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Support ‘Oregon. The State Of Cannabis’ By Studio McDermott, LLC


With marijuana legalization now a reality in Oregon, a production studio called Studio McDermott LLC is trying to publish a documentary about marijuana in Oregon. Oregon is a very special place when it comes to marijuana, which I think is why marijuana legends like Jack Herer lived here for so long. In my opinion, I think that Oregon has the best marijuana and marijuana products in the country, and now that legalization is here, Oregon will be ‘discovered’ by marijuana enthusiasts around the world sooner than later.


Studio McDermott LLC has a crowdfunding effort underway, which can be found at this link here. If you are able, please donate. I see a lot of my friends in the trailers and on the crowd funding site and would love to see them featured in this film. Below is the original trailer and the second trailer for the film. Below is also more information about the crowdfunding effort:



In 2014, Oregonians ended cannabis prohibition. This historic decision has delivered Oregonians to the precipice of the great unknown. In this film, we meet the pioneers who are presently mapping Oregon’s path through the uncharted territory of cannabis legalization – a landscape filled with unparalleled opportunity.

We have been shooting non-stop since September, 2014, Our efforts have produced hundreds of hours of interviews and event coverage that reveal a grand, twisting tale of inspiration, and intrigue, from the perspective of the entrepreneurs, lawmakers, scientists, and  patients that are now authoring the future of cannabis in Oregon.

This is a story that must be told and we need your help to make it happen. We are now seeking funding to complete filming and post-production.

Being a small team may be our greatest challenge. With the majority of filming already complete, including over 120 interviews, we are at a point where risk is low for the completion of this documentary. We are motivated and experienced and will meet any challenge.

Follow @StudioMcdermott on Instagram for more.


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    Is he gonna keep it 100 and show us everything (like harvest amounts and where it actually goes)?

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