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Subcool’s TGA Genetics Launches Online Clothing Store


Sub Cool Seeds - The Science of DankThe legendary Subcool has asked if we could help his friends and their new TGA clothing line. Considering what Subcool has done to spread the joy of life via his seed genetic skills, it’s the least I could do. Here is the info, I know I want one of those signed copies of Dank 2.0!:

It took some doing but I finally found a great group of guys to run the apparel side of things as I have never had the time to run it properly.

Now you can get shirts and signed copies of Dank 2.0 but soon more and more cool items will appear. The cats running this are the people responsible for all my graffix and I have already seen some really good prototypes so please support these guys.

They are trying to break out of corporate America and have their own thing to support their families.

To get your TGA gear, click here!


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  1. got any old dank books laying around u have discounted? i bought the dank2. nice. it freaked me out when one of my jtr seeds came out like the cleaner. anyway. im from tacoma. merry christmas, you two!! -mrchitlin

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