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Support Medical Marijuana In Los Angeles – Vote Yes On Ordinance F


Los Angeles medical marijuana ordinance fLegitimacy is the key to legalization. Once regulated properly and within reason, both the medical and legal cannabis industries can be taken a lot more serious. This standardization will be the key to eventual nation-wide legalization and the assimilation of cannabis into everyday life. Ordinance F in Los Angeles is exactly the type of bill that exemplifies the progression and professionalism the medical cannabis industry needs. Unlike Proposition D-a measure that does not hold collectives to any business standards-Ordinance F  does it right. Here is its full mission:

  • The Objective of Ordinance F is to protect our communities by creating reasonable regulation of medical marijuana dispensaries. Ordinance F is the only way that our City will properly and reasonably regulate medical marijuana but at the same time provide access to patients and caregivers who need it most. For more information

Suffice it to say the nation needs more objectives like this one if cannabis wants to achieve the end goal of full-fledged legalization. Follow them on Facebook here, spread the word, and do your part in the movement.

ordinance f los angeles medical marijuana

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  1. ordinance F will save thousands of jobs, provide safe and tested strains, bring tax revenue to the city, protect patients, and ensure communities are safe. after the supreme court ruling last monday, ordinance F is our last chance to secure safe access. the only thing that will overturn the ruling is a voter initiated ordinance-thats ordinance F.what people dont know is that prop D has a clause in it saying that it will support whatever the supreme court says, so if D passes, they WILL shut down the dispensaries. if you care about mmj in LA vote YES on F and NO on D!

  2. It says collectives must be compliant with federal law and also gives full power back to the people who drafted measure D, the city council, to change at their own will. It also will eliminate a massive number of already existing collectives with the distance requirements. How will that help?

  3. Huh? ONLY “D” will close hundreds of businesses. D creates a monopoly for a few fat cats to get rich, and then paves the way to close everything down like they did in San Diego. Ordinance F however seems great. It keeps access available for all patients, improves safety, and adds sensible regulations that are very much needed in LA.

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