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Support For Marijuana Legalization Growing In The South


south legalization marijuana supportBy Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Director

It is often said that the South will be the last region in the United States to take up marijuana legalization, but, as support grows nationwide, it is becoming evident the southern states likely won’t be left behind.

Polling data released today by the ACLU of Louisiana revealed that 53% of Louisiana voters supported regulating marijuana in a manner similar to the models approved last November in Colorado and Washington. Only 37% were opposed and 10% were not sure.

Hopefully state politicians are paying attention, as it seems advocating for marijuana law reform will also win you support from voters. 49% of respondents stated that they’d be more likely to vote for a lawmaker who advocates for reducing marijuana related penalties.

You can read the full survey here.

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  1. Meagan Elizabeth Rodriguez on

    You could not be further from the truth! My whole family is from California, and my parents decided when I was 3 that they needed somewhere to live that had jobs available and wasn’t so expensive… so they picked Georgia… the first chance I get I am moving out of this state for good

  2. Georgia is steeped in ignorance like a rancid christian tea, Georgia will be the last state in the country to make medical marijuana available. This is the belt buckle of the bible belt so close to anus you can smell it.

  3. I’m from Louisiana and I’m very pleased that Louisiana support for legalization is well within the national average. I would love to see a southern state like Louisiana beat California to legalization, but I’m realistic enough to know that many of Louisiana’s politicians still harbor medieval attitudes about cannabis. But this poll is very encouraging, nonetheless.

  4. Curtis Mayberry on

    4.Its not just the South due to it being the south that is the issue, its the Gerrymandering done in many states including my own Ohio where the GOP has literally taken over the state governments and wont be giving them up any time soon! Its the GOP in those states that are keeping marijuana reform from happening. In TN they have had a bill in their state house for over 10 years to get medical marijuana but due to GOP control that bill never sees the light of day, the same is happening everywhere that the GOP have stolen elections or has done gerrymandering to do so. Ohio we have major support for a marijuana laws even full legalizing but due to GOP here we keep getting turned down for any ballot votes or any state house votes. The issue is a win win, any person supporting it will gain major support and gain votes come Nov. the GOP have a far right wing that still believes the lies that marijuana is the devils weed and when you have statements like that how can you even start a real fact based debate with them? I keep hearing its just a matter of time now we all will be free, but I fear that countless people/citizens that will either be arrested or harmed in some way due to our failed drug war in the meantime, matter of time, well when your hunted like dogs like we are in some of the states a matter of time is too long!

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