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Study: Cannabis Increases Cognitive Function In Middle-Aged People


middle aged cognitive function marijuanaCourtesy of The Joint Blog

A study published by the American Journal of Epidemiology found that cannabis consumption may actually increase cognitive function in middle-aged individuals.The study also found the current illicit drug use – including LSD, magic mushrooms, cocaine and ecstasy – had no negative effect on a person’s cognitive function.

For the study, roughly 9,000 participants were surveyed at age 42 on their drug use, and then surveyed again at age 50, and were tested using various cognitive functioning tests. Researchers found that those who had a history of, and currently used illicit drugs (with cannabis by far being the most popular), performed either as well, or better in these test.

Researchers found that “A positive association was observed between ever (past or current) illicit drug use and cognitive functioning.”

The study, which was conducted by the School of Medicine at King’s College London, and first published online in December, 2011. can be found by clicking here.

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  1. Travis Azzopardi on

    Been diagnosed with:ADHD, PTSD & CRONIC DEPRESSION, and w/o medical cannabis I’d never leave the house. I’m 50yrs old & am the single dad to a severely, nonverbal autistic 26yr.old son and without medical cannabis, I wouldn’t have the patience or the cognitive function to look after him properly! CBD mellows me out and allows me to think more clearly when I’m looking after him. The pills my doctor prescribes me for my ailments just make me tired and stupid, unable to think clearly. I don’t take any of those pills anymore and I only use cannabis, with my doctors blessing, because I have a liver condition and the pills are no good for your kidneys either.

  2. I have ADHD symptoms–smoking a joint HELPS me to function better–it has for more years than listed HERE… Used to smoke 6-8 joints a night, driving hi-lo’s at GM, on midnights. Pot wasn’t as “potent” then, but I was smoking the BEST stuff available at the time–fact! P.S. NEVER came CLOSE to having an accident, and I drove the WHEELS off those things!!! I had a “rep” as a “bad-ass” driver–ALL of the supervisors hated my “attitude,” (I was NO ass-kisser!) but they ALL wished they HAD three or four drivers like ME…

  3. I can see how reducing stress by smoking pot could help you to retain cognitive functions in middle age. But there are too many other variables in play (diet, dna, etc.) that could significantly affect the outcomes this study is portraying. A direct causal link? I’m skeptical.

  4. A Hidden Smoke Shop on

    This is wonderful new I am glad see that there are more and more positives coming from the studying of cannabis use. Hopefully it wont be viewed in such a negative way for to much longer.

    A Hidden Smoke Shop

  5. Id like to see someone take a company sized element of senators kids into harms way. Bet your boots that will never happen.

  6. It’s not a coincidence that the drugs that open your mind and intensify your willingness to explore are the most illegal. The system wants mindless drones hooked on alcohol and pharmaceuticals who enjoy their comfortable ignorance. Side note…when the CIA was experimenting with MK Ultra, people who ingested cannabis were harder to control. Cannabis=mind control antidote. ;)

  7. Johnny Bloomington on

    Doesn’t mean any of these drugs make you smarter. Just means drugs open your mind and willingness to explore other ideas. But like with anything know your limits.

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