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Support the Federal Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act


Washington DC medical marijuanaSupport the States’ Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act

Federal lawmakers have reintroduced legislation to provide for additional and necessary legal protections for state-authorized medical marijuana patients.

House Bill 1983, the States’ Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act, would ensure that medical cannabis patients in states that have approved its use will no longer have to fear arrest or prosecution from federal law enforcement agencies. It states, “No provision of the Controlled Substances Act shall prohibit or otherwise restrict in a State in which marijuana may be prescribed or recommended by a physician for medical use under applicable State law.”

The measure also calls for an expedited rescheduling review by the federal government that would reclassify cannabis from Schedule I to Schedule III under the federal Controlled Substances Act, recognizing the plant’s accepted medical use and streamlining the federal approval process for medical marijuana research.

Medical Marijuana ProtesterSixteen states — Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington — and the District of Columbia have enacted laws protecting medical marijuana patients from state prosecution. Yet in all of these states, patients and providers still face the risk of federal sanction — even when their actions are fully compliant with state law. In fact, in recent months federal officials have stepped up their threats against state recognized patients and providers, stating, “The United States Attorneys Office … will vigorously prosecute individuals and organizations that participate in … activity involving marijuana, even if such activities are permitted under state law.”

NormlIt is time that we allowed our unique federalist system to work the way it was intended. Patients and their state representatives should have the authority to enact laws permitting the medical use of cannabis — free from federal interference.

Please write your members of Congress today and tell them to stop targeting and prosecuting medical marijuana patients and providers. For your convenience, a prewritten letter will be e-mailed to your member of Congress when you visit NORML’s ‘Take Action Center’ here:



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  1. Charles Patrick Queen on

    I would be grilling obooboo over this.He was the one that made the so called mandate that any stae that has legalized marijuana for medicinal use is to be considered “hands off”by any and all government agency’s especially the DEA etc..Seems that they feel they do not have to obey any of their over all bosses orders atall as the continue to haras and bust dispencerie’s etc over marijuana.The real heart of it all though is the legaliziation of marijuan for adult use as thats where it;s going to end up anyways when all is said and done and yes it really does need to be legalized for adult use as well as for meicinal use as well.Many country’s have already done this with many others preparing to follow in their foot steps.They ahev seen and done all of the study’s and research just like we and everyone else have done so they know it poses no threat of any type to users.They do see it as a chash cow per say and their absolutel;y right,it is a cash cow waoting to be milked.We are wasting literaly mega billions every year trying to stop it from being used and every year those mega billions end up being totaly wasted or hrown away f you will.Yields continue to out doe every previous years yields and thats whats grown and used here,not including whats smuggled into the country si all in all it’s a wasted eforst.These other country’s all have also seen very significant drops in drug related crimes as well as very significant drops in the numbers of teens using it as well.Our coutry and it’s people are not diferent than any of these other country’s are so we would also see the same results that they do.Want to eradicate the federal deficit within 2 years?Legalize marijuana,also no more cuts in medicaide/care,no more dwindling s.s. funds among a wide host of very many other prgrams that are very imporatant and much needed in this country.We could use the wasted mega billions for all of that plus more such as to create jobs and not just in the marijuana industry but in other areas such as getting small buisnesses started up creating alternative energy products such as wind farms etc.We can make all of that here and right now we get most of the parts from overseas country’s.It could also be used to start the repair of our bady crumbling infrastructure which if not taken care of soon it will be to late.This alone could create many thousands of jobs alone.It’s not physically addcitve but only mentaly so.It does not kiiil usres of it nor does it cause any type of deseases unlike all tobaco and alcahol products.It would also put a very big dent in the meth,heroin,cocaine and prescription pill movements although nothing is going to stop the bad drugs from being sold and used completely but it certainly would put a dent in them for sure which would be a very good thing.There’s so very many positive thing it has going for it and very very few if any negative things.I read yestrday where they were saying long term use leads to brain damges,what a crock,thats the usual gov propoganda machine as usual.Medicinaly it is second to none in very many areas,such as chronic pain and many mental issued people have as well.If given the choice of having to keep suing narcotic pain relievers like I have to do as well as narcotic tranqs and sedatives which I also have to use(because of nam) and a very bad and inoperab;e back injury I have from working.Theres millions of others though that have the same problems I have and the vast majority of them like myself would rather be given medicianl marijauna instead of all of the narcotics.At least it works a hell of a lot better without any after effects and does not cause damge to liver and kidneyslike the others do after long term use.I’v been having to take them all since 93 which is a very long time.I get mine from the VA which they had no problem with me using marijuana as well until 2000 then it all changed to where if they detct THC in our systems then we get punished by lsong our pain killers for up to 6 months but they won’t take away the narcotic tranqs and sedatives which has always made me wonder why considering thy are all narcotices.If the VA would put me on medicinal marijuana along with the millions of other vets which most would rather have we would all be much happier for a variety of reasons.Iw uold also take a whole lot of narcotic pain pils off of the streets as many vets keep jsut enough to get them by the urine and blood tests and end up selling the rest whicch no,I do not do.It would also asve the government or VA many millons a year in narcotic pills which they have to buy to give to us.The most inteeligent and logical thing our country can do right now is to follow in the fotsteps of all of the other country’s that have already legalized marijuana for adult use with many others preparing to do wo

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