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Study Concludes Marijuana Increases Appetite By Enhancing Sense Of Smell


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A new study published this week in the journal Nature Neuroscience has revealed why cannabis can act as an appetite stimulant.

A group of European scientists examined the standard smelling and eating patterns of mice, and compared them to patterns exhibited by mice given THC.

Both groups of mice were offered almond and banana oils; while the mice in the control group sniffed the oils and eventually lost interest, the group of mice who were administered THC just kept sniffing. When offered food, the mice who were given THC also ate substantially more than the control group.

Upon examining another group of mice that had been fasted 24 hours, the researchers found results similar to those seen in the mice given THC.

The scientists genetically engineered a group of mice without CB1 receptors in their olfactory bulb (the part of the brain responsible for sense of smell), and found that administering THC no longer had the same effect; the mice reacted to smells the same as the control group, and no longer exhibited an increased appetite.

Researchers determined that cannabinoid receptors located in the olfactory bulb were triggered by the THC, which acts as an imitation of the endocannabinoids naturally produced when experiencing hunger – thus, enhancing the sense of smell and increasing the appetite of the mice.

These results reveal why cannabis offers such an effective treatment for so many people suffering illness-induced appetite suppression, and indicates the strong potential for the plant’s use in wide-spread medical treatments.

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  1. I was thinking more about opposite reactions with cannabis. On the one hand, it can cause paranoia (like for first timers); on the other hand, it reduces anxiety and PTSD symptoms.

    Pot gives a lot of people the munchies, but I’ve never had that effect. In fact, for me, it works more as an appetite suppressant. I can’t be the only one (right?).

  2. Marcus Henry Weber on

    PS, I’m a professional blogger (weird, I know), and I’m looking for new projects. Say ‘Yo!’ if you need someone for feature/blog writing.

  3. Marcus Henry Weber on

    Yes, I don’t think this is the whole story. We have endo-cannabinoid receptors in our stomach and other organs, so I doubt it’s only the smell factor. This could simply mean that smell is essential for appetite, regardless of cannabinoids.

  4. Wow .. you don’t saaaaaaay Cannabis helped me cure my Insomnia … it helps me get concentrated on my work and it helped me bring back my appetite

  5. Doesn’t explain how cannabis has the opposite reaction, though, in decreasing appetite. A drug that causes the munchies, AND could help people trying to lose weight: I think my beloved plant is schizophrenic, or maybe bipolar.

  6. It’s weird. Just think, if someone were tripping and came across this picture… well, no good would come of it. :)

  7. Ha, ha:)
    Very true. Its actually a pic of a Mr Potatohead nose I believe, but yes, badly Photoshop’d. We are working on getting some new images but it takes time.

  8. Marcus Henry Weber on

    The image for this article is that of a disembodied human nose, badly-photoshop’d next to a bud on a white background. I just wanted to draw attention to this fact.

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