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Study: Daily Marijuana Use Is Perfectly Healthy


daily marijuana useI smoke marijuana daily, and have for about two decades now. Every time I have ever gone to the doctor during the last two decades I have always been given a clean bill of health. I know a lot of people that use marijuana on a daily basis. Jay Smoker probably smokes marijuana every fifteen minutes if he can. Marijuana opponents will always say that daily marijuana use is harmful. However, a new study suggests otherwise.

“Researchers from Boston Medical Center and the Boston University School of Medicine examined 589 drug users, more than 8 out of 10 of then pot smokers, and determined that the weed aficionados among them were no more likely to go see the doctor than non-drug consumers.” According to the study, which was published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine.

Do you use marijuana on a daily basis? If so, how many times a day do you consume marijuana? How would you rate your overall health? I’d like to see a study that went even further to compare different methods of consumption. Eating marijuana and vaporizing marijuana would be the healthiest, but just how much healthier is something that I’ve wanted to know for awhile now.

Do you believe that ‘all marijuana use is medical?’ There are many people out there that think so. I once saw a guy on TV explain that he doesn’t use marijuana because he’s sick necessarily, but that he uses marijuana to ‘be well.’ I personally don’t think that all marijuana use is medical. For me personally, there are times that I use it to alleviate pain, while other times I just want to get very, very baked. Different strokes for different folks I suppose!


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  1. I smoke from morning till night if i have weed. So for weeks i smoke everyday, then quit maybe a week, and resume, or sometimes longer. I feel the only negative would be passitivity if it was legal and i didn’t have to hide the fact i smoke.

  2. One of my really good friends has had some legit back pain from a running injury and she smoked for the first time a few months ago and said it helped her more than any of the other pills the docs pushed on her.

  3. “If you want to get higher than you ever have before, this may be worth your time.”
    Not really for me, but thanks. If I wanted to trip, I think I’d go for LSD. :-)

  4. FireitupKansas Legalize on

    Its all personal use. Thats the only gategory any of us should be focused on. It does not matter in the least why a person uses it.

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  6. once a day is not enough on

    Really? I was in Thailand for 2 years and smoked some great Hawaiian. There were stunning genetics back in my day.
    I’ve been growing Cannabis cup winners etc., for about 19 years now. I pull about a pound every 3 months using a 600 watt light. My total costs are around $130 per grow. not including elec which isn’t that much.
    So please oh you who thinks $350 an OZ is reasonable, please give me your weed knowledge. Growers laugh at your ignorance.
    Angry clueless youff. lol

  7. Pamela Williamson on

    my boy friends brother is 60 years old and he smokes everyday and he walks atleast 20miles aday and climbs mountains in oldforge n.y.he has probably climbed every mountain there

  8. I remember when the price of a pound “skyrocketed” from $90 to $110 in Chicago.

    I SWORE… “No one is going to buy weed at THOSE prices…” LMAO now.

  9. You lose credibility with made up phrases like… “inter grade” … Perhaps get a dictionary. I think you mean “integrate”. At least us old timers don’t sound like we stopped going to school in the 6th grade… and then drink during the day until we’re angry because we’re unemployed, and lash out on the internet in the comfort and safety of our parent’s basement.
    Shouldn’t you be playing Warcraft or something? LOL
    You keep embarrassing yourself, Jerry,,, with every post.

  10. Hey Twiztid… While your point is valid, no need to bash a fellow lover of weed. After all, isn’t it about getting high, peace, coexistence and the like.

    Also a toker since 1969, I was there for $10 “lids” (or, aka, 3 finger lids) and yes… you’d smoke a LOT to get as high as a couple of hits gets you today. (Plus, it TASTES so much better today.) More expensive, yes, but also lasts twice as long as the ditch weed we’d get back in 1970s.

    Point being… no need to be rude if you disagree. Take a few hits and try to play nice, or please,,, don’t play at all.

  11. Well I consume atleast 2 joints a day. But here we mix it with tobacco. I guess that is the harmful thing but it is important to know where you get your herbs from. There are still dangerous ways of growing marijuana that can harm the user. I have heard people spraying fiber glas to make it appear as if it got more crystals. Also marijuana grown with artificial fertilizer ain’t good either since it will end up in the plant. That is why you always grow all natural.

  12. Move to a legalized state and if you think 180-200$ a oz is expensive you clearly don’t understand how much stronger it is than your pathetic 5-7% THC 7$ oz were. Today’s generations is topping 30%+ thc which means you smoke a lot less….plus we inter grade science blocking all the bad carcinogens from even growing in the plant…lol you old timers really piss me off with your gripes of weed costing too much. If you want your dirt weed its still around in mexico have fun!

  13. lol ridiculous prices? Go to bed old timer 20-30% thc in flower buds has tripled or even quadrupedal from the strength back in your days! 25$ a eigth or 180-200$ a oz is ridiculously cheap! Still runs 350-450$ a oz in states that are not legalized, if your smoking swag shame on you! Be glad you don’t have to go to a dealer anymore that can jack the price because its the only dirt weed in town!

  14. ”marijuana” is equal to hallucination…. if u r smokin it, u feels like the king of whole WORLD…. if u r nt smokin it u should try it immediate…… ”

  15. Okay, I looked for Guido and can’t find him or her. What is a joint compound? Is that like a hippie commune?

  16. once a day is not enough on

    I smoked my first joint in 1969. I’ve grown my own for 20 years or so.
    I’ve toked everyday that I had it available. I remember the dry seasons and the garbage they would sell then. $10 a lid until we learned to pool our money and buy some weight.
    I only smoked after work and on days off. I rarely drank booze. I’m retired now (YAY), and have a pot card. It’s nice to not jump when somebody knocks unexpectedly.
    – Why yes officer, that is marijuana you smell! Nice eh? :)
    Although I’m pleased to see the weed coming closer to being decrimed or legalized before I die, I’m annoyed at all the bull rules and regs and the ridiculous prices in the dispensaries.
    cut out the middle man and, Overgrow!

  17. Deborah Boykin on

    Love it…joint compound. I think being allowed to grow it for personal use and not sell it would be great that way every one who wants it has it(it can be grown anywhere) and ‘drug’ related incidents(as related to the dangerous cds marijuana) would reduce. I’m with Guido(a few postsw down the list)…Coffe anyone?

  18. Before I got my card I had multiple doctor visits for a variety of painful ailments. The weed couldn’t cure my bad back but after a successful surgery I used it with my Percocet and was able to cut that nasty drug intake to half. Then after 3 months on those pills I used weed to wean myself from the opiates. I just visited the doc yesterday for the first time this year to get my card renewed and get an order for my yearly blood panel. And to think people are still getting arrested for it? That’s the crime.

  19. I smoke weed for about 3.5 years now, mostly daily, and I have yet to encounter health issues which I can relate to cannabis. In fact it helps me when I catch a cold, headaches become non-existant. Sorry fo my english.

  20. Perhaps you need a little toke at night too, so you won’t wake up feeling yucky. Or I guess an edible would be better, as the effects would last longer.

  21. Loving it! Oh, and do people name their marijuana plants? Or is that like naming a head of lettuce?

  22. started at 11 I’m 46 and I have no ill effects or withdrawal when by chance I’m out I find it a joke that it is illegal and liquor is not.

  23. I started using Maijuana daily 3 years ago when i found out it helped my newly dx MS. I now believe EVERYONE who uses it uses for medical reasons just from what i have observed in other users. I think ppl discount their use as weakness but if they really looked at it there IS a legitimate medical reason.

  24. I smoked my first joint in the mid-60s when weed was $7. an ounce and been smoking almost on a daily basis since. At 76,I am not taking a single pill. I seldom catch a cold and finally stopped playing softball this year. What I like, if I run out of weed,or for some reason find it not available… I do not climb the walls or rob banks to get some. Today, I almost have to file for bankruptcy just to buy a small amount. I was a photgrapher,and often was stoned when I captured many of my best images. I once turned on my mother when she was my age now. I showed her how to inhale and hold her breath. Afyter the first few hits her eyes turned glassy and then she asked me “Can you buy these by the carton?”

  25. I smoke for 30 years, daily. love to have a morning coffee with a spliff. 25 of the 30 years, I smoked Amsterdam quality. now it is Cape Town quality. I am never sick, never a cold, anything. worked for 30 years as a nurse. That’s hard work!

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  27. I have consumed marijuana every day for ten years. I smoke, eat edibles, tincture and use salve every single day. I have gone from a 270 pound, size 22-24 morbidly obese couch potato to an extremely active almost fifty-year old. I run 3-4 miles every other day. (Surprisingly three inhalations just before I run completely opens my lungs so I take deep breaths. I bike 15-18 miles every other day. I do an hour of weight training and an ab workout every other day. I walk 4-7 miles every day. I’ve lost close to 100 pounds, wear size 10-12 and feel as if I am in the best health of my life. My doctor (who knows I am a medical marijuana patient) says that I am the healthiest patient that she sees. I no longer have high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high cholesterol since I started using this valuable medicine. It has saved my life.

  28. I myself suffer from anxiety and depression.. I smoke every day and drink sometimes to help keep my mind from continuously racing.. with cannabis I find it helps more than anything I’ve tried it keeps me calm and relaxed.. the alcohol obviously has the opposite effect and I can get angry and upset.. I would prefer not to drink at all because of this. but I can only put my thumbs up when it comes to smoking.. the mornings are worse for me because I suffer terrible nightmares. I wake up feeling angry and worthless but after a smoke its like the nightmares just disappear and I can continue with a normal day.. my health overall is grand bar d odd cough due to tobacco. I’ve also seen my dad recover from severe alcoholism by turning to cannabis to help him through it.. his mental health is so much better because of it and I’ve never seen him as happy as he Is now and he still smokes on a daily basis and has been off the booze for 5years now…

  29. I’m a daily smoker of about 20 years… started recreationally, and in the last 15 years or so noticed the difference between “normalcy” and when medicated. I’m add/adhd severe, and also have anxiety issues, and stress problems. I have gotten much more positive results out of cannabis use than any other meds, not only in terms of personal comfort, but actual treatment of these conditions. I am a staunch proponent of mmj laws study, and regulation.

  30. here is my story I smoke pot everyday when I get a cold its for a day have had food poisoning 2 times in my life been sick for a few hours then im back at it again in the past 10 years I have called into work sick 2 times one for a car crash when my car didn’t move an food poisoning never had heath care cause im heathy the only time I have been to doctor is when I got a hook from fishing in my finger lol I have never been much of a drinker but I have been in trouble so many times I drink but when I drink I cant do anything the next day cause im so hungover I don’t want to move that don’t happen with pot lol and if I have a hangover an smoke pot the hangover is gone lol this is not a crime its more help than not the laws now have put me in a place were I cant go no were cause of my past arrest I would rather meet a pot smoker on the road then a drinker cause I know the drinker has the guts to do anything when he shouldn’t an the pot smoker will be the one riding the white line trying not to get hit lol we need to wake up an see god put marijuana on this earth to help the people not hurt them

  31. i smoke around 2 ounces a month, for depression, anxiety, and back pain. Use to smoke a pack of cigerettes a day aswell, since i now only smoke marijuana, i’ve seen my health greatly improve. and i also contribute cannabis to not making me gain weight when i quit cigerettes. Overall i would say my physical health is very good considering i don’t excerise. I also have asthma, which i also haven’t had any kind of flare up since i began smoking 5 years ago. I suffer from no physical ailments.

  32. BadHoeExperience on

    Do not know when my bipolar disorder started but smoking weed now for 8 years. During depressed periods i quit smoking for 2 times now and every time I decide to smoke weed again. Just the german law is stopping me. 2 times a day big baloon vaping.

  33. I used to smoke/vaporize 1/8th or more a week and probably went through a quarter pound of top grade hash in 4 months. Last doctor’s visit my blood tests came back fantastic. My cholesterol, was quite literally ‘perfect’ and my doctor told me that I have “Super human amounts of blood” his words, not mine. My full panel was just about as good as it can get according to my doctor. I, now, vaporize exclusively, and have cut back on the amount I consume.

  34. What a great conversation! I’m a 2-5 joint a day active 55 year old.I bike, zumba, swim Masters. I’m very healthy. I enjoy edibles, dabs, vaporizing, but my normal method of use is via a joint. I don’t think all use is medicinal. when my back hurts, I take strong edibles. When the GOP/USGov/Environment, state of the world gets to me, I get like to get extremely high and watch TV or surf the web. I hate wasting a day with a hangover, so I don’t drink much, but I enjoy Marijuana/Cannabis daily! The only way things are going to continue to change is by continuing to speak out about regulation, decriminalization, and taxation and of course, the proven medicinal qualities.

  35. I’d smoke maybe blunt a day. If that. I quit because of fear and paranoia of going to jail. I’ve got a few other health issues but those are the ones it impacted most. I’d give anything to participate in a study to help legalize it everywhere.

  36. I used to smoke on a daily basis. Mostly after work. Ok miss Mary affects me in a different way than most. Never could build a tolerance even if I blazed my heart out. That being said, I move on to why I smoked. I have no large intestine and I’m supposed to have double the recommended daily amount of water. Rule #2 ( if I’m remembering right) would help me put it down with ease. I’m in that canundrum of hating drinking something with no flavor but needing it badly.. Anywho, I was able to keep myself hydrated with no problem and my blood pressure was always at regular lvls.(I’m a hefty dude keep in mind. 6’0 325lbs) . It helped me cope with anxiety as well. I’m not a peoples person, but with a few hits I’d feel comfortable to where anxiety wouldn’t even exist to me. Ever since I’ve quit I’ve my blood pressure has shot up to the point to where I should probably be on medication for it and anxiety is through the roof. It’s been 1yr and 2 months and I’ve been treated for dehydration 3 times ( which is good compared to when I was a kid. Idk if there is a relation to blood pressure or not but it’s noticeable change.

  37. I have been taking Lamictal for over 10 years for PTSD, ADHD and Bi-polar. Over a year ago I decided to slowly get off my medication, I was smoking medical marijuana for an unrelated medical condition. Several times in the past, I had tried to stop taking my dose of Lamitcal and other pharmaceuticals because of the bad side effects of these medications. I would run out of my medication or stop take my medication, within days I would begin to experience mood swings, panic attacks, and disconnecting with my surroundings, I would have to resume my medication.

    This time when tapered off my dose of Lamitcal, it was different, I smoked medical marijuana during my withdrawal from the medication, and marijuana turned out to be a much better mood regulator than the pharmaceuticals I had been taking all these years. I am very thankful that I am no longer taking pharmaceuticals to control my PTSD, ADHD and Bi-polar, it has changed my life.

  38. I’m an every day, all day smoker, at least 5 blaze sessions a day or more and I’ve been doing this for the past five years and I’m healthy as I’ve every been. Nuff said!

  39. Hosanna Sookra on

    I wished every single person in the world smoked weed. Everyone would be so nice to each other. :)

  40. I guess you could look at it this way, when you’re in jail, you get free room and board… :)

  41. Clean bill of health, daily smoker for 5 years, as many blunts as we can fit in between work and sleep lol I’m one of those who agrees all marijuana use is medicinal. Even just getting baked can improve your wellbeing, overall wellness and supply your body healthy cannabinoids. Not to mention the cancer protectant properties I have been reading many articles about.

  42. Thanks for the post! Do you mind saying how often you consume cannabis? Do you use it daily to even out your mood? Do you use more of it when you are down then when you are up? Just curious…

  43. I have been smoking marijuana almost daily for 50 years with positive results. Until a year ago I had taken Lamitcal for seven years for Bi-polar and PTSD,

    I have been smoking marijuana almost daily for 50 years with positive results. Until a year ago I had taken Lamitcal for seven years for Bi-polar and PTSD. I had tried to quit
    the medication several times previously without success. I decided to get off my medication and after four
    months I was finished with Lamictal for the first time in years. I still
    take Seroquel an anti-anxiety medication, but have reduced the dose from 100MG
    to 25MG over several months, which is below the therapeutic threshold.
    While I was getting off Lamitcal, I continued to smoke marijuana, mostly shake,
    it calmed me, the changes were noticeable, but, I was amazed to find that I was
    doing better than I expected. Several times, I had tried to get off
    Lamitcal without using marijuana, sometimes because I ran out of medication; I
    would experienced extreme mood swings, panic attacks and would have to get back
    on Lamitcal within days. This time when I got off Lamitcal, it was
    different, I had enough of a medical supply so I could smoke marijuana during my withdrawal from Lamitcal and Seroquel, I was surprised to find that marijuana was a much better mood
    regulator than the pharmaceuticals I had been taking all these years. It is now over a year from when I started this journey, I am still maintaining a functioning
    lifestyle, no panic attacks, depression and mood swings that are manageable,
    ability to focus and no more feeling like I am living in a cloud. I am clearer than I have been in
    years, It is really amazing to me and I am thrilled by the result.

  44. I’m pushing 70 and I’ve smoked every day for most of my life and I don’t have any problems with weed except I keep getting arrested……….

  45. I smoke daily and feel great. I also workout 4 times a week. Since I started smoking my overall health has improved. Not only that, but my blood pressure went from slightly elevated to perfect, and my body weight has leveled off at a good mark. Bp was 140 over 80, now I’m at 115 over 70! I’m 6’6″ and weigh 210 pounds, I use to weigh 225. Thank you cannabis!

  46. 420_bike_everyday on

    I started around 2 years ago and smoked marijuana at first for the wrong reasons. However, that evolved into something much more important for me. I took on a new job at a software support center and started dealing with increasing amounts of stress and anxiety. Marijuana was the only thing that allowed me to clear my racing mind and to help me sleep soundly. Otherwise, I would be up late into the night with my mind racing and unable to sleep.

    Anyway, my method was smoking from a pipe.. well various pipes. I never had a bong or vaporizer at any point. I frequently smoked blunts and jays whenever possible. Most days I ended up smoking around 3-6 times a day. Coincidentally, this helped my appetite and ensure I was staying strong.

    To put the icing on the cake, I do not own a car and bike everywhere I need to go from work to lunch to home. This summer I took a 700 mile trip on that same bicycle and the summer before a 350 mile trip. I would say that weed only enhances someones life and helps you look inward at yourself and everything around you from a very unfiltered perspective.

    Love the other posts on here! Active smokers FTW!!

  47. I have been an avid smoker for 5 years or so. My girlfriend and I smoke through an oz in a week and a half. We are perfectly healthy.

  48. Real i find it offensive ppl are aloud to drink and kill and hurt ppl and that is fine in this society…

  49. Who cares if it is not just for medical… ppl drink booze to get away from everyday life but that is proven to kill them and there families… Pot hasn’t killed anyone even comes across as good for you and you can use it to get away from everyday life… just like life taking life changing burden on taxpayers for all the hospital visits that booze is

  50. Don’t think it isn’t medicine if you smoke to get high (even very, very baked). That may be the best medicine of all. Pursue happiness (someone once called it an inalienable right).

  51. When you smoke weed every day, it becomes like drinking a cup of coffee, having a glass of tea, or smoking a cigarette. It’s not intoxicating and doesn’t have a strong effect on your body, unless you purposely have a lot quickly at one time. If you’re vaporizing and especially ingesting high quality cannabis, the science show it’s healthy to consume cannabinoids. So I say go ahead and toke to your hearts content. Don’t be a “guilty stoner”, instead you should feel good that you medicate every day =)

  52. My friends knew me as the guy that would have have the good smoke all day everyday and now I’m president of the United States of America :)

  53. I smoke weed all day, every day. Before I did I was out of shape and lazy. Now I am a white water raft guide, and i practice brazilian jiu jitsu, MTKB, JKD, escrima, parkour and slacklining,. I’m in way better shape than I ever was, and I never go to the doctor. Anyone who says weed makes you fat and lazy, come take me on, I dare you. I’ll smash you and your stupid prejudices.

  54. I don’t smoke, mostly because I dont like smoke. BUT~ I make budder and consume that each evening before I go to bed to help with pain and insomnia.
    I dont have a clean bill of health, but its improving now that I’m not taking vicoden and other pain meds daily.

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