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Suffering Children In Connecticut Deserve Access To Medical Cannabis Treatment


connecticut medical marijuana testimonyThe topic of medical cannabis and children is a very sensitive subject. So sensitive, that it’s often difficult to even have a rational conversation with some people about it. It’s unfortunate because medical cannabis in certain forms can do wonders for certain conditions, especially epilepsy. I once heard a story about a child that suffered from an average of 300 epileptic seizures a month. When given whole plant, high CBD extract medicine, those seizures were reduced to 8 a month.

Opponents will try very hard to make it sound like parents want to get their kids stoned by rolling rolling them up some doobies and giving them lighters. It’s very frustrating because that couldn’t be farther from the truth. There are forms of cannabis that do not create euphoric effects. Kids can take them and be completely unaffected from an intoxication standpoint, which is something that can’t be said about some other forms of medicines. Instead of children being lethargic or debilitated, cannabis can help suffering children live fuller lives.

There’s a push in Connecticut to give children safe access to medical cannabis, which is way overdue. Per the Wall Street Journal:

Lawmakers in Hartford are weighing whether to allow people under the age of 18 to take part in Connecticut’s medical-marijuana program. Connecticut is the only state out of the 23 that have legalized the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes that doesn’t allow children some access, according to Americans for Safe Access, a medical-marijuana advocacy group. Unlike a similar proposal last year, the idea this year has the backing of a statewide pediatricians’ group.

The proposed legislation, which has bipartisan support and the backing of the Malloy administration, would permit minors with terminal illnesses, severe epilepsy or other debilitating conditions to use medical marijuana.

These are very sick children. In some cases, these are dying children. Why do they have to suffer when there’s something out there that can help? How could someone ever look at a child that is suffering and tell them that they can’t use a proven medicine because some politician thinks it’s a bad idea? Doctors should be making those decisions, and parents. Anyone who thinks otherwise lacks a heart.


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  1. Sharon Taulbee on

    You start by petitioning the doctor’s who treat these conditions to approach the families and ask them to come together in this and to share their and their children’s stories in a new more target specific endeavor and being the voice of the voiceless. 20 years in California lends for the potential of establishing a more long term basis of evidentiary support.

  2. Sharon Taulbee on

    Someone needs to bring these families together. Both families who live in band states and families from states with legal access. Instead of a documentary as has been done, I would gather the existing evidence. Because the evidentiary support these politicians are requesting already exists. Medical records with diagnosis, age of onset, exhibited symptomology, medications and treatments both recommended and tried, the resulting effectiveness or lack there of and noted side effects. Medical records establish all of the history as well as current status and future prognosis. Every one of the families have this information. The families who either already reside within legal states and then families who have relocated to legal states and whose children are now receiving marijuana related medicines. Their doctors would need to provide notarized statements regarding current treatments and include whether any of the children being treated with marijuana related medicine knowingly suffered any of the psychogenic effects as a result and any noticeable effectiveness or lack thereof through course of treatment. It is all there it just needs to be assembled properly and presented directly to every state senate and the federal one as well.

  3. Sharon Taulbee on

    Some individuals just are not open minded enough for legitimate rationale on things. It is very frustrating I will agree. It has often been said that “seeing is believing”(credit to whom ever first said it) but how can you show them anything if they refuse to open their eyes. There are existing documentaries on this very subject however not everyone is willing to watch them. What I would love to do is to give them a wake up call by introducing the governor and state senate to just some of these children and their families along with others who have moved to illegalized states just so their children could benefit. I’d like to see enough of these people interacting personally with the children just long enough to feel first hand the involvement that they actually have in their young lives. It is a heart wrenching experience to watch anyone….especially a child….suffer…but to see the effects of a plant doing what none of the pharmaceuticals can is sobering.
    Now I am not saying to medicate the children right there…I’m saying confront them face to face and educate them in the process with documented facts including medical records and notarized doctor statements regarding the changes in the child’s condition since treatment with marijuana medicines began. Additionally to have noted in the physician’s statements weather the children suffer intoxication as a result….the proof these politicians need already exists it is just that nobody has brought these families together in this way yet….testifying in person to them while they are all ready gathered and in session. It would place undo hardship on the children and their families but I don’t think the political types will shut up and do the right thing any time soon without hard hitting facts and faces getting into their faces and demanding legal access for their children.

  4. We don’t need to find a cure for adolescent epilepsy, we just have to legalize it.

    We don’t need to find a cure for cancer, we just have to legalize it.

    We don’t need to find a cure for Alzheimer’s, we just have to legalize it.

    We don’t need to find a cure for Parkinsons, we just have to legalize it.

    We don’t need to find a cure for autism, we just have to legalize it.

    We don’t need to find a cure for (enter 100’s of diseases here), we just have to legalize it.

  5. saynotohypocrisy on

    If they are Tea Party medical marijuana prohibs, they unwind by boasting how freedom loving they are. Tea Party prohibs are world class hypocrites and world class stonewallers, Freedom for me and my buddies is their degenerate motto, and there is nothing to discuss, the rest of youse just follow orders like the peons you are.

  6. saynotohypocrisy on

    If prohibs had a shred of honesty, they would admit that prohibition has been proven to put distribution of the prohibited substance in the hands of people willing to sell to kids.

  7. Must be a real satisfying to be an Opponent and stop children receiving life changing Cannabis medications, prescribed by Doctors.
    I wonder what they do to unwind, Do they get drunk and throw sacks of kittens off bridges?

  8. Robert Dewayne King on

    The ” children” only matter if the prohibs can claim to be protecting them from that evil, heathen , killer weed !

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