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Study: Marijuana Drastically Shrinks Aggressive Form Of Brain Cancer


Marijuana brain stressI hate cancer. Right now I have two family members battling cancer, and it’s a very sad thing. I am confident that they will both win their battle. In the case of my step dad, this is his second battle. I have urged both of them to try marijuana  to compliment their other treatments, and I’m happy to say, both of them are trying it. A new study was recently released that shows marijuana can shrink a very aggressive form of brain cancer. Per the Huffington Post:

In a paper published Friday in the journal Molecular Cancer Therapies, a team of researchers from St. George’s University of London outlined the “dramatic reductions” they observed in high-grade glioma masses, a deadly form of brain cancer, when treated with a combination of radiation and two different marijuana compounds, also known as cannabinoids. In many cases, those tumors shrunk to as low as one-tenth the sizes of those in the control group.

“We’ve shown that cannabinoids could play a role in treating one of the most aggressive cancers in adults,” Dr. Wai Liu, one of the study’s lead authors, wrote in an op-ed earlier this week. “The results are promising…it could provide a way of breaking through glioma and saving more lives.”

In an email to The Huffington Post, Liu pointed out that while research surrounding marijuana’s cancer-fighting properties is nothing new, his team is the first to document its effect on the disease when used alongside radiation. “The results showed that the final effect was superior to the sum of the parts,” he said. “Hopefully, these results will support calls for formal trials in humans to test these combinations.”

If you know someone that is battling cancer, make sure to give them some literature about how cannabis can help them. They are going through a very difficult time, so don’t be pushy, but make sure to at least offer up some advice and an opportunity to help them. It just might save their life.


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  3. My husband was recently diagnosed with glioblastoma grade 4. Already made arrangements for cannabis oil! Picking it up tomorrow. Not legal yet for medical use in NH but not going to sit around for that to happen, his life is on the line!! Looking forward to seeing positive results

  4. Well, what a beautiful eve early morning this is
    after my mom got sick with the flu, i got her to try some weed
    she was able to eat, she had just vomited not long before
    thanks you God
    she admitted it did help, even though she coughed it right out, i believe it did help her, she was feeling really bad just prior:-)
    glad i am to have been able to share:-)

  5. It sounds that your suspicions are that the plants have a symbiotical relationship with those around them, and i have wondered if that could be true, or is it that plants, just like people have personality traits all their own in a sense, as you pointed out the varying degrees of different results from different plants with different chemical makeups, and different then beam tested thc rotation in degrees, maybe whether the rotation is negative or positive might also warrant investigation in the understanding of just what makes our bodies and minds content and blissful the best, it well even if it is not found that any symbiotical relationship happens, and i find it hard not to believe that it does, the plants would get the best care by a caring person, opposed to an uncaring mean one, or one that is ignorant to how to grow a healthy plant with vigorous thc “clear crystal” growth

  6. My mom’s neighbor was DX with lung cancer we are in Virginia she got the cannabis oil but was unsuccessful and the cancer spread. If a cannabis doctor had been following her I believe she would have had better success

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  12. Pot smoking glioblastoma multiforme survivor here. I smoke to control seizures, but since the promised recurrence hasn’t happened and I’m not having seizures, I guess I’ll keep doing it. My neuro oncologist strongly recommends it, too.

  13. Turnonthelight on

    I have been fighting in the trenches for a while. I believe that cannabis extract should be the first line of defense for cancer. When a stage IIi multiple myeloma gets stabilized, under control and pretty much gone in four months (hemoglobin previously at 5 jumping to 11.5 in that time, showing function restored in bone marrow), without chemo or anything else, is something happening? Is something happening when a young man with testicular and lung cancer who has already lost the chemo battle and is brought to total health within three months with cannabis extract?
    I started growing cannabis for personal health reasons. Being a medical intuitive and working with energy has helped me to develop some strains for healing. Every plant has a different personality. Some are compassionate and loving, some are antagonistic. paranoid, or just plain nasty. A plant grown by a greedy, uncaring person is not going to have the same energy as a plant grown by a compassionate person with the intention to heal.
    Let’s not standardize! Life cannot be standardized. High CBDs and such have their applications, but I am not eager to throw out the other compounds to benefit a careless industrial model

  14. of course for me, my admiration is straight in nature, for some reason in this day and age, seems like that kind of thing needs to be mentioned unfortunately
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  15. Actually, i need to start not using language like that;
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  17. great news
    i wonder though who out there had the cancer go into remission without any chemo?
    and what kind of cannabis? what beam tested degrees of rotation specifically

  18. First let me say that I was never a pot smoker, just wasn’t my thing until….
    Feb 2014 I was diagnosed with stage 4 Squamous cell carsonoma. I had a tumor a little larger then a golf ball on my tongue and base of my mouth. It had spread and when we met with the doctors they gave me less then a 30% chance of surviving. This was devastating as you all can imagine. My youngest son who is a college student in Colorado begged me to try Marijuanna. I refused, I live in the reddest of red states and was concerned. After convincing me he had researched all the science I relented and tried it. I want everyone to know even though I’m a fiscal conservative and never would vote for a Democrate I will say now I will never vote for a republican who doesn’t support legalizing Marijuanna. I lost 90 lbs in 65 days and almost died but thank god and my son for Marijuanna. It stopped all the nausea which none of the four meds would do. It allowed me to hold down the fluids I was ingesting thru the feeding tube and my weight stabilized. After 3 months of Sisplatin chemo and 35 radiation treatments im here to share this testimony.
    Marijuanna works in fighting cancer.
    Sorry for the long post!

  19. ps. “Great letter” refers to the other article “Open letter to Oregon Attorneys” that was written by Johnny….[I think!]. A must read!! I want to copy it and send it all over the appropriate states…which is all of them, no?!

  20. What a breath of fresh air!! My job on the Planet: Introduce options in the integrative health field…not just allopathic [traditional] meds.
    I needed your good news, great letter!! I’m even more inspired! Johnny, make me happier and tell me what 5 states will be next in passing recreational use. You’re on a roll. Please. Then I can get on to what I want to do next: design curriculum for teaching the basics about medical cannabis to those new to the medicine. Thank you.

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  22. i should also point out that due to this sick society, that my mom has been played like a slot machine, and it makes her untrusting of all people, even me, it is so sad to see her slipping away, and angers me to see people treat the cannabis community as slaves, people to tax, people that are fill in the negative blank, when it is just not so, jerks in d.c. need to just get right, or maybe God will bless them with the plague, remember that one star trek episode where they wanted to war on each other, only to find that their phasors would not function? i dont see any way out of it, those dictators are not our friend they have lead your family to death, and mine too, and now i am having problems finding employment, wondering if they black list people, i wouldnt be surprised

  23. my mom’s hearing is almost gone, and they say that happens to folks prior to death
    i believe the plant could reverse the aging process, but she is not one to believe me which really makes me feel down, sorry to hear of your father Jorge, it must have been terribly hard for you to have to witness the whole mess of this country claiming we have freedom, and then they write thousands of bills and laws to prevent said freedom, the crooks, well, i am TOKING TOMORROW AND THAT IS THAT!!!
    Pissed, in bloomington, indiana, which, really could use some cannabis blooms

  24. now for some mashed potatoes, with two slices of block cheese
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  26. I hope things work out for your family. Cancer sucks big time I lost my Grandmother to cancer many years ago, it still affects me now she was a wonderful person and an incredible Great Grandmother to me and my siblings.

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    but back then, just like today, greed of money gets in the way
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    if only people would not be so in to their secret of cannabis

  28. i believe that the proper beam tested cannabis strain
    could cure any cancer in our brain
    i believe that too
    it has the ability to like draino in a drain, remove the plack in our arteries from the thc which is an acid, although not as strong as the deadly draino, of course, and not as life giving either, except for metalic pipes
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  29. this indiana has seen to it that certain employment establishments discriminate against the cannabis community
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    if i were to revoke my citizenship to seek out human immunity
    i would
    isnt their something non violent that we can do?
    seems that justice needs to be served, but to who to?
    i asked the employer on the phone about the unconstitutionality of discrimination
    he asked how he has discriminated, i said cannabis use is my right under religious beliefs
    he said have a letter written up
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    except in secret
    it looks like all who fall off an elephants back
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    well, chemically, alcohol does not work for me, nor does tobacco
    useless society
    a blight to life
    paradise stares them in the face
    and they would rather fight and war and quarrel

  30. Plus, you’re weakening (destroying?) your immune system with radiation and chemo.

    I was reading a post by a cancer patient recently, and she said because the survival rate for cancer has increased so much, now that she’s in remission, everybody thinks she should be, I don’t know, all better or something. But the cancer treatments are painful and very traumatic on the body – she said she didn’t feel like she would ever recover.

  31. Johnny, you are very fortunate that your loved ones accept cannabis and use it medicinally. My father, a doctor, died of cancer 20 years ago. I did my best to get him to use cannabis medicinally. He would not.
    My baby brother is in the last stages of Alzheimer´s Disease. He was unable to use cannabis because it would nullify his insurance.

  32. whats it going to take to prevent the terrorists that inhabit the d.c. system?
    voters voted their right to use cannabis, the constitution is on their side too, the very idea that some rogue president could behave in a manor likened to someone who deserves prison themselves, at the expense of good people too, its appalling
    they do not deserve the attention they get i realize that
    however to sit back and let them destroy people like they do
    surly there is something we can do to prevent future repercussions, from treasonous mob voting discussions

  33. Here’s some more science to back up what Rick Simpson has been saying for years. Shame on all of you in this movement who never bothered to do your research and called people who were using the oil just a “bunch of stoners trying to get high”.

  34. Ugh — why did they use cannabis in tandem with radiation? The point of using cannabis to treat cancer is so that we no longer need radiation or surgical solutions. My understanding of how cannabinoids shrink tumors is built on my very limited knowledge of microbiology, but I get the broad strokes, and I don’t agree with a “united we stand” approach when the other treatment is RADIATION.

    Cancerous tumors are really easy to explain. When a healthy cell divides, it makes copies of all its cell structures, copies of the genetic material in the nucleus, the new stuff moves over, the cell divides, the cell containing the new material gets bigger, and the old cell self-destructs. There’s a word for that old cell self-destructing, which is apoptosis — natural cell death at the end of mitosis. This entire process is coded into the DNA of the cell, including apoptosis. Unfortunately, sometimes the genetic code for cell division is damaged in some way — sometimes, cells quite literally *forget* to undergo apoptosis. The old cell sticks around, too. And when the code is really broken, the old cell that should have self-destructed divides *again*. And again. And again. And again, without apoptosis. Because the new cells all have copies of the same broken DNA code, they also divide over and over without apoptosis. Old cells that refuse to die just keep piling up, clustering to form a cancerous tumor.

    For reasons that are beyond my understanding (I’m not a microbiologist), when cannabinoids bond to receptors on the surface of cancerous cells that *should* have undergone apoptosis, those cells finally DO, and the tumor starts to lose mass as those cells undergo apoptosis. It’s as if the endocannabinoid system is partially responsible for healthy cell mitosis by ensuring the cells that shouldn’t be there anymore go away. “Did you divide, already? Yes? Then get lost, you’re not needed. BANG!”

    From what I understand of radiation therapy, you’re basically trying to kill the tumor with radiation before the radiation kills the patient. Perhaps radiation kills the older, less healthy cells, first… But honestly, if we can get rid of cancer without surgery and without radiation, that’s a very good thing. Radiation is one of the things we believe might cause our genetic code to mutate, causing broken mitosis cycles, creating tumors in the first place.

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