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Super Blue Dream Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures


super blue dream marijuana strainSuper Blue Dream Cannabis Strain Review And Pics

The Super Blue Dream marijuana strain is a cross of Blueberry and Haze and was bred to provide the body high of an indica and the cerebral sativa effects. The Super Blue Dream marijuana strain is highly effective for pain management without the sedative effects of a pure indica. Effects are long lasting, and Super Blue Dream has a pleasant fruity taste.

“Grade: A

Type: Hybrid (Sativa)

Looks: Despite being a one marijuana nugget sample, this nug was “blingbling.” My sample marijuana nugget was heavily covered in trichomes resembling water droplets or morning dew. Nice apple green color with a few areas of dark “specks.”

Smell: Creamy blueberry yogurt with a hint of fermented “funk.”

Taste: Similar to its smell, hints of cream, berry, and sweet haze with a bit of earthy mint when exhaling through the nostrils.

Buzz Type: Energetic, Uplifting

Buzz Length: Average to Above Average (1 to 1.5 hours)


* Review is “First Impression” as product provided was a sample and used exclusively for one day.

California seems to be the home of Blue Dream, but the sample provided to me was a more “amp’ed” up version called Super Blue Dream.

My first bowl of Super Blue Dream was actually at the office where I got my sample. On completion of my bowl, I was immediately reminded of Blue Dream’s distinct creamy smell, taste, and mouth feel. Immediate buzz was pure energy with a slight bit of head pressure. Talking and going off on tangents were common with me throughout the day when in conversation, but in my office and at my desk I was a workaholic with bit of positive creative thoughts going through my mind; a well needed personal uplift.

This sample of Super Blue Dream I received smoked very smooth and was very tasty. I could take a good size bubbler bowl with minimal irritation and no cough. I did experience some dry mouth after bowl completion which I seem to get every time with a Blue Dream strain.

Although this version has the surname “Super,” I am on fence saying its “better” than “regular” Blue Dream. Granted, this was a small marijuana nugget sample, but my previous regular Blue Dream batch (a few grams I was able to evaluate) did have more legs on the buzz length where this was much more smooth and tasty. I got 4 tasty bubbler bowl fills from the sample Super Blue Dream marijuana nugget I received.” – IE420Patient

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super blue dream marijuana strain

super blue dream marijuana strain


super blue dream marijuana strain


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