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Support Missouri Marijuana Reform By Buying Show-Me Cannabis Gear


show me cannabis gearThe Show-Me Cannabis campaign is doing amazing things in Missouri. The education campaign that they have been running for several years now has done a lot to change minds in Missouri and spread the truth about marijuana in a state that is fraught with reefer madness in many areas. You can help them keep up their good work, and ramp up for a 2016 marijuana legalization initiative, by purchasing some Show-Me Cannabis gear. Currently they have different t-shirts and a wristband. I’d imagine more things will be added over time.

The t-shirts come in sizes small to XXX-Large, and come in white, black, or tan. The wristbands make it easy to tell your friends to text ‘smc’ to 420420 for updates to their mobile phone about the campaign’s efforts. Looking for a great gift for the upcoming holidays? One of these items would not only be great for the person to have that you want to give the gift to, but the gift would keep on giving because proceeds from the sales will go to the effort to end marijuana prohibition in Missouri.

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  1. I live in Missouri and Show-Me Cannabis is at the forefront of fighting for legalization. They are the ones who submitted the 2016 petition for the legalization of cannabis. Personally I recommend them. ;)

  2. Wouldn’t it be more prudent to find out which of the major advocacy groups is participating in the fight and donate directly to that organization?

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