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Study: Patients Get More Relief From Medical Marijuana Than Painkillers


australia marijuanaI always say that the best medicine is the medicine that works and is safer. That is almost always the case when it comes to medical marijuana compared to pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceuticals almost always come with harmful side effects, and have led to a lot of death and misery across the globe. Sadly, marijuana opponents would rather have patients using those harmful pharmaceuticals than using medical marijuana, even in states where medical marijuana is legal.

The results of a study were recently released which found that Australians who were suffering from chronic pain found more relief from using marijuana than they did using other conventional pain killers. Per the Sydney Morning Herald:

Australians suffering from chronic pain may get more relief from their symptoms using cannabis than they do from some conventional medications, researchers have found.

A large study of people suffering from chronic problems such as back pain, migraine and arthritis has discovered many are turning to cannabis to relieve their symptoms, despite already being prescribed heavy-duty opioid medications such as morphine and oxycodone.

In a finding that is likely to further intensify the debate about medical marijuana use, the National Drug and Alcohol Centre researchers found people who used the illegal drug said it was more helpful than the highly addictive and potentially dangerous opioid medications.

I have had multiple friends die from overdosing on pain killers. I have never, ever had a friend die from using medical marijuana. If patients get more relief from medical marijuana, whether it’s in Australia or beyond, they should be allowed to use it. Any politician or opponent who says otherwise doesn’t have a heart or soul.


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  1. I’ve found the same thing, I would not put a pain pill in my mouth ever again, as I know that Cannabis is a lot better of an alternative, and it usually puts a smile on my face, why are prohibitionists of cannabis so against glee?
    This is not me, I miss being content in Denver, and knowing that the governor of that state that I resided in for 3 months did not endorse hate laws against my existence.
    Whats wrong with those angry people?
    They feel that their anger should set some precedence?
    Why is it that haters of the Constitution where it is written that we are all equal and we are all to have unalienable rights and all that, right to worship our own religion, freedom, liberty, stuff like that, why is it that haters of the cannabis community want us as their slaves? Why do they feel that they and they alone should have the ability to rule the world with their hand of death?
    Why do they feel that their failure to achieve a higher state of consciousness through the entheogen known as cannabis, why do they feel that their failure is some sort of major achievement?
    GO RT!
    Tell it like it is, wish i had written it down, they, every once in a while they let loose, and I am glad to hear truth coming out of that tv once in a while

  2. This is all true but the republican whores to big Pharma have sold them an almost free rein over the American public.

  3. This is a no brainer, people who understand the bennifits of marijauna no this. It is only ignorance coated with fear that compels a growing smaller and smaller group of people to blindly believe in the propaganda. The worse part is it doesn’t even take a congressional vote to reclassify marijuana from a class 1drug that has no medical value to a lesser classification that has multiple medical values. Then doctors would truly be able to care for their patients instead if poisoning them.

  4. Medical Marijuana is unique, among other reasons, because of its incredibly high therapeutic index. Patients who use for pain management can easily titrate it to get the pain relief they need without out the fear of fatally overdosing on it. In that respect, its infinitely superior to opiates, and, of course, it doesn’t ravage the human body like opiates do.

  5. No surprise there. There is a wealth of fact based evidence that marijuana is extremely beneficial, on multiple fronts, with little to no side effects: Conversely, most of us know the dangers of painkillers, from the addictive qualities, to the outright damaging of cellular structure/s.
    Why we, as a society, have not demanded that prescription painkillers be inordinately difficult to obtain, beyond just a standard Dr. visit, while simultaneously calling for marijuana to be an OTC med, is well outside of my understanding.

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