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Study: Medical Marijuana Laws Associated With Decreased Obesity


obesity marijuanaBy Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director

The enactment of statewide laws permitting the use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes is associated with an annual reduction in obesity-related medical costs, according to data published online ahead of print in the journal Health Economics.

Investigators at Cornell University in New York and San Diego State University in California reviewed twelve years of data from the CDC’s Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System to examine the effects of medical marijuana laws on body weight, physical wellness, and exercise.

Researchers reported, “[T]he enforcement of MMLs (medical marijuana laws) is associated with a 2% to 6% decline in the probability of obesity. … Our estimates suggest that MMLs induce a $58 to $115 per-person annual reduction in obesity-related medical costs.”

For those age 35 or older, authors determined that the passage of medical cannabis laws is “associated with an increase in physical wellness and frequent exercise consistent with the hypothesis of some medicinal use of marijuana.” For younger adults, researchers theorized that obesity declines were the result of less alcohol use.

They concluded, “These findings are consistent with the hypothesis that MMLs may be more likely to induce marijuana use for health-related reasons among older individuals, and cause substitution toward lower-calorie recreational ‘highs’ among younger individuals.”

The findings are similar to those of other recent observational studies, such as those here and here, concluding that cannabis use is associated with reduced body mass index and obesity.

The abstract of the study, “The Effect of Medical Marijuana Laws on Body Weight,” appears online here.

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  3. Hardly a day goes by without us finding out more benefits of Marijuana.
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  4. Just confirmation of what I’ve always believed. Instead of the Prohibitionist stereotype of the lazy couch smoking stoner. EVER HEARD OF SATIVA STRAINS, Prohibitionists? (Smoking) Strains of the Sativa variety can open your mind, cause you to feel peppy, bolster your willingness to perform undesirable tasks, and not give you an overbearing case of the ”munchies”. Plus health benefits. (relieves depression) And won’t effect your lungs detrimentally. But you can say it’s all hogwash as is your Prohibitionist beliefs. I’m speaking from personal past experience. And when use is legal here, I will imbibe. I consider MJ a herb like Ginseng. Which normalizes the body. ;-)

  5. jasen joseph hylbert on

    Hempseed is a superfood and in fact can benefit everyone. Any bans on hemp run contrary to sincere concerns about the health of others.

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