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Study Shows Likely Explosion Of Marijuana Industry Revenue By 2018


marijuana industry profit potential growingFor those that haven’t noticed lately, using marijuana as a substitute for pills, booze and other deadly means of ‘taking the edge off’ ones’ day has steadily been gaining public support across the United States. With a current revenue stream of $1.5 billion, primarily based on Washington and Colorado’s legalization efforts. Many believe the cash value of America’s most ‘chronic crop’ could easily reach over $6 billion by 2018.

Caroline Fairchild — “The two states both legalized the recreational use of weed in November. Elsewhere, 18 states and Washington, D.C. have made medical marijuana legal, while 10 others have formal measures pending to legalize medical marijuana, according to the National Cannabis Industry Association.”

That’s reflective of a wider acceptance of marijuana. A recent Pew Research Center poll discovered a majority of Americans support pot legalization for the first time in more than four decades. As many as 52 percent of Americans support legalizing weed — 45 percent do not — and nearly three-fourths say the amount of money spent enforcing marijuana usage laws is not worth the cost.

Such growing support has led marijuana-tied businesses to pitch their companies to Wall Street investors, the Los Angeles Times reported in March. Take Vincent Mehdizadeh, founder of MedBox, an automated weed dispensing machine company. He’s seeking $20 million from investors in anticipation of potential expansion.

“Everybody’s loosening up a lot because they realize the momentum has shifted and the financial world is going to have to make room for this industry,” Mehdizadeh told the LAT. “Wall Street and investment banks are going to have to come along for the ride, eventually.”

Thinking about investing in the marijuana industry yourself? Be sure to keep the risks in mind. It was reported last year that 500 of the estimated 3,000 U.S. marijuana dispensaries either had been closed by the government or shut down in the past year.

Source: Marijuana.Com

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  1. Let just add my two cents. This movement will be a good thing for the nation and the people at large. If it’s done right. I know that what I am about to write will not be popular with some and maybe most. But I need to say it. For marijuana to be a success it needs to be open to anyone or any business. It has to be free and open. The markets must be free from most government regulations it must be treated as any other crop, commodity and product. If you want the highest quality then the consumer must be the regulation body. It is up to the producers to educate the consumer. If we don’t go that way their will be cronyism and corruption. And we all lose. The freer it is the more wealth it will create for the most people. I know the free market are Drity words these days. But it’s the only way to keep it in the hands of the people and out of the hands of Monsanto and other corporate interest.

  2. 6 billion.. that’s cute, by 2018 it will be at the very least nationally legal, and then it will be worth easily 10x that.

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