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Study Finds Cannabinoids May Combat Symptoms Of Schizophrenia


mango kush marijuana strain schizophreniaCourtesy of The Joint Blog

Contrary to prohibitionist propaganda, a new government-funded study published in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology has found that cannabis may combat the symptoms of schizophrenia by stimulating the body’s cannabinoid receptors.

Researchers for the study examined rats with schizophrenia which were dosed with a chemical substance meant to mimic cannabinoids – compounds found in cannabis, as well as naturally produced in our body. Researchers found that the cannabinoids “reversed social withdrawal in PCP-treated rats via stimulation of CB1 receptors”; social withdrawal is one of the primary symptoms of schizophrenia.

The study – which was funded by the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation and the National Institute of Mental Health –concludes that “these findings indicate that.. activation of CB1 receptors is crucial for social interaction, and that PCP-induced social withdrawal results from deficient endocannabinoid transmission”.

This study is one of many released in recent months which have found that activation of the body’s CB1 receptors can combat, and potentially cure, a large number of ailments and medical conditions.

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  1. Gregory Frazier on

    I too suffer from schizophrenia and I also live in n.c, I wish that the people in charge here would come to their senses and legalize it, at least for medicinal purposes. If it was I could show my shrink so many sites that say mj is great for people like You and I. Hopefully one of these days I won’t have to medicate with olanzapine everynight and would be able to fire up a good cbd strain and be happy knowing what I have taken doesnt profit the pharmacy companies.

  2. robert smith on

    as a person with schizophrenia i can say that cannabis is the most effective medicine with the least side effects out of all the things i have tried and i tried it all. however in n.c there is no profit to be made off of cannabis so im only prescribed very dangerous and addicting drugs with horrific side effects. if the mental health system is not re structured i may end up in your house with a ski mask and a 9mm

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