It is almost a shame that they were used to make liquid butane hash oil. Notice I said almost. The bud was processed into oil by Udoxi Scientific, which makes the best concentrates I’ve ever seen. Liquid Amber is their line of liquid BHO.

The end product of blending these two strains is a pen oil that hits extra smooth, and is very flavorful. It’s not too often that the taste from the bud comes through on the pen side of things. I saw the lab results for the 8 Ball Diesel oil, which tested at 51.5% THC and .29% CBD. The combo of indica and sativa provides a very thorough, yet mellow high. I was able to get quite a bit of housework done this weekend, with a smile on my face the entire time. It seemed like with every puff I felt more creative too.

I shared some puffs with some of my family members, many of which are skeptical about vape pen oils. Every single one of them without exception gave the thumbs up and asked where they could get their hands on some. If you would like to get your hands on some, make sure to visit Shango in Portland. They have two locations, both of which carry this kind of oil along with others. One is at 8056 SE Harold St. Portland OR 97206, located near 82nd and Foster.  The other is at 6033 NE Win Sivers Dr. Portland OR 97220 by the airport. They also have a selection of other concentrates and flowers that will knock your socks off. You can find out more about Shango at the Shango website. You can also follow Shango on Twitter to stay in the loop on deals they are offering (@ShangoCannabis).


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  2. Correct.

    Are you saying statin inhibitors aren’t drugs just because they don’t get you high…

    I think not

  3. Quite a broad generalization. By that definition numerous food supplements and some food are “drugs”.

  4. Bongstar420 on


    Why can’t you let people believe that getting high all the time has little health consequences?

  5. Bongstar420 on

    Butane is organic…extracted from the Earth

    CO2 oil is just as much of a drug…its not the concentration or method of production which qualifies a compound as a drug

  6. Bongstar420 on

    No…it becomes a drug when it changes your biochemistry by either blocking or increasing enzymes or blocking or activating neural receptors for example.

  7. Bongstar420 on

    Opium, Coca, Peyote, Khat, Willow Bark, Wild Lettuce, etc…it goes on.

    You just want to act like you can get high with out drugs…not if you ingested a substance for that high; thems all drugs buddy

    but ya, legalize all drugs and keep em out of the hands of the incompetent (money isn’t a measure of competency per se).

  8. Bongstar420 on

    Of course you have a shango review…they are establishment whores who have been networked for success.

  9. vaporizing vegetable glycerin and glycol is harmful, they release acrolein and formaldehyde Google that info and look for pure products to enjoy.

  10. I just got some Nebula Co2 extracted oil – decarbed and mixed with a little vegetable glycerin – put into an O.pen – knocks my socks off! Looks like used motor oil – smooth as silk.

  11. Coca is herb as well, so are poppies for that matter most drugs come from herb, and most have benefits! Take marijuana add butane it’s a chemical! Wax is not marijuana just as cocaine is not coca!

  12. No it’s not all the same. Cannabis is an herb, gentle and forgiving and in a lot of ways beneficial compared to actual “drugs”. Cannabis itself with over 2000 strains? All the same? I don’t think so.

  13. I’m wondering when did marijuana become a drug, a plant is a plant; till you add the additives making it a drug(wax is equivalent to crack IMO). I mean don’t get me wrong I’ll smoke it all. I believe all drugs should be legalized, effectively; reducing crime increasing wealth and decreasing the national debt. I’m not saying taxes need to be so high, that no one can afford to get high. The cartels seem to be making plenty of money, with 0% tax; they have kept the prices low. No increase in price since 1984, actually 25% cheaper now; and that’s while losing 50%(I’m guessing) to confiscation. Marijuana is my substance of choice, but let’s face it; it’s all the same!

  14. Just finished looking for info on SimplyCanna cartridges
    I cant hAndle dabs , cough
    They have a sale at SFVDM
    In SFvalley.15$
    The ones I have tried I liked
    Kinda sux when they leak!
    Some carts are 50$
    Just hard to find info on whats in those tanks , Co2 ext vs bho.

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