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Strawberry Satori True North Extracts CO2 Vape Pen Cartridge Review


true north extracts strawberry satori vape pen catridgeThe Strawberry Satori marijuana strain is fairly rare, at least where I live. I only know of a select few growers in the Portland area that are growing it, and in limited capacities in other parts of the West, like Colorado and California. The Strawberry Satori strain is a mostly sativa hybrid strain, coming from a combination of Strawberry Cough and Satori. As you can imagine from the name of the strain, the taste of it is super fruity.

Until recently, I had only consumed Strawberry Satori in flower form. I always loved how the strawberry taste came through almost instantly on the inhale. I was recently given a Strawberry Satori CO2 vape pen cartridge made by True North Extracts. Right when my friend text me and said he got it for me, I was very curious to see how that distinct taste would come through as a CO2 extract. It only took one inhale to know that the flavor transferred just fine.

This is the second vape pen cartridge that I have tried from True North Extracts. The first was Cin X, the review of which can be found at this link here. Just as with the Cin X, the distinct flavor of the strain could be tasted throughout the inhale and exhale. The high from the cartridge was mellow, but thorough. I found that it didn’t take much to get me to a lifted state, and stay there for quite sometime, but that I could function in an upbeat way.

I like to do a lot of gardening, and I obviously like to write, and both of those activities were enhanced a lot by the Strawberry Satori sessions. I hit it before work and on break, and it made the cubicle life much more tolerable, without giving me the time drags and yawns that many strains do. If you like vape pen catridges made with strains that enhance your creativity or help you get tasks done in a mellow way, this is a great choice.

I always like the consistency of the vape pen oil that True North Extracts makes. I have tried a lot of companies now, and most companies either have oil that is too thick and it clogs up the cartridge, rendering it virtually useless, or they are not thick enough and get used up in the blink of an eye. The True North oil is more of like a honey consistency, which helps it last, with no clogs. It’s the best CO2 oil out there in my opinion.

The Strawberry Satori vape pen cartridge by True North Extracts was tested Rose City Labs and returned at 72.46% THC and 2.73% CBD. Check out True North Extracts’ website for the locations that carry their cartridges, ‘like’ them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.

true north extracts strawberry satori vape pen catridge


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