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Super Majorities Endorse Medical Marijuana Access, Men Support Broader Legalization In Swing States

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By Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director

Super-majorities of voters believe that medical cannabis should be legal, and most men additionally support legalizing marijuana for all adults, according to the results of a Quinnipiac University Swing State poll.

Pollsters gauged support for marijuana law reform in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Florida voters backed legalizing cannabis therapy by a margin of 87 percent to 12 percent. A majority of male voters (57 percent) also supported broader legalization, while only 49 percent of women agreed.

Reform advocates are presently gathering signatures for a pair of potential ballot drives in 2016. The first, backed by United For Care, seeks to permit the physician-authorized use of cannabis. The second effort, sponsored by Regulate Florida and NORML of Florida, seeks to regulate the plant’s production, consumption, and sales to adults.

A 2014 amendment that sought to permit cannabis therapy garnered 58 percent of vote — two percent shy of the threshold necessary for passage in Florida.

Ninety percent of Ohio voters say that marijuana should be legal for medicinal purposes. Fifty-nine percent of male voters additionally backed legalizing the plant for social use versus only 47 percent of female voters.

Ohio voters will decide this November on a proposed ballot measure (Issue 3, the Marijuana Legalization Amendment) to regulate the state-licensed production and sale of cannabis for both medical and retail purposes. The measure also permits adults to cultivate personal use quantities of cannabis (up to four plants yielding no more than 8 ounces of usable product at any one time) at home. State lawmakers opposed to the plan have placed a competing measure, Issue 2, on the November ballot that seeks to prohibit state regulators from permitting the limited production of “any Schedule I controlled substance.” If voters approved both measures, Issue 2 states that the “entire proposed constitutional [marijuana]amendment shall not take effect.”

In Pennsylvania, 90 percent of voters back medicalizing marijuana. Fifty-two percent of men also support legalization, versus 43 percent of women voters.

Senate lawmakers this year approved compromised medical marijuana legislation, but the measure remains stalled in the House. Separate senate legislation, Senate Bill 528, to permit the adult possession and retail sale of marijuana has not yet been heard by lawmakers.

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  1. I agree with you 100%! The opponents of the law are perpetuating the myth that there will only be 10 growers. I’m hoping that people actually DO their research on this issue, before they just vote NO. Especially if they don’t really understand how it’s being done.

  2. It will take a miracle for this not to happen. Issue 2 passing and canceling issue 3 seems like the likely scenario based on the confusion of the perceived monopoly of 10 growers in Ohio when in all actuality there will be about 100 growers on 13 million acres set aside for MJ owned by the 10 people selected by the state. Ohio polls show issue 3 has a good chance to pass, but this issue 2 bullshit could really screw up progress.

  3. you get 2 buddies, each able to grow 4, first one has the youngest four in veg, next has the middle 4 in veg and finally the last ‘flower’ guy has 4 in flower. 1 plant rotated and harvested every 2 weeks at 1 pound equals happy buddies.

    the plants will be 4 months in veg before going to flower, yup, pounders.

    2 lbs a month with the help of a couple friends.

    that’s 5 ounces each every 2 weeks. under the limits!

    And every one is legal.

    Doesn’t matter if they only let you grow 2, as long as we can still home grow we are free. They would be the 2 biggest fuckin plants you’ve ever seen!

  4. if one plant produces 8 oz. what are you supose to do with the other three plants that under issue 3 you would be allowed to grow. some out door plants produce over 1 lb

  5. Ohio’s gotten sneaky. Thinking STONERS will forget to vote NO on issue 2 and will pass with a MAJOR MINORITY of the votes. Therefore canceling the program. I’d hold EVERY State Legislator who voted FOR this competing ballot language, accountable for their actions!

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