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Support Oregon HB 3460: Legalize Medical Cannabis Dispensing Centers In Oregon


oregon house bill 3460 medical marijuana dispensariesBy Hunter Holliman, National Field Coordinator, Americans for Safe Access

On Monday, April 8th the Oregon House Health Care Committee will have a hearing on HB 3460, a bill to create a medical cannabis dispensing center program for the state. We need your help to contact the Committee Members and ask them to support the bill!

If you can, try and make the hearing on Monday as well and testify in support of HB 3460 …
   What: House Health Care Committee hearing on HB 3460
   When: 1:00 pm, April 8, 2013 (Agenda item: 3)
   Where:  900 Court St NE, Salem, OR 97301 (Room: HR E)

Read the bill and follow it’s progress here: http://gov.oregonlive.com/bill/2013/HB3460/

Please remember to contact these members of the Health Care Committee prior to the hearing on Monday:

Rep. Mitch Greenlick (503-986-1433 / rep.mitchgreenlick@state.or.us)
Rep. Alissa Keny-Guyer (503-986-1446 / rep.alissakenyguyer@state.or.us)
Rep. Jim Thompson (503-986-1423 / rep.jimthompson@state.or.us)
Rep. Brian Clem (503-986-1421 / rep.brianclem@state.or.us)
Rep. Jason Conger (503-986-1454 / rep.jasonconger@state.or.us)
Rep. Chris Harker (503-986-1434 / rep.chrisharker@state.or.us)
Rep. Bill Kennemer (503-263-4798 / rep.billkennemer@state.or.us)
Rep. John Lively (503-986-1412 / rep.johnlively@state.or.us)
Rep. Jim Weidner (503-986-1424 / rep.jimweidner@state.or.us)


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  1. As this is an OK bill I would prefer the legislator and advocates spend most of their time promoting HB 3371 which will legalize usage. Medicinal users already have something in place and pushing dispensaries should have happened when medicinal legalization occurred. We have bigger fish to fry now.

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