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Support The Medical Marijuana Initiative In Idaho


compassionate idaho medical cannabisCompassionate Idaho Is Trying To Make Medical Marijuana A Reality In The Potato State

Loyal readers of TWB know that I have had my eye on Idaho for awhile now, and I’m happy to say that things are moving in a great direction there. Compassionate Idaho has a new website up, and is taking donations for their initiative that they have drafted with the assistance of the Marijuana Policy Project. I have always felt that Idaho has arguably the best chance at becoming the next medical marijuana state if they get enough backing from the big organizations.

Idaho is a rare state in that there are already medical marijuana patients residing in the state, despite having no medical marijuana program. That’s because my home state, Oregon, allows out of state patients to get Oregon medical marijuana cards. It’s tough to say exactly how many there are, but the fact that there are already patients in Idaho and the sky is still in place is significant when talking to Idaho residents that are skeptical. When the boogie man is already being defeated one patient at a time, it’s hard for opponents to latch on to it.

There are numerous Idaho residents that moved across the Snake River to Oregon purely for medical marijuana purposes. I am always happy to see someone move to Oregon, but it breaks my heart that those patients can’t be at home with their families due to the failed marijuana policies in Idaho. How about we help them create policies in Idaho that allow for the use of medical cannabis? Can you make a donation to Compassionate Idaho today?

Polling is favorable to the campaign’s efforts, there are hardworking people on the ground, it appears that Marijuana Policy Project and hopefully other national organizations are working with those activists on the ground, and there are members of the Idaho legislature that are sympathetic to the cause. That’s the perfect storm for a successful medical marijuana initiative, all we need now is to get enough donations to spread the word! Please do your part today!


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  1. johnnygreen

    It’s very easy to support such hardworking activists like yourself!!! Keep up the good work, your friends on this side of the Snake River are rooting for you!!!!

  2. thanx to johnny green and weed blog for getting all the news out !idaho needs everyones help to make this happen so please share ! and donate !any amont helps! we can do this together one state at a time UNITED WE STAND!

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