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Support Hemp Amendment To Farm Bill


hemp seedOregon Senator To Introduce Hemp Farming Amendment

I received the following alert from Christina Volgyesi, Project Coordinator for Hemp History Week:

Today we have a huge opportunity. Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) will be introducing a hemp farming amendment to Farm Bill that would allow U.S. farmers to once again grow industrial hemp. This is a historic opportunity to finally bring hemp farming back to farms in the U.S.

We need you to write and call your U.S. Senators today!

Tell them to support the Wyden hemp amendmentmendment to the Farm Bill and support a sustainable future for U.S. farmers.

This is the chance we have been waiting for and there is a very limited time to act. Please share this alert widely by forwarding this email, sharing this link, and calling your friends. Let’s make hemp history this week!

I encourage all TWB readers to follow through on this. And as for my Oregon Senator Ron Wyden, glad to see you stepping up!


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  1.  !!!!! …..ALERT….. !!!!! …….ALERT ……!!!!! …..ALERT….!!!!…..

    Patrica Spottedcrow mother of 4 small children arrested for first
    offense of selling $31 worth of marijuana was first sentenced to 12
    years in Oklahoma Court. Sentenced was later reduced to 8 years and the
    parole board voted unanimously to grant her parole, too bad for her they
    still have not “had time to get to April’s paper work” so she still
    sits in prison with the process frozen til who knows when…… for
    further details on this story and a list of all the Oklahoma State
    Senators, State Reps. & the Governor’s contact info find me on

  2. Nygratefulfred on

    Best thing that could happen.The American farmer can grow a low maintenance cash crop that will be a new source of income for them to pay their mortgages,etc.We could use so many of the products that come from Hemp to cut down on our imports,use of foriegn(terrorists)oil,and generally be more environmentally responsible.

  3.   I live in Ky, and the family has lots of farm land,right now we lease it out to other farmers that rotate crops, I would like to utilize it for hemp production , but , we have a little snag, it’s called prohibition – an old word that in itself I feel is a dirty word! It is not even plausible to have it called a drug , when it contains no psychoactive chemicals, tell me all you educated a..holes in our governmental system, why in the world would you want to halt an opportunity that is used all over the world, an easy to grow , proftable , economically AND ecologically safe product , that could practically slow down deforestation  and provide jobs , textiles , foods , fuels, clothing , and even plastics , can be used as a binder in hempcrete, there are just too many uses to list.
      It has been used for centuries as trade item and was in the early stages of this country , actually , required as a crop to be grown, in around 1916 it was reported that by the 40’s all paper would be made from hemp, the Declaration of Independence was printed on hemp be cause it was a very good paper that had a slow deterioration rate, our first flag, our first president grew it as did Thomas Jefferson, so, can you explain to me in logical terms , being as I have already given you several logical reasons why we should be allowed to us it as a rotational crop, I’m frankly puzzled at the fact that very few will even consider the option, is it because it would cut into your own investments, then you need to rethink your investment strategies, by being early investors the investments would be low enough  that you could invest largely with a time proven increase on your return, that would as you slowly withdrew from the more harmful investments to the safer more efficient ways of increasing your capital gains ! now I’ve tried several more forms of logic to this age old problem, are you as politicians gonna stand back and keep silent  as our country flounders financially or are you gonna get off your collective a..es and help this d..n country or not, I mean, for Christs sakeopen your frakin ‘ eyes , grow a set  of real ones and help this country – seriously what ever happened to “for the people , by the people”
       You know , I dont’t work for you, I believe that you work for us , so, get to work , because i’m your boss and if you don’t wanna work for me then – “YOU”RE FIRED” wake up , the people are suffering finascially and you’re just getting fatter, you know what – I do believe it’s time for a change!
     Help for farmers -Jobs for Americans- Hemp for Industry!

                                                                          Truly sincerely ,
                                                                                       Tony Cain
          ps: I aint scared of you, you can find me on Fbook!

  4. aka Th Floridabadger on

    When the hell is the world gonna wake up to the facts of All the industrial uses!! Plus saving much needed forestland/jungles to help save habitat for ALL the endangered plants/animals!!

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