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Supplying Marijuana Grow Equipment Now Illegal In The Netherlands


medical marijuana advertising ban outdoor denverI remember when I was a teenager growing up in the 90’s, Amsterdam (and the Netherlands in general) was the Mecca of marijuana. I always wanted to come visit there, visit their stores, and smoke their world class marijuana. While marijuana has technically been illegal in the Netherlands since that time, back then it was very loosely enforced. Things have changed quite a bit since then, with the Netherlands taking a harder stance against marijuana, while some states in the U.S. have loosened their marijuana laws.

It sounds like it is now illegal to even supply marijuana growing equipment in the Netherlands. Per The Stoned Society:

Today a majority of the Dutch Senate voted for the so-called growshop law, essentially prohibiting the supply, preparation and facilitation of illegal cannabis grows. Growshops will now have to operate more discretely if they want to continue their business.

It is already illegal to grow cannabis in the Netherlands, but now also supplying (even water cans and regular soil) and preparations (electrical construction for example) is illegal and punishable, depending on the size and personal vs commercial grows, by jail sentences up to 3 years.

Have you been the the Netherlands lately? How is the ‘cannabis scene’ there? If you have visited there in decades past, how has it changed? Is Amsterdam still considered to be the Mecca of marijuana to you?


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  1. I first went to Amsterdam in 1997,and been there 5 times, my last was in 2010 .It was a different place back in the 90’s. FIRST OFF.. the marijuana was 100 times better in the 90s, it was mind blowing shit, I smoked all over the world and hands down that was the best shit ever. White widow, White Rhino , Super Sliver Haze, Were my favorite one’s , and they looked covered in trichchromes like a white beard. UNBELIEVABLE QUALITY….. They passed many laws since than, the most crushing law passed was in 1999 0r 2000 , that growing marijuana within city limits of Amsterdam was illegal , and most (coffee shops) grew there marijuana on site or very close by>>>This killed the mom and pop quality of Amsterdam that used to exist..All down hill from there, NOW the bud is commercial “goods” quality at best, grown by mostly European organized crime that exists out side of Holland,,,,,best advice,GO TO COLORADO INSTEAD.

  2. big band xfactor nite
    looks like it is to be a cannabis delight
    wonder what to nosh
    i know, some blue diamond almond nut-thins, tasty things those
    makes the evening seem extra cozy, just need one more bowl:-)
    and mountain dew poured over a fresh bag of ice
    sounds pretty nice

    got canna-tudeability
    love the world immensely

  3. ripping chronic on

    Never been to Amsterdam, live in southern Oregon.life is beautiful here.420 all day.and its only getting better.I’ve been a medical marijuana patient for ten years about Damn time it became legal.

  4. oogly boogly googly on

    I went to A-Dam in 2013, it was a wonderful summer vacation for 5 days! Rode the Canals, smoked in the coffee shops, smoked inside our hotel, and smoked out in public! No problems for me, other than it being way too expensive lol. When I smoked in public, I would take the side streets in the early AM off the canal, when nobody was around…apparently you shouldn’t toke in public, but really who’s going to enforce it?

    Same goes with the grow-light law and the 15% THC law, the coffee shop closures and restrictions….None of it is going to be 100% enforced and nor will it change the Red Light area where there is prostitution already legal. I didn’t see any schools next to the brothals or coffeeshops.

    If you go there, try to make it a well rounded experience. See the museums, the prostitutes and the Anne Frank House. There’s great art and great people. Get yourself some hot and fresh french fries and a Kroket.

    Or skip all that and visit Colorado! The NEW Amsterdam! Minus being able to toke in a coffee shop experience…and the canals and girls in the windows.

  5. Bullshit.Is it always have being in Amsterdam and on a doctor office get medicine card,coffeshop are is moore of that before ut a friend who have one most before she started the hotell&coffeshop go 3 years on highschool to learning all about cannabis so them can not sell without that.

  6. google defines CRUEL as willfully causing pain or suffering to others, or feeling no concern about it
    it says tyrant is a cruel and oppressive ruler

    oh say can you see? us and them, and after all, some of us are just ordinary

  7. wonder how many the usa has killed in wars since 1776?
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    had visions of demons and unhappy thoughts troubling their hearts
    if, well, i will have to wait and canna med
    this headache makes it hard to think
    and lack of sleep, cant wait to get my apartment
    if only i could get my own land in denver, grow weed and be content
    but how could i leave family, and loved one and feel comfortable with that i would miss
    wonder if some day, they will piss off the wrong people and they just may
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    this headache, i’d like to explore those episodes in more detail
    i heard indiana is going to give out tickets for weed
    i must ask myself if there is anyway i can make it here, or should i just move
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  9. Please don’t allow negative gro-lite news stop you from taking a trip to Amsterdam. I visited in late September and had a fantastic time. I’ve been many times and it keeps getting better with each visit

  10. some people mistakenly believe, much like hitler did, that to behave a certain way, will achieve perfection, and will war against all who go against their beliefs
    hitler was responsible they say for the deaths of around 6 million jews, in search of a perfect world
    with laws against cannabis, the genuine tree of life, how is that not doing like hitler did?
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    what we need is our freedom to live our lives with cannabis if we choose
    without some politician kinging us, and telling us that our choice is some sort of drug abuse
    some find spiritual enlightenment from cannabis use
    some like it cause it makes them smile
    some like it cause it allows them live their life contented and happy, and enriches their love for the world
    some that are sick use it to live longer, with happiness and contentment for a longer while
    how do we stop king wannabes from ruining the planet
    if they had their way, we would all be burnt on additives in our weed to prevent us from experiencing life, as we choose dag nabit!
    mk-ultra, mind control
    when will it end, i’d like to know
    their is rumor of a world war?
    how will it differ from the war the cannabis community is already in, that burns people, leaving them angry and sore
    how will, oh, later

  11. Gerhard Balthasar on

    It’s even worse. The next thing is already planed: Making weed with more than 15% a hard drug but do not allow coffeshops to test the weed they buy. In the end they just want to close down all coffeeshops as slow as possible to make as much money with taxes on the way.

  12. Thanks for the post, Johnny. I think the big lesson here is that half-measures are insufficient. “Decriminalization” or “softening” is absurd. The prohibitionists point to such things as evidence that legalization is not needed. The trouble is, people do continue to be prosecuted under such laws. Further, they can be reversed at any time, as happened when Ron and Nancy rolled into the White House with the “Just Say No” campaign.
    What’s happening in The Netherlands is a left/right clash similar to what we have here. With a more powerful right, they’re trying to put a dent in production, which they’ve been unable to do by busting growers. It’s odd, because reportedly the Dutch government was making 600 million US dollars per year on Cannabis. The other odd thing is that you could sell to a coffee shop customer, but growers couldn’t sell to the coffee shops. I guess the “Canna-fairy” would stop by and drop a little bud…

  13. mark_lee481 BSHA on

    I forgot, the mushroom kits come from Illinois and some raw “kits” from Georgia (but those from GA, one MUST know what they are doing).

  14. mark_lee481 BSHA on

    In many ways I am glad that lights and seeds are no longer available. Many have kept seed banks as far back as Columbian Gold in America. One person I was great friends with kept seeds and bud from every bag he got ahold of (his bags were usually 1/4 lbs.). One of my illegal collective members felt there was no danger in ordering from Amsterdam, until a congressman saw and bought a 1990 issue of High Times. He saw the grow supplies, ordered a search warrant of their customers, and in 1991 Operation Green Sweep became a horrible reality. We had a member who was an electrician, he could get metal halide, HPS, and could wire any building to accommodate them safely. On the farm, and as a master gardener there was not much else I couldn’t get (including the chemicals to create top notch oils). A friend in Boone Ia. had access to all the rock wool anyone could want, but I was an organic specialist, for me it was all in the well prepared soil. I could take any commercial seed and return it to the potency it once had, but I liked my California trades much better. I saw a question on a new site that any breeder could answer; which breeds can cause headache. Any breed that came from Iowa ditch hemp for its large (I mean huge) buds, and a short season especially in a high sativa blend. We often could not stand to keep hands off those huge buds, all we got were headaches!!!

  15. In one County in Oregon they dismissed all their pending marijuana cases ….. Which effectively makes the law in place now ….. least in that County ….

    Just saying!

  16. too bad b/c Amsterdam is a beautiful city. I’d rather go there than Portland. (no offense Oregon, you rock)

  17. Amsterdam was an interesting and educational place to visit 15 years ago. The museums were superb, and visiting them was greatly enhanced by frequent stops in their “coffee shops” that served decent hash and terrible coffee. Now that only the coffee is left, I can’t think of any reason to return. Maybe Spain next time…

  18. That will happen when a majority of voters are scared into reversing legal cannabis laws by the liquor and law enforcement lobbies and right-wing religious zealots. In other words, when hell freezes over.

  19. You were predicting that the ballot measures in Oregon, DC and Alaska would all fail. You were proven wrong in each case, and resoundingly so in Oregon and DC, which passed their initiatives by a landslide. Why should anyone take your predictions seriously now?

  20. It’s too bad that shit like this continues. Oh well, no need to visit over the pond any longer, just go to a legal state here and save your money for weed instead of bolstering the economy of a country that no longer embraces cannabis tourists.

  21. The Stoned Society on

    Just a smalll, but important addition: The law will go in to effect on the first of March, 2015.

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